Posted: September 2, 2021 in Uncategorized

Long time, no post! A couple weeks ago, or so, the authors selected for the next Fiction-Atlas Press anthology were announced, and I’m one of them. This time, we’ve got a nautical theme!

My story for it is another side story in the Hell Bent ‘verse.

Blurb: Waking up in strange places is nothing new for one Travis Malone. What is new for him, however, is waking up in the ocean with gills and a fish tail. It’s not the worst situation he’s found himself in, but he would still like to find his way home. As he searches for land with a few new aquatic friends, his brother-in-law Dr. Spencer Abbot is out looking for him. Spencer, together with his young son, the two scientists responsible for Travis’s current situation, and his own magic, takes to the ocean in a rather sad little rowboat in his search. It’s not how Spencer imagined taking his son fishing for the first time, nor is it at all how Travis would have chosen to go for a swim, but one thing is for sure: it’s an experience neither of them will forget.      

The universal link can be found:

And you can enter the giveaway here:


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