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So, I haven’t really posted much recently. Things have been going on…like my computer acting up. I’m sure it’s the RAM, and am just waiting for the next set of sticks to arrive so I can return those and order a set with the right specs. The first pair I had tried turned out to be a bust: one stick caused the computer to keep rather than start up properly, the other didn’t even register as being in. But the battery problem is resolved.

Also, the time travel story I was working on for an anthology has been accepted! The release date is set for August 7th! You can find it on AmazonKoboGoogle Books

We’re all still waiting for iBooks and Barnes & Noble. But my story “Screwing With The Timeline For Fun And Profit” will be included, And I hope people will enjoy it (and the rest of the stories involved, of course).



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So, book 7 is *still* not finished. I did, however, finish the sketches for the comic pages as of yesterday.

I’ve also been working on a number of projects, including a story for a time travel anthology. No idea if it’ll be published in the anthology or not.

Also, despite my immense social awkwardness (or possibly full-blown social anxiety), I’ve signed up for an online radio interview today at 4. But it’s free promotion for my books, and to call my budget “shoestring” is putting it very generously.

So for anyone that might be interested…Here’s the show right here

If anyone’s seen my confidence roaming about, by the way, I’d definitely appreciate it being returned to me ASAP. Because I’m incredibly nervous about calling in to the show.


Title: Mercy Brown Part 2
Series: Mercy Brown
Author: Tiki Kos 
Genre: YA Horror/Dystopian Paranormal
Release Date: June 20, 2018
Cover Design: Yvonne at Ammonia Book Covers
Humanity is on the brink of extinction.
One month after the events in Goodsprings, Mercy Brown is welcomed into the wasteland that is now the United States. The vampire virus has run rampant across the world. What is left of humanity is scattered.
Separated from Sebastien and Amanda, Mercy must navigate this new world by herself, embarking on a journey to find her friends, stop the vampires, and save the world.
As she fights for survival, Mercy discovers who she can trust. Will she ever be safe again?
For fans of The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tiki Kos presents the second part of the YA horror/dystopia saga, Mercy Brown.


I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I started working on my first YA novel Daughter of The Night in 2016. The first book in the trilogy.I have been married to my husband Joel since 2015 but together since 2008. I am a mother of two wonderful children, Aiden (5) and Scarlett (2). When I’m not working on stories, you can find me drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating sushi. In my very rare moments of spare time, I enjoy baking/canning, reading fantasy books, gardening and playing video games.



The Dawn Fangs have arrived!

Cover Art by Alison Hunt

In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, a new predator will emerge within Windemere’s shadow.

For fifty years, Clyde has been trapped beneath the earth while the vampire kingdom has been gradually losing its war against the Sun God’s followers. Only Mab believes that her partner survived his holy execution and is determined to bring him back to the city of Nyte. Retrieving the vampiric thief is only the beginning as he comes out of the ground stronger, faster, and possessing abilities that their kind have never witnessed throughout their ancient history. Thrown into the war, Clyde must be careful to hide his true nature while fighting alongside his old friends. Too bad he is having so much fun being free that keeping his secret might be the furthest thing from his mind.

Will anyone be ready for the inevitable rise of the Dawn Fangs?

Book Excerpt: Execution Interrupted

“Feels like the earth is shaking,” Titus whispers more to himself than his friends. The ground abruptly lurches to the side as if the hill is having a violent spasm. “What in all of Windemere was that? Is this part of the execution? Maybe Clyde is using his illusions to . . . That’s not Clyde. Tell me you two see this.”

Decker and Mab begrudgingly stop their argument to follow Titus’s gaze, which is locked on the horizon. Ripples of magic run through colorful clouds that are billowing across the sky like they are being pursued by a terrifying predator. Constant explosions shake the land and the wind carries the sound of distant screaming, but nobody can discern any of the words. Cracks of lightning rain down on the landscape, the purple streaks pulverizing whatever they hit. In response, blasts of lava erupt from the earth and punch holes in the rushing storm. People cower as the molten rock returns in a hardened state and crushes those who are not quick enough to get out of the way. Animals run and fly in every direction, the threat so enormous that none of the creatures can figure out where they would be safe. Throughout it all, the executioners continue pulling Clyde apart while the other priests work to put up a barrier that shimmers and sputters around the temple and village. Sensing danger, the three vampires drop to the ground an instant before the holy shield explodes and sends a razor-sharp circle of sunlight across the land. All those too slow to react are sliced in half, but they continue to scream as the twisted magic keeps them alive.

