From The Deep: Release Day!

Posted: September 29, 2021 in Uncategorized

It’s finally here: the release day for the anthology “From The Deep”. Which can still be found:

And since I’ve been doing author showcases for the past few days, it’s time to go into mine. So here’s a little excerpt from my entrant into this collection.

Somewhere In The Atlantic Ocean

If Travis was being honest with himself, this wasn’t the first time he’d woken up wondering where he was. No, this was a sensation that came to him far too often for his liking. In his teens, there was a point where he was unnerved by it, but he became used to it by his mid-twenties. And now, in his early thirties, he had shifted from “getting used to” to “Alright, whose fault is it this time?”. 

Most of the time this had happened, there would be a cold metal table against his bare back, leather straps holding him down. But this time, he felt weirdly free…for the most part. His legs felt like they were stuck together, and he couldn’t feel his prehensile tail. He tried to grab at his arm with it but couldn’t feel it respond. He reached to grab ahold of the tail and nothing. 

He waited for his vision to return, as everything had been dark even after his consciousness kicked in again. And that was when he saw it. 

A school of fish passed him. Well, this was new. He was entirely underwater. It wasn’t his first time being underwater, but for some reason, he didn’t feel any sense of urgency to get above the surface. He scratched at his neck, finding a few slits that weren’t there before. 

“…When’d I get gills?” he muttered to himself. 

Well, that certainly explained the lack of drowning on his part. He looked down to see what his leg situation was, his green eyes becoming even wider than their usual. He no longer had legs as he knew them. Rather, it was a huge, scaled fish-like tail with a fin at the end, all of it the same red as his hair. 

Well, damn…

This certainly explained why he couldn’t feel his usual monkey tail. Of course, he still lacked an explanation as to how, exactly, he became a merman. He had some idea. There was likely a scientist involved in this whole thing. 

But that was just the thing: he was from the city of Hell Bent, PA. If one were to throw a rock in that city, they’d likely hit either a lab or someone that worked in one. So just to say that there was a scientist at fault in his current predicament did absolutely nothing to narrow things down. 

With a sigh, he decided to start moving. His natural inclination was to walk, but with the current lack of legs, that wasn’t going to happen. He did manage to move himself forward a bit with the new tail, though. 

Something he noticed right away was that he was able to move quicker underwater than he ever could on land. Running on both legs could be a hassle sometimes. Running on all-fours, perhaps a bit less so. But down here, he was able to cut through the water like butter. 

Travis may have been curious about why he was the way he was now, and where he’d ended up. But even more than that, he was wondering what capabilities this new form would give him. 

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