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Inktober #7

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Inktober
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Day 7 Prompts: Shy, The Lizard (male), The Brawler, The Shadow, The Coyote, Valkyrie


With the banshee leading the way, Gemmy and the three assassins had made their way through to an unfamiliar part of the city. Were they even IN the city anymore to begin with?


To be fair, none of them remembered the huge coyote statue in their path. They’d only really noticed it when a huge shadow fell over them. Their surroundings, aside from that, were empty. No visible ground, destination, nothing…just the shadow of the coyote statue, and the statue itself.




Stepping into the void with them, with two lizard men (one on each side) was a woman with long blonde hair, cold blue eyes, and armor. In her hand was a spear.


Gemmy waved shyly at her, while Beast got into a defensive stance, ready for a brawl.


Ivy decided to be the one to speak up. “To be honest? None of us really know where we are, what your domain even is…any of that. But we’re looking around for my boyfriend. Tall-ish, super-long red hair, tail kinda like hers.” She pointed to Gemmy’s tail. “Familiar?”






“How would we get back to our world?” Yvette asked. “Presuming we’re in a different one.”




She edged away from the Valkyrie, cringing.


The coyote statue turned from stone to flesh, bone, and fur, soon starting to run off. They began to follow. Gemmy wondered just what other random meetings would come up today.

Inktober #6

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Inktober
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SUPER late this time. Had a hard time focusing. But part 7 will be very soon.

Day 6 Prompts: Sword, The Leopard Girl, The Machine, The Immigrant, The Vampire, Centaur


Travis looked around the now empty room that he (and that water tank had been kept in. Not intending to sulk or wait for someone to come get him, he hopped out of the tank. Yes, that gorilla-dragon hybrid had threatened him in the event of an escape, but he just wasn’t interested in listening to that bastard. Nor did he intend to argue about it. He was getting the hell out.


As he crept through the airship, he saw a sword on the wall. He grabbed that, just in case he needed to fight.


And that was when he saw them. More members of the crew: one was another cyborg. She was part-leopard and had some sort of machine on wheels instead of legs. With her was a centaur. A pale centaur, at that. With vampiric fangs. Travis backed up, sword at the ready.


“WOAH, hey, careful!” said the machine/leopard girl hybrid. “We’re just trying to find an exit…”


The vampire/centaur said something in full Romanian. Dude clearly wasn’t from around there.


“That’s what I’m looking for, too,” he replied, lowering the sword. “You get picked up for random-ass reasons, too?”


They confirmed that they had. Well, alrighty. It looked like he had some allies in getting out of there, now. The group stalked through the ship, looking for some way off.


Of course, it would also help if they could find some parachutes.


The three kept walking, reaching the end of a hallway. Trav poked around the corner, seeing the captain there. With her were the gorilla/dragon and the dryad. But thankfully, all of their backs were turned to the trio.


The centaur poked Travis’ shoulder, asking for the sword. Thanks to the language barrier, Travis was immensely confused. But then the centaur pointed to the sword and pointed toward the controls.


“…You wanna wreck the controls?”


The centaur nodded.


Travis knew that it wouldn’t be a great idea. He knew he should have said no…


But he handed the sword over anyway.


The centaur rushed at the controls and stabbed them, slicing anyone that got in his way. And once the controls went down, so did the airship.



Inktober #5

Posted: October 5, 2017 in Inktober
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Day 5 Prompts: Long, The Wolf Warlord (female), The Ace (in Beast’s case, this refers to her sexuality as opposed to anything else), The Destroyer, The Werewolf Alpha, Witch


It had taken an hour for Gemmy to locate those she’d intended to call for backup. At the moment, her aunt and said aunt’s two coworkers were in the midst of fighting what looked like a werewolf. The wolf wore an outfit not unlike that of a military commander, her short hair still hanging in her face.


She saw one of them, Yvette, hurling a blast of magical energy at the wolf, the witch giving an intimidating shout. Her sister Ivy, having already destroyed the warlord’s motorcycle, was coming at her with a sword. Beast was about to join in, her long dark hair blowing in the breeze, as she turned to see her niece there.


“Gemmy,” she greeted. “Shouldn’t you wait somewhere safe before we speak?” she asked. “And is that a banshee with you?”


The monkey-woman cleared her throat. “Yes, and I’m sorry to bother you…but someone took Travis.”


“And water’s wet,” Beast sighed. “Anyway, if you give us a minute, we’ll finish off the werewolf and we can help you look.” She turned to go help the other two, before turning back to face Gemmy. “Lab this time?”


“No, a cybernetic fox.”


“I see…well, give us a minute,” she said, before charging into the fray.


Gemmy turned away from the fight, not wanting to watch the inevitable slaughter the three assassins would inflict.


“YEAH! Eat it, Little Red!” she heard Ivy shout.


“…Wouldn’t that be more appropriate coming from the wolf than us?” Yvette sighed.