Getting to their feet, the trio cautiously moves closer to the edge of the hill, which is now a sheer cliff devoid of plant life. They watch in horror as the region turns into a rocky landscape with a few patches of trees that grow to twice their natural size. A quake knocks the vampires down and they cling to the earth as an ear-wrenching shriek fills the air. The Duragian temple quivers before the valley floor collapses and every building falls into the ravenous pit. Mab heals her injuries by using most of the blood in her body and scrambles ahead of her friends. She can barely hear Clyde screaming and laughing as the execution circle slides into the water-like dirt along with everyone around it. The surviving mortals struggle to escape, but they are unable to find any handholds that do not break away and send them tumbling into the chaos. With a startling jerk, all of the surrounding hills sink until they are nothing more than small bumps in the earth. By the time the Great Cataclysm has ended, the three vampires are the only ones left in the area and the greatest stronghold of their enemies has been consumed down to the smallest of structures. The only sign that anything once stood in the former valley is a faint glow coming out of a single crack in the dry ground. As the silent minutes pass, the light steadily grows dimmer until it to is nothing more than a memory.

Get War of Nytefall: Loyalty on Amazon for $2.99!
Add it to your Goodreads To-Read Lists!


Interested in more Windemere? Then don’t forget to check out Charles E. Yallowitz’s first series: Legends of Windemere

All Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

About the Author:

Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you, and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

Twitter: @cyallowitz
Facebook: Charles Yallowitz

B2BCyCon Villain Crawl

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So, in addition to the Horror/Thriller segment of B2BCyCon, I’m also signed up for the Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy ones. And for one of those, there’s a villain crawl. I couldn’t decide on which villain to showcase from Hell Bent, however, so I’m going for all three major antagonists.

And as I generally enjoy doing, I’ve sent Travis to interview the three of them.

He may hate me even more now.

I don’t really care. ^_^


Travis sighed. Normally, he looked forward to these interviews. But they usually involved people from outside of the life he knew. These three were to be with people he’d met before. People he had met, and infamously did not get along with. And the first on his list was one Jesse Lynn Belle.

He knew that she was currently in prison, her execution date still to be determined. The woman had been responsible for at least fifty murders, and Travis was one of her favorite victims. Or least favorite, given how often he’d come back.

The half-monkey was escorted through the prison by five guards. He’d been unable to bring any writing utensils, and had to leave his piercings with someone. They thought he was insane to want to speak with her. And they particularly thought he was insane when he mentioned that this was being done at the behest of a capricious creator.

But eventually, he was led into a room where he could interview the killer. Even handcuffed and behind a bulletproof window, and even with the armed guards, he didn’t feel safe. She’d done things to him, things he’d rather not re-experience. Her amber eyes gazed at him with their usual predatory quality.

But he couldn’t let her see how much he feared her…

“Nice to see you again, Red,” she cooed, her full lips curling into a smile.

“Not really,” he replied. “I just have a few questions for you. It’s for this B2BCyCon thing. First off, what made you become a villain?”

Jesse laughed. “Why would you call me a villain?”

“…Because you’ve killed a ton of people, took even more of ’em against their will, took a year of my life away from me?!”

She scoffed, her head held high. “Well, pardon me for doing what I enjoy. I thought a basic human right was ‘the pursuit of happiness’.”

“Yeah, well, there’s also ‘life’ and ‘liberty’, and you don’t seem to give a f**k about those. Unless they’re yours. Next question: what would you do if you weren’t into the murder-for-fun-and-profit thing?”

Jesse thought for a moment. “I’d probably go into film acting. Or politics.”

“…Why politics?”

“Well, why not? I would love to make the world a better place for people,” she replied with a warm smile.

Travis studied her for a moment, before throwing his hands up, letting out a growl of frustration, and turning away. Yeah, they were done here. He couldn’t even begin to rail on her about what utter crap her statement there was. She wouldn’t know “making the world a better place”, even if it were dangling right in front of her with a sign that read “Stab me!”.

Complete with his escorts, he stormed out of the interview room, ready to move on to the next leg of his little interview tour.




Part of a page from Visions


Still sore from his prior encounter with Jesse, Travis had made his way into the forest. The next interviewee on his list was Slade McManus, a centuries-old mage with a problem with all things scientific and technological. And that included Travis.

But he made his way to Slade’s cabin anyway, knocking on the door. He didn’t know if he’d be home or not. And if not, he’d just claim that he tried and leave it alone. Though Slade only angered him. He wasn’t afraid of him the way he was Jesse.

