From The Deep Author Spotlight: Rosa Marchisella

Posted: September 26, 2021 in Uncategorized

Hello, hello, and welcome to today’s spotlight! This time, it’s Rosa Marchisella’s turn, with a blurb for a story that sounds like a great read!

First off, a bit about Rosa.

Bio:  Rosa Marchisella is the author of the gripping Touch of Insanity series and bone-chilling novella, The Greatest of Books. Her stories focus on fantasy, paranormal, and thrilling adventures, however Rosa also writes romance under the alias Ramona Mainstrom. A dynamic and prolific story-teller, Rosa has earned critical praise as a writer, stage actress, vocalist, public speaker, and artist. Her hobbies include gardening, playing games with her kids, and dancing around the house while singing made-up lyrics to vaguely known songs.

Black’s Lair by Rosa Marchisella

Twenty years ago, Gilroy Vance and Miranda Danesbury embarked on a journey to the Caribbean which was intercepted by the deadly Captain Black and his crew. They thought they were the only survivors, leaving Miranda as the sole person who knew where the pirates hid their treasure.Terrified of what dangers the treasure might bring if they claimed it, they decide to live a humble life under a false name.When Miranda is kidnapped for her knowledge, Gilroy and their son, Gregory face vengeful cutthroats and an ugly past which has hunted them for decades.

Interested in more of her work?

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