From The Deep Author Spotlight: Emma Shelford

Posted: September 23, 2021 in Uncategorized

Hey, there! So, the newest Fiction-Atlas Press anthology is coming in a few days! With each of those I’m involved with, I like to do something to promote the other authors involved. If you haven’t already, you can snag a copy:

Today’s author is Emma Shelford, who was nice enough to let me draw something for her story..

Emma Shelford is a marine biologist, cold water diver, bookworm, and now author of urban fantasy books that bring together her love of magic and the ocean.

In the anthology From the Deep, her story Sea Start follows half-siren Lune as she is caught at the scene of a murder. She must flee her underwater home for a new life on land. Can she escape her relentless pursuers before they drag her screaming back to the depths?

More of Emma’s stuff can be found…

TikTok: (not really used)
Twitter: (not used much, but a little bit)
Instagram: (not really used)
Reader Group:

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