“Hey, don’t correct me, ‘Vette. Point is, we kicked its ass. Yo, that a banshee?”


Gemmy turned to face the assassins once more, before explaining the entire situation to them all. And then came the point where they all began to expect some answers from the banshee.



Inktober #4

Posted: October 4, 2017 in Inktober
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Amazing things come out of writing around 4am…things like a gorilla/dragon hybrid.


Day 4 Prompts: Underwater, The Gorilla (male), The Explorer Girl, The Burning Man, The Nemesis, Dragon


Having been left alone with just the young mermaid for a while, Travis figured that now was an ideal time to at least try and escape. He still didn’t buy this “for your own protection” thing. No rational person ever sent a cybernetic fox to knock a guy out and carry him off for their own protection. No, there had to be something up here.


His torso and legs being underwater still, he could feel that skin beginning to prune. And the water made reaching his tail with a foot difficult. Not impossible; not by a long shot. But difficult.


After several minutes, he’d succeeded at removing his tail piercing, soon bringing a foot up as far as he could to start picking the locks on the manacles. As he got free of that, he found himself entirely underwater. Damn gravity…


The sound of footsteps gave him pause, as someone else entered the room. Rather than the lioness captain of the airship or her dryad first mate, he found himself looking at a gorilla, with the wings, tail, and horns of a dragon. It seemed to be wearing a t-shirt reading “Burning Man ‘17”, written in marker.


The gorilla took one look at Travis and knuckled his way over, reaching into the tank to pull him up by the waistband of his pants. The half-monkey let out a screech at being picked up in that way, and he looked the gorilla/dragon crossbreed in the unamused face.


“Are you trying to escape?” he asked.


“…What if I am?” Travis replied, crossing his arms.


His new nemesis pointed to a backpack in the corner. “There was this kid that was snooping around here earlier. Fancied herself to be an explorer of sorts. She made for an excellent lunch. That’s what happens to those who poke around where they don’t belong around here. Got it?”


Travis scoffed. “Please…chimps might eat monkeys, but I don’t think gorillas do.”


“They might not…but never rule out the appetite of a dragon.”


Perplexed, Travis tilted his head. “So…like, was your mom the dragon or your dad? Really hoping your mom, because I imagine getting plowed by a dragon’s probably not fun…”


Travis was pushed underwater in response, and he struggled to pry the gorilla/dragon blend’s big fingers off of him. He eventually let go, leaving Travis to wonder just what in the hell his life was anymore

Inktober #3

Posted: October 3, 2017 in Inktober
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A little later than usual, but here’s number 3!

Day 3 Prompts: Poison, The Rabbit, The King of England, The Ghost Kid, The Mentor, Banshee


‘Well, this isn’t getting me anywhere,’ Gemmy thought to herself as she passed by another alley. She’d contacted each of the labs, but none of them knew about the existence of a cybernetic fox anywhere. With immense frustration, she practically stormed down the street.


The half-monkey paused next to an alley, thinking about changing her approach. Maybe if she got someone else in the family to help, this might go so much easier. After all, her husband was magic, her aunt and said aunt’s friends were trained assassins, one of whom was magic and the other psychic…


“Hello there, miss…” a voice hissed from nearby.


Turning, she could see a man in royal garb, a pair of rabbit ears poking out from either side of the crown. His front teeth were rather large, and he was very close to collapsing.


Falling to his knees, he gripped the monkey-woman’s shirt. His face was some sickly shade of green. And behind him, was some sort of ghostly child. As the rabbit-king-guy died in front of her, before she could even reach the presence of mind to ask if he needed help, the ghost let out a wail.


Someone’s day had gone from odd to what-the-fuck rather quickly. She carefully pried the corpse’s fingers from her shirt, before rigor mortis could set in, staring at the ghost.


With a sigh, she looked at the newcomer. She took a step back, an eyebrow cocked.


“And just what the hell’s going on around here?” she asked.


“What’s going on,” the ghost replied, “is that I am a banshee, Mrs. Abbot. And I would like to be your mentor. Looking for your brother, right?”


Her eyes narrowed. “Yes…how do I know you don’t have anything to do with his disappearance?”


The banshee put a hand through her chest. “I’m not corporeal enough to do it myself, I can’t possess people, and the only ones who can see me are those who are close enough to death.”


She yelped and started shaking. “Y-you mean I’m gonna DIE soon?!”


“No, no,” she chuckled, waving a hand dismissively. “Your brother has died a ton of times, though. And given how close you two are, you’re more…death-adjacent, let’s say.”


“Death-adjacent…sure. So, why would you want to help me?”


“There is an organization out there, Gemini. And that organization has targeted your brother. If we do not act quickly, who knows what they’ll do with him?”


“You seem to know a lot about them,” Gemmy scoffed. “I was thinking I’d just ask you.”


“I know only their way of operating, not their actual motives…”


Gemmy considered what this banshee was saying. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing she’s ever heard. But she eventually relented.


