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On the eve of destiny, the fate of the champions are in the hands of those they once called Enemy.

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Hated and distrusted, Queen Trinity must leave the shadows and reach for redemption.

With their final battle on the horizon, the champions are faced with a long-lost piece of the prophecy. Unable to search for the crests that are rumored to be the key to survival, they must turn to a band of their former enemies for help. Sinister desires and hopes for redemption collide as Queen Trinity of the Chaos Elves leads the hunt and struggles to keep her companions on the path of heroism. Monsters, traps, mysteries, and their own pasts will rise up to stand in the way of these people who have spent their entire lives committing sins. Throughout it all, another old enemy is lurking in the shadows and determined to claim her own delicious prize.

By the end of their journey, those who survive will learn that being a hero is more than simply stepping into the light.

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Excerpt: The Aura Syphon

A gurgling causes the two women to pause and look into the pit where the shadows are swirling among the jagged stones. Two black tentacles lance out of the ground and wrap around Yola’s waist, the ooze-dripping projections turning silver at the taste of her magic. Attracted to the stronger energy, the aura syphon yanks the immortal into its slime-covered maw and becomes a metallic beast. With its armored skin, the camouflaged predator is now visible and resembles a sea anemone with the body of a beetle. The jagged rocks are fused to the animal’s exoskeleton and there are six jointed legs that help it scurry out of the pit. Standing over Trinity, the creature opens a faint crease on its body to reveal a bulbous eye with a star-shaped pupil. It pauses to shove a few tentacles into its mouth and hit Yola with pulses of electricity to stop her from struggling. It changes from silver to gold when she attempts to break free, her efforts being quickly drained by the monster.

“Let the crazy woman go before you get killed,” Trinity whispers to the aura syphon. She creates a fireball in the hopes of getting its mouth open, but her spell is ignored. “No reason to have a snack when you have an eternal meal in your belly. Maybe we can have a trade. Can’t believe I’m trying to bargain with this thing. Well, I gave you a chance, so I’m going to blow you up before things get worse. Hope you heard that Yola and are bracing yourself.”

The beast gurgles before releasing a blast of sticky strands that lock Trinity in place. Instead of going after the trapped chaos elf, the creature turns its attention to the helpless army. Having had its fill of magic, the aura syphon is ready to gorge on fresh meat and opens a second mouth that is filled with knife-like teeth. Heading for Sir Harbiss, it is stopped when a chunk of earth erupts beneath it and flips it back into the pit. Unsure of where the attack came from, the aura syphon leaps out and reveals several eye stalks that search for an unseen enemy. A cutting wind lops off half of the projections, but Yola’s potent energy revives them and protects the crystalline armor plates. When the spell comes back around, it bounces off the new defense and bursts against a hill. Blasts of fire strike the beast from behind, so it sprouts a fan-shaped tail of water that douses the flames.

Looking around, the aura syphon stops when it sees that Trinity is nowhere to be seen and there is a hole where she once stood. Spikes grow from the predator’s belly and it slams against the ground in the hopes of impaling the chaos elf. The hiss of escaping gas is heard an instant before an explosion sends the shrieking animal into the sky. Careening towards a solitary cloud that is very low to the ground, the beast catches the scent of an aura that revives the one currently in its gut. Passing through the cloud, it finds its legs caught in a net that runs down to where Trinity is hiding behind a hill. With enhanced strength, the channeler slams the aura syphon into the ground and delivers a leaping stomp to its soft upper body. Instead of ejecting Yola, the creature opens its skin to swallow the chaos elf’s leg up the knee.

“Fine. Backup plan it is,” Trinity mutters, synching her aura to that of the imprisoned immortal.

Releasing as much magic as she can without killing herself, the channeler creates a power surge within the aura syphon. Unable to absorb or redirect so much energy at once, the predator tries to reject the grinning chaos elf. Plunging her fingers into its flesh, Trinity refuses to be thrown off and continues her assault. Blisters appear on the hard exoskeleton and the metallic color flakes off to reveal the natural black of the tentacles. Without warning, the gold returns and the animal explodes with enough force to collapse the ground. Before she can escape, the channeler falls into the pit and is buried beneath the icy dirt.