Much to Travis’ dismay, the door opened a crack. He was greeted with a weary, long-suffering sigh.

“You again…the hell do you want, you horrid abomination?” Slade demanded, blue eyes narrowed at the half-monkey.

“I just wanted to interview you for a bit, McManus. It’s something our creator put me up to, and I ain’t happy about it, either.”

Slade’s eyes lit up at the mention of an interview, and he chuckled warmly, before conjuring a few vines to drag Travis into the cabin. “Oh, please. By all means, ask anything of me. I’d be happy to spread my story to the masses.”

It was Travis’ turn to sigh. This was going to be painful, wasn’t it? “Okay…so, why did you turn to–I mean, would you consider yourself to be a villain at all?”

Slade snapped his fingers, a chair appearing behind him. He settled himself in the chair, before commanding his previously-summoned vines to pull Travis to his knees on the floor.

“Of course I wouldn’t,” he replied. “With the advent of technology, mortals have lost their way. They require their superiors to lord over them. Without our guidance, do you know what one ends up with? Without the guidance of the Mages, humanity goes off the rails! And they create things like…well, like you, for one thing.”

Travis glared at him. He had not come here to be insulted, but in retrospect, he probably should have expected it.

“…Yeah, okay. Y’know, my self esteem’s not always the greatest thing out there, so… Um, right. Next question, I guess…is there anyone you don’t insult? Like, do you, oh, I dunno…respect anyone?”

Slade crossed one leg over the other, tenting his fingers. “As a matter of fact, yes. I’ve met both the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts, and I recognize my superiors when I meet them. If one is born of magical blood, then what reason would I have not to respect them?”

“…Basic human decency, dude,” Travis replied flatly.

“If there were anything decent about humans, I just might,” he replied.

Travis groaned. “Okay, last one…what would you do if you found out that you no longer had any magic?”

Slade gasped at the thought, bringing up his staff and pointing one of its sharpened ends in the half-monkey’s face.

“You will retract that question, NOW! If I ever lost my magic, I had better be dead…DEAD, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!”

Before Travis could answer that, he found himself being hurled from Slade’s cabin, slamming into a tree.

And when he regained consciousness an hour later, it was on to the next interview. Travis chuckled to himself…Slade never even answered his question. Not really. But any time he could get under McManus’ skin was a victory in his eyes.


Scene from Deception




Travis had just the one interview left to go, and this one was probably going to be the least painful of the three. While Lorena had once killed him and everything, she did so with the knowledge that he’d recover. And she really only got angry with him because he insisted upon calling her a pirate.

In his defense, she DID sort of resemble one, with her eyepatch and her hook hand.

He arrived at her compound, knocking on the door. And within seconds, he was surrounded by armed guards, all of whom wore gray suits, sunglasses with black and green lenses, and with hooks tattooed somewhere on their bodies (or the shapes of hooks styled into their hair). The clanging of metal on concrete came next, getting louder with each passing second.

Lorena’s tall frame stood in the doorway, the sunlight glinting off of her metal arms and legs. Her one green eye narrowed as she looked down at the half-monkey.

“…What do you want, Malone?” she groaned, her good eye rolling.

“I wanted to ask you some questions,” Travis replied. “It’s for a blog tour for an online book convention thingy. I know, it probably gets hard to do that with the plotting against my aunt and the piracy and all.”

She slammed a metal arm on the doorframe, some of the wood chipping away upon impact.

“I will answer your questions on one condition…you keep a lid on the pirate cracks, alright?”

He looked her over. Her eyepatch and hook made that a difficult enough task. But her attire for the day? Oh, now that made it a tall order indeed: she wore low-cut sleeveless blouse, with a brown leather bodice, short and flouncy green skirt. It looked a bit like a pirate wench costume one might see at Halloween.

“I…will try,” Travis replied, doing his best to hold in a laugh as his brain made that connection.

“Alright. Weapons down!” she told her people.

The firearms being pointed at Travis were lowered, and Lorena put an arm around the half-monkey, leading him inside.

“Can I offer you a drink of any kind?” she asked.

He thought on that one. “…Is hot cocoa an option?” he asked.

She raised an eyebrow. “I thought you’d rather have something a bit stronger…”

“Nah, I’m more of a chocolate fan than alcohol…alcohol just brings up all kinds of negative shit.”

