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Hey there, people…guess who’s still around and creating (though not posting as much as she should)! I’ll get more into the stuff I’ve been working on a bit later, but there’s one main focus for this next week…


Next Tuesday marks the release of a brand new anthology of superhero stories, comprised of 10 tales! I wasn’t able to do these promo images for everyone, but I have managed to draw enough of them for a week.


All proceeds from this anthology will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, to help in the fight against childhood cancer.



Each day leading up to the release, I’ll introduce a bit about the authors involved and their stories, starting with the head of Fiction-Atlas Press herself: C.L. Cannon, and her story “Turncoat”.

Turncoat Synopsis: No one’s seen Max Gressier in over a decade. Most assume he’s dead. But when the government sets up an elite task force designed to make superheroes obsolete, everyone is surprised to find Max is very much alive, well, and fighting for the other side. What does this ex-superhero have up his sleeve, and why would he align himself with old enemies?


You can learn more about Ms. Cannon’s work at¬†the Fiction-Atlas site, and find her writing¬†at her Amazon page.


And you can pre-order “Beyond The Mask”