From The Deep Author Spotlight: L.B. Carter

Posted: September 27, 2021 in Uncategorized

Just a couple more days until release for this baby! Today’s author is L.B. Carter, with her siren tale “Death Song”.

Death Song

Her songs may sound beautiful.
But they’re a death knell. And she’s tired of it.

When death is life, there is no escape.

Jessica is drop-dead gorgeous. Literally. Being a siren of myth, the southern blond bombshell can’t help but lure in romantic partners — and victims. After years of working with the Harbingers of Death, escorting recently deceased souls across the veil, Jess is tired of losing those she could grow to love.

Having lost his love, Stone finds his only solace in reprieves from the Ferry, engaging in mind-numbing one-night stands. Losing himself to the music of whatever club he is in and ending the night with a bedroom tango is about all he’s good for anymore.

When Jess lays eyes on the hellhound shifter while on forced vacation, it seems like a perfect match to dive into. Two supernaturals are more than capable of keeping up with the other. And unlike a human, they aren’t likely to kick the bucket anytime soon.

But a harbinger is never free from death.

And a bit about the author herself: L.B. Carter is a multi-award-winning, internationally bestselling author, bookworm, scientist, and cat-mom who loves hot chocolate, fairy lights, and foxes. Her books are a mix of haunting paranormal urban fantasy, gripping suspense, chilling horror, and dark humor with a dash of light romance. Expect unique contemporary twists on magical lore told by quirky anti-heroes.
Follow L.B. Carter on social media, join her reader groups, and subscribe to her newsletter at to learn more about her books and download an exclusive free novella. Find all L.B.’s links at

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