“One Strange Fishing Trip” Character Spotlight

Posted: September 9, 2021 in Uncategorized

So, with this anthology coming out soon, I wanted to do a post to spotlight the characters in my story. I’m also going to post a little reminder about the giveaway (https://clcannon.net/2021/08/30/fromthedeepgiveaway) that’s still going on that’d enable you to find the book AND the links to all of the authors’ social media (as well as giving a chance to win some cool stuff).

So, first up, we’ve got Travis. Has he featured in about 99% of my stuff? Oh, most certainly. But he’s fun to mess with. In this story, he finds himself changed from a half-monkey/half-human hybrid to a merman. It’s not the worst change he’s ever experienced, but he’d still very much like to find his way back to land and to his family. His new form’s ability to communicate with sea creatures is probably what he likes most about it.

Next up: Dr. Spencer Abbot, Travis’s closest friend/brother-in-law. In addition to being a primary care physician, he’s also a mage and has two goals in this story: to locate his best friend, and to be a good father to his young son Daniel. And given how much some might like to test him, that “being a good influence” thing can be difficult.

Next up, we have Daniel, son to Spencer, nephew to Travis. He’s got his father’s nearsightedness and hair color, his mother Gemmy’s eyes and monkey traits. This time around, he’s spending some quality time with his dad. And since his dad couldn’t find anyone else to watch the boy while he went out to find the kid’s uncle, he gets to go on this particular adventure.

Underwater, Travis makes a few new friends. The first of those is little Roly, a juvenile hammerhead (or to be more specific, a bonnethead). Roly’s a curious little one, and had lost their sister to an orca attack not too long ago. I named Roly after a barn cat that I’d become very attached to…and I’d learned that he died while writing this story, so it only felt right to name a character after him.

Next, we have Requin, a female Great White. She’s mainly driven by food, and has seen some shit over time. She has two scars from orca attacks and a few mating scars, and I mostly just chose that name for her because it was French for “shark”.

And now, we’ve got Deb, an orca that’s not overly thrilled about what some of her pod had done (in their defense, there was survival involved). But she (as well as Requin and Roly) could potentially help Trav reach land. Or at least people.

Mara (left) and Lila (right) Burke, two of the scientists of Hell Bent. These two are the ones responsible for Trav’s transformation. Why? Because they could, pretty much. When one knows that a guy can’t die, it piques their curiosity. And sometimes, curiosity leads to excitement which leads to such little errors as, say, not tagging the test subject before releasing them into the ocean. Also, Lila is responsible for a few of the more horrifying experiments created in Hell Bent. She regrets nothing.

And finally, a quartet of VERY minor characters that don’t show up for much of the story. They’re something of a pirate/smuggler crew, comprised entirely of entitled bored rich dudes. My initial thought for their shirts was more pastel…but somehow, my brain went into “colors of the TMNT” mode, and this happened.

Check out “One Strange Fishing Trip” in “From The Deep: A Fiction-Atlas Press Anthology” when it releases on September 29th!


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