Need to catch Legends of Windemere from the beginning? Then click on the picture below! First book, ‘Beginning of a Hero’ is free!

Ready for the newest adventure in Windemere? Find out if Queen Trinity earns redemption or will return to the Baron’s side!

About the Author:

Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you, and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

Twitter: @cyallowitz
Facebook: Charles Yallowitz


An author interview I’ve done recently.


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hey! Name’s Kayla Matt (or K. Matt), and I’m 29.

Fiona: Where are you from?

I’m from the central/upstate New York region. One of your more rural areas.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

Let’s see…I went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia to pursue an illustration degree, and use that on a daily basis. I also still live with my family, have no intention of having kids of my own, and…yeah, I think that about covers the mind-numbing excitement that comprises my life.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

I’ve been working on and off on a comic for my Patreon page, along with the comic pages for the 6th

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I’ve officially gotten 4 of 38 pages sketched for book 6! Also, the flat colors are done for the poster for that one contest.

Invasion1Invasion2Invasion3Invasion4Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.28.37 AM

Projects! Projects EVERYWHERE!

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Hey! Just throwing an update out here. I’ve been working on a ton of stuff, the two big things being book 6 (which I will hopefully have a fully-sketched comic section for by sometime tomorrow night), and an entry for this contest. It took me a while to figure out what to draw for it, since they don’t allow someone to draw stuff from their own books. And it felt weird going for a series that a friend writes that I illustrate in an official capacity, because that felt too close. So what’d I choose? I went for Charles E. Yallowitz’s “Legends of Windemere” series, because that is one that I’d started reading thanks to drawing the characters, and I’ve drawn a number of the characters from it. Also, there was a deadline of it and I hadn’t created designs for most of the characters for one of the other options I was looking at.

The poster is nowhere near finished, but here’s how it’s looking thus far:

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 8.23.47 PM

The intent is to finish it this week.

In addition to this, I’ve also drawn a poster for my friend C.C. Naughton’s Twinkle Dingle stories, which involve fairies and various shenanigans. Where I drew…basically everyone.


There are also more character interviews with Travis coming up, and while I still need to get around to them, the next pages of episode 3 of DFTR. But before I end this post, I have one more sketch to show…

This one was more of a dare than anything else. A combination of many of the things that drive me nuts when it comes to details: chainmail, scales, feathers, paisley (ARGH, PAISLEY!), braids, teeth…and THEN I went in and added a long furry tail and some chains, because I’m clearly a ginormous masochist. What have I named such a creature, you may ask?

Motherfucker Goddammit McAsshat. It will look a bit clearer once I get around to inks and colors, I swear. But for now, it is in a sketch stage. Also, each scale is going to be a different color.


There are also tarot cards, numerous short stories…

OOH! And fan art I want to progress on, including that Walking Dead one I haven’t yet begun…

Who needs sleep, anyway?

Book 6 is still very much in the works, and I have takeovers coming up. Not sure what all I want to put here, but I have information about a charity raffle/blog hop and a giveaway of my own. The giveaway stuff is at the bottom, but there’s more you could possibly win if you read through the raffle info. Plus, the raffle’s for a really good cause.
Hello, blog hoppers! Welcome to our Back To School Charity Raffle and Blog Hop!
We’ll be hopping this week to support a generous cause! Indie Authors Care and Amanda’s Book Nook

For All Audiences is sponsoring this Charity event, and all proceeds will be going directly to The Internation Rescue Committee, specifically the education department!
We’ll be raffling off an 8” Kindle Fire HD, a $50 Amazon gift card, and an ebook library filled with over thirty books! Raffle winners will be drawn September 6th at 3 PM EST.

For a chance to win any of these prizes, all you have to do is purchase at least one raffle ticket. Of course, your odds of winning do go up exponentially with each ticket you purchase!

Good news for you, raffle tickets are being sold at a discount all week long during the blog hop!

During the blog hop, tickets will be $1 each. After the blog hop, tickets will increase to $3 each.

