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Well. Another lengthy delay in posts. Thinking of throwing up 3 different posts soon, though, including this one. Possibly today. Anyhow, next round of character profiles. This one has notable family members of the main characters. 


Name: Dr. Serena Taylor

Age: 40ish (Not that she looks it)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Feline hybrid

History: Serena was born the twin sister of Beast Taylor, being raised for much of her life in a lab. While her sister was trained as an assassin, Serena was taught by some of the greatest scientific minds Hell Bent had to offer. Over the years, she became highly proficient in the fields of cybernetics and genetics. 

After leaving the lab, Serena took on jobs at a few other labs around the city, eventually stockpiling enough cash to build a lab of her own. And once she had this lab of hers, she has been building cybernetics for people and giving genetic enhancements. For a price, of course. 

Her sister’s career has taken a bit of a toll on her, as well. Whenever Beast would lose a limb, she would come to Serena. It wasn’t as though Serena really cared if Beast split her part of the pay with her or not. It’s still always been a point of strife for the scientist. She’d always wished that her sister would retire, before she lost something that couldn’t be replaced.

Much of Serena’s life outside of the lab was relatively lonely. Right up until she adopted Travis and Gemmy, giving them a comfortable home with her. Since then, she’s been even happier with her life.

Personality: Serena is a bit on the eccentric side. How eccentric? She was willing to splice monkey DNA into her adoptive kids. Using DNA that she’d “borrowed” from a late night run to a zoo. That being said, she’s also rather kind-hearted, and would never experiment on the unwilling. If she found someone that would do such a thing, she’d likely send Beast after them. 

Other: Serena has a very slight catnip addiction.


Name: Nick Taylor

Age: Somewhere in his late 30s/early 40s.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

History: Nick was not old enough to remember anything about his birth parents. All he knew were the photos kept by family friend Wes Wilkes. He came to be in Mr. Wilkes’ care after the robbery that’d claimed his parents’ lives. When the robber and his sisters had been taken to a lab, he had been hiding underneath a bed. Wes, being part of a crime scene cleanup crew, had discovered the child half-starved and brought him home with him. 

Nick was told about his family around when he hit puberty. For the next couple of years, he began hatching a plan to reunite with his sisters. Eventually, he’d found a way to get them out of the lab. And from that point on, he began to look into a career as an FBI agent. The training was a bit tough for him. At first. 

Since then, Nick has become highly competent in his line of work. His specialty is in firearm usage. 

Personality: Nick’s usually able to focus on a task. Though he does have one major weakness…If he sees an attractive woman, his attention will drift toward her. He can be a shameless flirt when not on the job. Also, he has a very slight Napoleonic Complex, being only 5’3″ in height.

Other: Nick has not had a steady girlfriend as of yet, although he has gone on more dates than he can keep track of in about a year. At least.


Name: Tsaeb

Age: Unknown

Species: Human/Canine/Avian hybrid

Gender: Male

History: Tsaeb was created in a lab sometime during Beast and Serena’s stay. He was cloned from Beast’s genetic material, which was then tampered with further. This tampering has altered his gender, and resulted in him developing large feathery wings and hollow bones. 

He was released from the lab after a number of years. given an opportunity to find a home for himself. What he found was Lorena. She had hired him to work for her, but he wasn’t aware of her criminal activities when he took the job. If he had been, he would have avoided her like the plague.

Personality: Tsaeb is still rather naive. Naive, but loyal. He is also very easy to confuse, and  has an appreciation for the simpler things in life. Not exactly the bravest guy out there, though. 

Other: Tsaeb sleeps more like a dog than a human. Complete with barking in his sleep.


Name: Daniel

Age: 5 or 6 years old

Species: Monkey/human hybrid

Gender: Male

History: Born to Spencer and Gemmy Abbot, young Daniel doesn’t have much of a history for now. Though he was born without his uncle Travis being around. But in his short life, he’s already been exposed to people a young boy should not be exposed to. Namely, his family’s enemies. Also, he learned to read at about age two.

Personality: Daniel’s a naturally curious child. Like his father at a young age, he loves to read. He doesn’t quite have the patience to meditate with his mother quite yet. 

Other: Daniel’s family has to go the extra mile to childproof the house, since his monkey traits would enable him to get into things that the average kid wouldn’t be able to.


Name: Silas McManus

Age: At least 300 years old.

Species: Elven Mage

History: Silas never knew his parents. But he did know the forests by what eventually became known as Sheffield, England pretty well. He had felt some sense of superiority toward humans thanks to his usage of magic. He never used to think of anyone else as being worth his time. That is, until, he met Lucretia. He’d never been so attracted to a human woman. 

After a lengthy courtship, they married. Silas used some of his magic to grant her an enhanced lifespan, so that she may keep up with both him and their as of yet unborn child. 

As human technology advanced, Silas became more and more enraptured by it. And by the time his wife had disappeared, he sensed that there was something more to the relationship between herself and the scientist, aside from him having any sort of power over her. 

Ever since learning of his son’s matricide, he has been against Slade’s actions. He’s still held out hope that Slade would turn back to the light.

Personality: Silas is a proud individual. But not so proud as to be completely arrogant. He’s greatly ashamed of his son, and would love nothing more than to be able to help him see that science isn’t all bad. Unlike Slade, Silas has come to fully believe that technology and magic can coexist peacefully. Possibly even complement one another.

Other: Silas has become interested in pursuing a relationship with Serena.


Name: Walter Malone

Age: In his late 40s/early 50s

Species: Human

Gender: Male

History: Walter has been involved with the labs of Hell Bent since his graduation from high school. He’d begun with an internship in one of the leading genetics labs, before finally landing a full time gig.

Within the first year of his job at the lab, he met one Gail Mitchell. They were partnered together at work for a while, before their relationship evolved past that. They were together for a few years before Walter got her pregnant. Not wanting their firstborn to be born out of wedlock, they planned their wedding. But about three days before the ceremony, Gail went into labor. Walter found himself the father to a little boy named Travis. 

A week later, the wedding took place. Things were happy for Walter for a good year after that: he was a father, had a beautiful wife, and had another child on the way. But there were complications during the delivery of his second child Gemmy. Gail went from the maternity ward right to the morgue. And Walter wasn’t quite the same after that. 

The grief made it difficult for him to function properly in the lab. He lost his job for a few years, eventually reapplying for a position as a receptionist in that same lab. He deeply resented his children, deciding that if he couldn’t be completely happy, neither would they. Not while he had anything to say about it. 

When he kicked his children out of the house, he occasionally felt some degree of regret. But he’d vowed to himself never to apologize. That’d just be admitting that he was wrong.

Personality: Walter excels at holding grudges and hiding his true feelings. He may berate his children, and make their lives a living hell. But deep (WAY deep) within, he cares for them. He’s usually a highly proud man, with problems admitting when he’s wrong. It’s difficult for him to form relationships. But when he does, they’re usually lasting. Usually.

Other: Despite whatever issues Walter had had with his family life, he has never resorted to alcohol.

And this last one’s got 2 characters.


Names: Leroy Abbot and Linda Abbot (nee Ferguson)

Ages: Late 40s/early 50s 

Species: Human (both)

Genders: Male/Female

Histories: Leroy went through much of his school career as a fairly popular student. When Linda transferred to Tesla High, he took her under his wing, so to speak. Got her set up with a number of friends, including a couple of boyfriends. However, neither boyfriend really worked out for her. He proceeded to ask her out, so she could have a chance with someone that wouldn’t treat her like dirt. 

One thing led to another, and they stayed together all through college. They’d eventually found jobs together in one of the labs, eventually getting married. After two years of wedded bliss, they had their one and only son Spencer. Since the birth of their son, they began to push him toward medicine. 

They’ve been together for about 30 years.

Personalities: Leroy is a highly intelligent male. He’s also very social and accepting of others. On the downside, however, he can be obsessive to a fault, especially on major projects. He’s very loving toward his family.

Linda’s sweet-natured most of the time, but will sometimes make comments that offend people. She’s also got relatively low self-confidence. But her son and husband are the best things that’ve ever happened to her. 

Other: Linda is a good 5 months older than Leroy. 


All I got for these ones. Next post I put up will be a 10 page preview of a comic I’m working on. 


Hey! It’s been so long since I’ve posted some of these. Anyway, got the rest of my antagonists on this post. So, it will be a long one.


Name: Slade McManus

Age: 214+ Years

Species: Mage

History: Born in Sheffield, England to Silas and Lucretia McManus. He’d been trained in magic usage from an early age, believing in its superiority over all else. Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, he found himself despising any new innovation by mortals. When he lost his mother to a scientist, he swore revenge on all things scientific/technological. He’d tracked his mother and this scientist to America, where he learned that they’d begun an affair with one another. He killed them both, and has been looking into once again proving the superiority of magic.

Personality: Firmly believing himself to be in the right, Slade is an immense technophobe. He is also ruthless and manipulative. He won’t physically harm children, but is not above using them for his own gain.

Other: Slade’s hair is red thanks to a color change spell he’d used on himself after killing his mother. She’d had red hair, and he changed it from brown out of some degree of remorse.


Name: Lorena Wright

Age: Somewhere in her 40s

Species: Cyborg

History: Born to Emma and Clark Wright, Lorena had a relatively lonely childhood. In her teens, she started running with street gangs around the city. Her life of crime escalated to a certain point, eventually causing her to become an arms dealer. Various encounters with Beast have resulted in her receiving cybernetic limbs in place of her natural ones.

Personality: Lorena is a cold individual, and is mildly obsessed with taking Beast out once and for all.

Other: Lorena HATES being referred to as a pirate, even though she has a hook hand and eyepatch.


Name: Jack Markov

Age: 33

Species: Human

History: Jack was born somewhere in Hell Bent to Leigh and Gregory Markov. The heir to a fortune, Jack used his riches to buy an old film studio, with the intention of using it to shoot independent horror films to submit to festivals. All that took a detour when Jesse entered his life. When he saw her murder her costar, he found that this death was much more entertaining to watch than one awash with fake blood and trick knives. Since then, he began filming her murders, still marketing them as indie horror.

Personality: Jack is something of a sociopath and has manchild-like tendencies. His biggest love in life is film, and he’s rarely away from either his video camera or editing laptop.

Other: Jack’s got a major crush on Jesse, and has been known to be a bit of a stalker.



Name: Lane Martin

Age: 37

Species: Human

History: Growing up as the youngest of Allie and Paul Martin’s nine children, Lane grew up wanting to be the accountant for a major film studio. He wound up as the accountant of Visions Studios. It was fine for a while. Right up until he saw Jesse murder her costar. He stayed on, despite it eating away at his conscience. Of course, he’d only stayed on out of pure, unadulterated fear.

Personality: Lane isn’t strictly a villain, here. He is normally quiet, and isn’t fond of violence. However, he is too much of a coward to stand up to Jesse, despite his utter horror at what she’s done.

Other: Lane will sometimes direct possible victims to a different location in an attempt to save their lives.



Name: Dr. Nikolai Morozov

Age: 40-something

Species: Human

History: Born to Ivan and Kristina Morozov in St. Petersburg, Russia, Nikolai was close friends with his brother Dmitry. After high school, Nikolai had gone to school for genetics. His brother, on the other hand, wound up going into the Russian army. He never made it home alive. This, and the fact that friends of theirs had been horribly maimed in battle, has driven him into looking for a way to prevent any future casualties.

Personality: Nikolai has good intentions, but is more than willing to kill innocents if it will help him to get what it is he wants. He also tends to be very goal-oriented. Not one to show empathy to anyone, unless they are his friends/relatives.

Other: Nikolai is one of the few scientists at his lab to speak English.


And finally:



Name: Crazy Yuri

Age: Unknown (but he’s assumed to be in his 40s)

Species: Human (probably)

History: Nobody knows much about Crazy Yuri’s home life, or childhood, or any of that. But most believe that he once worked for the Russian mafiya, as their muscle. He’s identified as Crazy Yuri because he’s been known to beat his targets into submission. Which is the only time one would actually see him smile. For now, he works as the hired muscle for Nikolai’s lab.

Personality: A man of few words, Crazy Yuri can understand English. When he does feel the need to speak, though, it is in Russian. The man is brutality personified.

Other: Crazy Yuri’s only friend of any sort is Nikolai. And he merely tolerates the man, rather than seeing him as a true friend.


Alright, so, thinking of what to post next time.




Another character profile… This one being of the arc 1 antagonist.


Name: Jesse Lynn Belle

Age: Somewhere in her 30s

Species: Human

History: Jesse was born to Ted and Lizzie Belle. She had had a relatively normal childhood. Up until the point where she started tormenting and killing small animals. Her parents had tried to get help for her, but nothing worked. She hadn’t been allowed to live off on her own, for the safety of others.

She spent a good portion of her teens and twenties studying chemistry, learning as much as she could. It was a subject that fascinated her greatly.

When she’d lost her father to some sort of illness, her mother had tried to do all she could to keep going. But she eventually fell victim to the same illness. The autopsy on both of them was inconclusive.

Nobody knew that Jesse had poisoned them both, and she was soon free of them both.

But her freedom was short-lived, when she was taken into a lab for “rehabilitation”. They’d known of her issues, and took it upon themselves to bring her into a facility. After a number of years, she had managed to convince them that she was sane.

The experimentation from the lab had left her with enhanced strength. When she headed out of the lab, she took on a job at Visions Studios as an actress. It started off as an acting gig. Until she murdered her costar. At which point, the cameraman/director decided to keep her around to help make snuff films to sell on the black market.

She’s been happy to do so ever since.

Personality: Jesse is a sadist, and has no remorse for any murder for which she’s responsible. She wouldn’t think twice about killing a child. That being said, she enjoys warm baths and sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

Other: The stitches on her face are a result of an encounter with Travis. She’d gotten on his bad side, and he gave her a Glasgow grin.

Next time, we meet Slade McManus, English mage.

Last set of profiles for the week. Tonight’s pair would be Ivy and Yvette, the Sangre sisters.


Name: Ivy Sangre/Yvette Sangre

Age: Late 30s, despite looking like they’re in their late teens

Species: Mutant

History: These two have no idea who gave birth to them. Their earliest memory involves a man assumed to be their father driving them to a lab in Hell Bent and dumping them off. They were both raised as the doctors’ own children, much like Beast and her sister.

For the first few years of their lives in the lab, the girls were raised slightly differently from one another. Ivy was discovered to be a telepath, and so she didn’t receive much verbal contact, so as to enhance her skills. Also, it was learned relatively early on that she needed alcohol to function in the way most need water. Yvette was more of a witch, and so was trained to use magic. She didn’t have the alcohol aspect.

Also like Beast, the pair were trained as assassins. Ivy became more proficient with a sword, while Yvette got better with guns. Yvette was always a bit more refined in her approach, while Ivy was quicker (if a little sloppy).

The girls left the lab with Beast and Serena, going into business with Beast. Ivy would be responsible for getting non-targets out of the way by getting into their minds and convincing them to leave the area for a bit. Yvette was tasked with getting rid of evidence when they were done.

Personality: Ivy can be a bit of a smartass at points. A favorite pastime of hers is to rip on her sister, albeit she does it lovingly. She tends to be rather warm toward her friends and family, and has a hard time taking some things seriously. Not only does she need alcohol to survive, but she loves drinking. And while she can go into someone’s mind, she’ll never go into the mind of someone she cares about without permission.

Yvette is more studious than her sister, and is more likely to make a bad pun than a snarky comment. She takes things much more seriously, and enjoys peace, quiet, and tranquility. She would never be found at a bar, except to drag her sister home.

Other: Ivy has a certain procedure for entering the mind of a friend/family member. Step 1 involves asking permission to enter. Step 2: Get the other person drunk, so that they lower their mental defenses. 3: Ask permission again to make sure it hasn’t changed. And step 4: Enter.

Yvette’s magic-related element is water, with a secondary element of light.

Next week, I’ll go for either villains or secondary characters. But tomorrow, I go into an overview of the city of Hell Bent, itself.

Hi! Time for the 3rd profile. The arc 3 protagonist… Arc 3 which, at this point, resembles more glorified synopses than actual novellas. And because I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, as I’d wanted to, this one’s going to be a double-character post.


Name: Beast Taylor

Age 40ish (Not that she looks it)

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Feline hybrid, with cybernetic limbs

History: Beast and her twin sister Serena were born to Craig and Sheena Taylor, becoming the older sister to one Nick Taylor at the age of two. Not that they really got to know their parents. When they were just three (and one), the children had been taken to one of the labs in Hell Bent. Their parents had been killed in a robbery, and both the girls and the robber had been taken to the lab. Neither had any idea what happened to Nick.

Despite being in the lab, a few of the scientists began to raise the girls like their own children. Even if they did splice cat DNA into both of the girls, they still showed them some affection.Though somewhere along the line, the twins began receiving different sorts of training. Beast, since the age of about 8, began training as an assassin. She’d become especially proficient with knives.

Her assassin training also led to a love of musical theatre. She’d heard one of the scientists blaring the Les Miserables soundtrack one day, while practicing with a droid. Her first successful kill ever happened during “One Day More”. Since then, that particular musical has resonated strongly with her.

Around age 20, she and Serena met their younger brother Nick for the first time in years. He helped them to escape the lab, along with their friends Ivy and Yvette.

Since leaving the lab, Beast has become a full-fledged assassin. She’d gotten corrective eye surgery to avoid possibly losing a contact lens or her glasses while on the job. She’d also fitted herself with knife gloves, having been inspired directly by A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The first actual kill was the one that bothered her most. She’d been reminded that the target had a family, and that she’d deprived that family of their patriarch. Since then, she’s only taken on targets that didn’t have kids, and didn’t work with kids.

She’s had a good track record, having been successful in killing the vast majority of her targets. Except for one Lorena Wright. That particular arms dealer has given her trouble since day one.

Despite her good kill record, Beast has had her share of mishaps while on the job. And by “mishaps”, I mean she has, over the course of her career, had to get her arms and legs replaced with cybernetic parts. Those, and practically her entire skeletal system. And she’s got some sort of enhancement for her muscles to help with supporting it all. By now, it’s safe to assume she’s more machine than human. As for the eyepatch, that had been acquired after a nasty fight. But she wasn’t the one that got the worst of it.

Personality: Beast has a strong maternal instinct, and an appreciation for the dramatic. When she goes on one of her jobs, however, she can become quite cold. And if dealing with someone that’d hurt a child or anyone close to her she goes from “cold” to downright homicidal. Typically, she can switch between the two at the drop of a hat, being able to go from “Doom on two hulking metal legs” to “Sweet Aunt Beast that likes to bake you cookies” without warning.

Other: Sometimes, Beast’s cat side likes to take over. She’s got a ball of yarn somewhere that she likes to play with when she gets bored. And she has an affinity for catnip.

And the arc 4 protagonist, while I’m here.


Name: Gemini “Gemmy” Abbot (nee Malone)

Age: Late 20s/Early 30s (about a year younger than Spencer and Travis)

Species: Human/Monkey hybrid

History: Gemmy was born to Walter and Gail Malone, about a year after her brother Travis. During her birth, there were complications. The doctors could only save one, between herself and her mother. Her father tended to take out his anguish on her while growing up.

Gemmy found an escape from it all in books. She’d especially become fond of fantasy novels. Her favorite being The Chronicles of Narnia series.

The night that she and her brother were thrown out of the house, she found herself feeling something she hadn’t been used to before that: hope. Hope for a better life.

When the two had been adopted by Serena and had their DNA spliced with monkey genetic material, Gemmy had gotten a little something extra. It seems that Serena had managed to find a way to provide her with enhanced speed. Not that Gemmy tends to use that all that often.

In high school, Gemmy and Spencer had started dating. When her boyfriend and brother had gotten into the argument that nearly ended their friendship, it took a bit of a toll on Gemmy. She didn’t want to leave her room very often around then.

She went to college, with the hope of one day opening up a yoga studio. It was on the day of her college graduation, around when she got her diploma, that Spencer proposed (at Travis’ urging).

Her marriage to Spencer has been a mostly happy one… Though the trouble her brother and husband tend to get into causes her quite a bit of stress. It’s led her to start growing a marijuana garden beneath her studio, just for the sake of having some sort of coping mechanism around.

The day her son Daniel was born was something of a happy one for her, despite the fact that her brother had been missing for at least a week beforehand and still hadn’t made it back. She’s been giving him all of the love denied to her for all of those years.

Personality: Gemmy is a pacifist, through and through. Even the thought of violence makes her cringe. She’s a generally peaceful individual, but sometimes, things become a bit much for her to handle. She loves her husband and son, finds her adoptive mother a bit crazy (loves her… But that doesn’t mean she thinks she’s sane), is a little scared of her aunt (hulking metal limbs have that effect), and wouldn’t trade her older brother for anything. She’d always seen him as her protector when they were kids. But she also realizes that the guy’s trouble incarnate, basically.

Other: She’s a vegan, having always thought the concept of killing animals for food to be a bit too violent and gory, for her tastes.

That should do it for these two. Next time, the Sangre sisters (Ivy and Yvette).

Hey! Here’s the 2nd character profile. Forgot to mention, the first 3 novellas in this series are primarily from Travis’ POV. The next 3 (Arc 2) would be from the following character. Anyhow…



Name: Dr. Spencer Kirk Abbot

Age: Late 20s/Early 30s (A few months younger than Travis)

Gender: Male

Species: Human, but with a cybernetic leg

History: Spencer was born to Linda and Leroy Abbot. He’d been an only child for his entire life. But even without brothers or sisters, he managed to keep busy. As a boy, his parents began to push him toward medicine. Having always been interested in helping people, he’d never tried to rebel against that push. 

Much of Spencer’s free time as a child was spent reading medical books. By age 10, he was reading Gray’s Anatomy, with his father explaining anything he didn’t understand. This pastime, along with his thick glasses and thin frame, tended to make him a target of bullies in school. But he’d managed to survive without any major scars.

Through much of his high school and college career, he’d been good friends with Travis. The two had gotten into a major fight nearing high school graduation. They were prepared to walk together as planned, before going their separate ways. What they weren’t prepared for was an impromptu/unwanted trip to a Russian lab (Travis due to his genetic tweaks, Spencer because he was a witness). This incident had led to Spencer developing a fear of those much more muscular than himself. But on the plus side, they’d never had another major argument since the Russia incident. 

Spencer married Travis’ sister when he was about 25, proposing soon after becoming a full-fledged doctor. 

Around the time of his wedding anniversary, Spencer and Travis had discovered the existence of a studio responsible for creating snuff films. Also, they’d managed to get on the bad side of a serial killer. 

The dealings with this killer have led Spencer to seek a way to defend himself. Knowing that he wasn’t exactly the strongest guy out there, he elected to learn magic. He’s gone through a few different instructors. 

Almost two years or so after his marriage, he became the proud father of a young monkey boy named Daniel, a child that’d inherited his mother’s eyes and tail, but his father’s hair and nearsightedness. 

Personality: Spencer’s generally kind and compassionate. If a patient dies on his watch, however, he will blame himself. Even if there were circumstances beyond his control. Also, he can be a bit on the reserved side. He loves his family and friends more than anything, even if he does sometimes find his brother-in-law to be a little bit of a pain. 

Other: Spencer is a vegan, and his magic-related element is water. His preferred spells are those related to ice. 


And there’s post 2. I still need to get around to editing arc 1 of this series. And arc 2. And don’t get me STARTED on arc 3!

Okay, figured I’d throw a post up here. First character to be introduced on here.



Name: Travis Isaac Malone


Age: Late 20s/Early 30s

Gender: Male

Species: Monkey/Human Hybrid

History: Travis was born a normal human, to the couple of Walter and Gail Malone. A number of years later, he became an older brother to Gemini “Gemmy”. Unfortunately, their mother didn’t survive the birth of his baby sister. Walter was left to raise both children on his own. And he took it upon himself to make sure they didn’t have an easy life. 

Travis and Gemmy had an abusive childhood, neither having a proper bed. They’d each been given a closet and a blanket. For pillows, they had to make do with piles of clothing. The only thing that kept them sane for those first 9/10 years was school. Right up until Travis snuck out to a friend’s house one night. After that point, neither child was allowed to leave the house.

That all changed the night that Travis had heard Walter screaming at Gemmy. He’d decided for both of them that enough was enough, cursing his father out and delivering a non-lethal punch to his throat. Both were thrown out onto the street. 

After a bit of time, the pair were adopted by one of the many scientists populating Hell Bent. This one? Dr. Serena Taylor, geneticist. She took the both of them into her home, giving them some much needed affection. 

Eventually, Serena had the thought of splicing monkey DNA into both of them. Of the two, Travis was the more gung-ho about it. Since the splicing, he’s gotten a tail, opposable toes, and a regenerative ability.

His regenerative ability is to a point where he can recover from damn near anything (not disintegration of any sort, of course…Or severe enough burns or stuff like that). Even come back from the dead. However, whenever he comes back from the dead, his hair grows another four inches in length. It hasn’t affected his nails yet. Just the hair on his head. 

Since his mutation, Travis has found himself attracting all sorts of trouble, from those that would want to experiment on him, to those he’s managed to irk on his own. 

Personality: Travis tends to be friendly and talkative, much of the time. Always willing to help those that need it, in a bid to keep from being accused of uselessness. That being said, he also tends to be a bit of a ditz. He’s developed something of a kinky streak, and has issues with Russians.

Other: He’s allergic to bananas. Has been since before the mutation, and the monkey DNA has not changed that. 


Okay, I think that about does it for him for now. Will probably update this each day with a different character. And on weekends, there’d be something concerning info on aspects of the city itself, I think. If I can remember to keep up with this.