“Fine,” she sighed. “But only if I get to choose a few others to involve here, as well…I might have agreed to let you guide me and all? But I’m not sure I can trust you.”

Inktober #2

Posted: October 2, 2017 in Inktober
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After finishing yesterday’s prompts, I saw another list that’d fit in…bringing me to 6 per day. Well, aside from today, since I also threw in prompt #1 from the new list. ANYWAY…

Day 2 Prompts: Divided, The Lioness, The Airship Captain, The Young Girl, The Hero, Mermaid, Dryad


Something told Travis that when he opened his eyes, life was gonna suck. He could already feel cold steel around his wrists. What’s more, there was water around most of his body. His head was still above it, but from the chest down was pure liquid.


Okay. Time to open his eyes, apparently. And when he did, there was what looked like a young girl staring back at him. A young girl with a fish-like tail, gills, and hair almost long enough to rival his own.


Aw, holy hell, was he looking at a legit mermaid?


Looking around, he could see that he looked to be aboard a ship of some kind. There was a window not too far from his line of sight, and he saw a bird fly by.


Okay, so he was on an airship. More accurately, he was in a ginormous fish tank on an airship. Furthermore, he was manacled in a ginormous fish tank on an airship. And yet somehow, the only part about this that seemed new to him was the location.


He jumped upon hearing footsteps approaching. Looking around, he saw a tall lioness lady and a…he wasn’t sure what the other one was. Female, clearly. But she seemed to be almost part-tree.


“Awake, I see,” the lioness began.


From her clothing, he could see that she seemed to be an official of some sort. Likely the captain of this airship. He glared at her, leaning toward the thick glass that divided them.


“The hell’s going on around here?” he demanded, eyes narrowed.


Undeterred, she smiled. “I saw fit to save you, of course.”


He glanced at the manacles that held him, before looking back at her.


“…Lady, how high are you right now?” he asked.


“A hundred or more feet in the air, clearly. Now I know, you wonder why I’m keeping you there. Well, that is so that you don’t cause a crash.”


“A crash…seriously?”


“Yes. You can’t be trusted. If left to your own devices, you tend to find yourself in danger. So this feels like the best way to deal with that.”


“…OKAY. You’re fucking deluded. Let me go now, please.”


“No. You’re staying there until I feel it’s safe to let you go. In the meantime, you can keep little Ella company.”


“Who?” He looked to see the mermaid waving at him.


The captain and the dryad left that particular area of the ship, leaving Trav to, among other things, plot his escape. No way did he intend to stay here for longer than needed. Nope.

Inktober #1

Posted: October 1, 2017 in Inktober
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Long time, no post! Anyway, just putting this out there now: October is going to be a BUSY month for me, between book 6, multiple author takeovers, a few other commitments, Patreon (if you’re so inclined, by the way, please feel free to become a Patron HERE), 24 Hour Comic Day this coming Saturday, various other pics, and Inktober. Yep, I’m doing Inktober this year. And not satisfied with sticking to just the regular list of prompts, I’ve 1) added 4 of the unofficial lists of prompts to the mix and 2) have decided to write a story using all of them. It may not turn out to be coherent. It might be the dumbest thing I’ve written since the creation of Timmy the reality warper…

But here we go!

Day 1 Prompts: Swift, The Fox (male), The Wicked Cyborg, The Old Hero, The Heroine


Gemini “Gemmy” Malone-Abbot had been trying to figure some things out. There was no doubt in her mind that someone (or something) had taken her older brother (as he was a pro at getting into trouble, after all). He’d been her hero ever since they were children, sure. But the older they got, the more danger-prone he seemed to become.


She thought of everything her husband, and her brother’s girlfriend had ever said about keeping him on a leash. They had a point.


The sound of metal clanking on the sidewalk alerted her attention, and she looked toward it.


Well, that was something she’d never expected to see.


Running off, carrying her currently unconscious brother, was a brown-furred fox of some sort. He was large and semi-mechanical, his legs being made of what looked like brass. He had a metal arm, and steam was seeping from his joints. He was a quick one.


Gemmy began to chase after them. She had no idea what to do when she inevitably caught up, being a pacifist and all. But she knew she could catch up to them easily. In addition to being half-monkey, she’d also been gifted with enhanced speed. It wasn’t an ability she used often, due to the enhanced calorie intake that accompanied it. But she’d deal with the increase in food bills this time around, as she tore after the fox.


It took precisely three seconds for her to get into his path, blurring her way in front of him. Giving him her best intimidating gaze, she crossed her arms. Maybe she could get him to drop her brother and leave them alone…?


No such luck, as the cybernetic fox-man shoved her aside with a bronze arm. The arm’s construction was a bit on the pointy side, leaving a few scratches as he pushed her out of the way and kept on running. She merely got up and continued to chase him…


Only for him to disappear in a puff of smoke. She coughed as the smoke hit her lungs, before glaring at where he’d been.


If he thought this was over, he was wrong.


It was only just beginning.