We also have some bulk discounts.

During the blog hop, you may pay $10 and get 11 tickets, $20 and get 22 tickets, or $50 and get 60 tickets.

After the blog hop, you may pay $15 and get 6 tickets, $30 and get 12 tickets, or $60 and get 25 tickets.

What are we hoping to do with these donations?

We are hoping to raise at least $800. There are many ways we can spend this money. Option one is to spend it to purchase school supplies for 40 children. Option 2 is to use the money to send 14 kids to school for a year. Option 3 is to use it for one donation package each which would amount to sending 3 kids to school for a year, one school supply kit, one teddy bear and creativity kit, pay for one new classroom, pay for school clothes for a child, teaching supplies, and a safe environment.

So, you see, we can change the world together and ensure that these students around the world have all the tools they need to get a quality education in a safe environment with qualified teachers.
Tickets will be sold via Google Form to keep accurate records of all transactions.

NO purchase necessary to participate, though odds of winning are greater when multiple tickets are purchased. If you would like to submit one free entry, please email with the subject “Raffle Mail Entry.”


We hope you’ll click GOING on the event and help us spread the word about this raffle!


Blog Hope Masterpost


As for this giveaway? Just like this post, and if I get enough entrants, I will choose someone at random to receive a pack of signed Hell Bent character cards! That giveaway will be open until Labor Day, 12AM EST. Bonus entries if you happen to reblog!


An update on things!

First and foremost, production on the comic pages for book 6 is set to begin this week, with some simple layout sketches. There are 38 of those to handle, and I especially look forward to the last 2 sections. One of those sections entails a fight scene, a flashback, and a journey into one character’s mind. All in the span of 11 pages. The other is the final fight. The climactic battle of arc 2, in general, that ends up changing the Abbot/Malone/Taylor/Sangre clan’s lives.

The Patreon-first comic is going slowly, thanks to nerves, other stuff getting in the way, and my sleep schedule being…well, weird.

I’ve been working on an entry for an indie fantasy fan art contest. I have until September 16th to get it done. I’ll probably post the in-progress shots here, and give a link to where one can vote on it once that time comes.

I’ve been working on a poster (as of this weekend) for the Twinkle Dingle series of comic fantasy stories, written by my good friend C.C. Naughton (As found on WordPress). She’s the one that pens these stories, and I’m the official illustrator. Quite the contrast between that and Hell Bent, but both are fun.

There’s another character interview with Travis coming up later this week. This time, he gets to talk to a shapeshifter.

Been doing a ton of reading, for SciFan magazine, an ARC for an upcoming book, some beta reading, catching up on books I’d meant to read but haven’t had the chance to…

There’s also the fan art pieces I’d sketched a while back. Haven’t progressed on the Buffyverse one, should really get around to this Walking Dead one, have gotten part of the RWBY one colored and shaded, though I’ll go in and play with character sizes at some point.

Also…author takeovers keep cropping up. Two next week, eying one in the later part of September, will be doing an event of my own in October for Virtual Fantasy Con (I think…if I remember correctly, anyway).

I hope I’ve finally wrestled my sleep schedule back into submission. I didn’t pass out early last night, so that’s a good sign.

Will keep y’all posted. And happy eclipse day!

Hey! Are you a Science Fantasy fan, by any chance? Would you like to see an awesome magazine grow? Please read this for more info on how you can do so!

SciFan™ Magazine

“We are SciFan.” Those are the words that first intrigued me about the merging of science fiction and fantasy known as science fantasy. It was late 2016 and I had stumbled upon the science fantasy community. I saw posts from Richard Mulder and other admins and learned more about science fantasy as a whole. I learned Richard had trademarked the SciFan logo he designed. I approached him in December 2016 about SciFan™ Magazine and the rest is history.

We are now 8 (soon to be 9) issues into SciFan™ Magazine and we find ourselves at a crossroad. To continue the Magazine, for which we have an extreme passion for, or shut it down.

You see, the purpose SciFan™ Magazine is and always has been about the authors. It has been about giving authors who might never have gotten a platform a shot to reach readers on the largest potential market…

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