She nodded, soon leading him to her office. Lorena left for a moment, as Travis prepared himself. He told himself that he needed to resist the temptation to make pirate comments This was something he repeated to himself over and over before Lorena returned.

The cyborg handed over a mug, sitting down behind her desk. She took a sip of water for herself, looking at him.

“Now, what did you want to ask me?” she asked.

Travis took a sip of hot chocolate, blinking. It tasted a little weird, But he figured it might have just been a byproduct of sitting in an arms dealer’s lair for a while.

“So, Lorena…would you consider what you do to be wrong?” he asked. “Like, do you see yourself as the villain at all?”

With a sigh, the arms dealer set down her drink.

“I will admit, that some of what I do is…not exactly what some might call ‘kosher’. I’ve killed people in my line of work. I’ve facilitated the murder of countless innocents in the commissions of crimes. But I can’t say that I regret it. I used to live a life of law and order. But to take on this line of work? To become the most feared arms dealer in the city of Hell Bent? It’s freeing, if I’m being honest. I wouldn’t trade that freedom for anything.”

Travis nodded somewhat. “I see…and your problems with my aunt?”

“She and her friends have tried to kill me. Multiple times. I might not be willing to go to prison or back into law enforcement…but I’m not yet ready for the grave, either, you get me?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I can get that…kinda like the freedom of the open seas?”

He blinked as he realized what he’d just said, and held back a chuckle. “I…I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist that one.”

Lorena glared for a moment. “Might wanna do a better job of that, Malone…”

“Right, right…so, the last question…if you were to do something other than the arms dealer thing, and other than law enforcement…what would you do?”

He took a long drink from the mug, trying to place what that odd taste was.

“I might be a writer,” she replied, pushing some dark hair behind an ear. “I’m great at doing research, and reading people. And I do love a good twist.”

He took another sip. “So, you wouldn’t want to be a pirate, then? Kinda makes s–”

His vision started to blur. “…Wait, what the hell?!”

“I knew you couldn’t resist the pirate cracks, Malone,” she said. “Even at gunpoint you wouldn’t have been able to. Don’t worry, I didn’t poison you.”

Before he could respond, his consciousness faded entirely.

It was a few hours before he woke again. He’d been left off outside of his house, a note pinned to his shirt. The note read: “Thanks for the interview. But next time, CAN THE PIRATE COMMENTS! Much love, L. Wright”.


A bit of fun with Lorena…


A scene from Protection, with the aftermath of Trav and Lorena’s first meeting.

Want to meet more villains from other awesome Urban Fantasy writers? The Villain Crawl continues…


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Author Anastasia Poirier on Anastasia Poirier Author and Editor

My main antagonist is Ecrin. Her villainous path is a bit ambiguous. She’s good and she’s bad…but the why remains to be revealed. Mostly, she’s misunderstood and she’s acting out of desperation. I modeled her appearance after Tilda Swinton’s character in The Only Lovers Left Alive.


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So, I’ve been a bit slow on my progress so far this month. Which hasn’t been helped by the writing projects and whatnot. Also, I won’t be posting much at all about my progress this weekend due to B2BCyCon. The first post goes live tonight at 7.

But here’s where I am thus far.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.51.17 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-03 at 7.59.31 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-04 at 3.53.42 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.57.39 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.46.54 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.46.42 PM


About April…

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So, this is going to be a BUSY month for me, and I plan for this blog to be much more active. What’s going on this month, you ask?


  1. Camp NaNoWriMo is underway, and I want to try and complete the 48 remaining comic pages for book 7. Which is a tall-ass order, because not all of them are even sketched yet. I do, however, want to post regularly about my progress.  Like this page that’s almost fully-inked. Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.33.02 PM.png
  2. There are two character interviews coming in the near future. One is in-progress, the other scheduled to happen soon. Not sure when the authors involved would prefer that these be posted, but those will be coming soon.
  3. This weekend, I’ll be taking part in B2BCyCon. Since I’ve decided upon this being my site, there will be posts for it this weekend. There’ll be a book interview, a Villain Crawl (my post for which will involve 3 mini-character interviews between Travis and the 3 primary antagonists of Hell Bent), a Cover War (the cover for Visions is in that), and a Character Tournament (with TWO of my characters in the running…more on that when the first round of voting begins).
  4. Also, I have stories I need to get cranked out for anthologies. If they happen to be accepted, you can bet that I’ll be promoting the hell out of them. If they’re rejected, I’ll post the stories here.

Anyway, that’s what all is going on this month!