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Comic Preview

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Story Excerpts

So, I’ve been working on a comic lately. 41 pages, and it adapts a portion of arc 2, part 1 (4th book in the series itself). So far, I’ve completed the inks for up through page 10. And since I’m proud of how this is coming along so far, I’ve decided to post those first 10 inked pages here.

Just to put this sequence in context: By this point in the story, Spencer has been learning magic from Slade. But Slade, being the wondrous humanitarian that he is, tries to get his student to kill a couple of those he feels need to die. Why? Because they work in a lab. Spencer refuses, all hell breaks loose between them, and Slade kills the targets, anyway. Not only that, but he sets Spencer up to take the blame.

So now, Ivy, Yvette, and Travis are looking around that same lab for some answers. Travis has been in more than enough labs for his liking, but given that Spencer’s his closest friend, he’s not inclined to let his paranoia get in the way of clearing his name.

Anyway, the comic pages: