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Hey, there, and welcome to my stop of the site tour! My Hell Bent series actually spans multiple genres, but its starting point has always been horror. Visions was based around a dream I’d had, wherein I was one of my roleplay characters, trying to save my best friend from someone. After much brainstorming and a lot of inspiration from classic slasher films, the book became what it is today.

Brain to Books Cyber Convention Book Interview


1- Describe your main character in one or two sentences.

Travis is a monkey-human hybrid with the ability to regenerate, and is usually a friendly individual. But when one does anything to hurt someone he cares about, that friendliness falls to the wayside, leaving them to deal with a VERY angry half-monkey…


2- Which one word would you use to describe your antagonist? Now which word would your antagonist use to describe themselves?

I’d probably describe Jesse as a sadist. She might describe herself as spirited.


3- What’s the worst thing your main character has done?

He once came close to beating the crap out of his best friend (and current brother-in-law). It was due to some miscommunication, but he didn’t even ask why Spencer never got in touch with his (Travis’) sister. No, he just ambushed him outside of his house.


4- What is the most prized possession of your antagonist? And why?

Would her looks count as a possession? Because she’s quite proud of those. Her looks are what enable her to lure in her victims.


5- What is the one part of your book that you, as the author, like best?

I like writing Travis’ POV. When I read it out loud, and it sounds like a rambling monologue, I’ll know I’ve hit what I needed to.


And please when posting, add a one paragraph excerpt of the beginning of a chapter (any chapter, author’s choice). Just remember no graphic sex or violence.

(A bit of a challenge, given that the Hell Bent series doesn’t necessarily have chapters…but here we go!)

“Still no word on missing real estate agent Monika Kelso. Ms. Kelso was last seen on March 3rd of this year, showing a house in west Philadelphia. There are currently no suspects in her disappearance,” is the first thing I hear as I roll out of bed this morning.


Final Cover


Second Cover



First Cover


As we see above, the cover for Visions has evolved over time. There was another incarnation as well, but I’ve since lost that one…


Cover War

Character Tournament (Both Travis AND Jesse have been entered into the running for this)

Book Expo

Trade Show (my booth; and yes, it’s a genre mashup)

Trade Show (all booths)

There was also an anthology involved here. And you can learn more about it here. The first story I’ve ever written with Death PA-6 is included in this anthology. It was initially written for a different one, but was rejected.

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