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Magic System

Posted: August 6, 2013 in City of Hell Bent

I’d had a hard time figuring out what to do for the next non-character profile post for this series. So, I decided to go with a post describing the system of magic used in this universe, for now.

To start, magic, here, is something that could be learned by anyone with an open enough mind. Secondly, magic is tied to the four basic elements of nature (earth, wind, fire, water), with secondary elements (light and dark) brought into play.

Now, when I say that the elements are tied into this, what I mean is that each magic user requires some sample of their element in order to cast spells. For example, if someone is connected to either earth or water, they’d need to carry a vial of some sort containing dirt or water. The source of it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s on their person. Fire and air are a bit more difficult. For those, one would need either a lighter/matches, or a small hand-held fan. If one’s secondary element is darkness, all this really means is that their magic functions better in the dark than in the light. 

To find one’s element, a potential magic user has to surround themselves with an element, and meditate until something within them sparks. Those with…say, fire, would need to be near a fire to do their testing. For air, it’s safest to test near a wind machine. While it is possible to conduct the test in a storm, it’s rather ill-advised.

There is a way around needing an actual sample of one’s element. If a magic user has the patience and drive to locate them, there exist stones for each element that can emulate the magical properties of said elements: red for fire, blue for water, green for earth, and a silvery color for air. The stones are usually found around areas in which deceased wizards used to dwell. These stones form from the deceased wizard’s residual magic. If a particular element had anything to do with his/her demise, that will usually have some bearing on which stones are found near his/her burial site. Like if fire had anything to do with the death, there will be an abundance of fire stones nearby. 

Some spells, such as teleportation and long distance summoning, take quite a bit of energy, even with fuel. Water is perhaps the easiest element to have, given the content of water in the human body. But using the water in one’s own body tends to take a hefty toll on the user, and will dehydrate them until they can replenish their supply.

Magic, here, won’t interfere with technology all too much. The two used to be incompatible, but over time, they’ve been able to coexist. It’s been studied in some of the labs over the course of a couple of centuries. Over time, the scientists managed to adapt magic to machinery.

Okay, so, that’s about all I’ve got on magic in this ‘verse for now. Probably still got some kinks to work out for it. Ah well. Next time, going with family members of major characters.