It’s Been A While

Posted: August 25, 2020 in Uncategorized

Hey, y’all, long time, no post! As is customary for this blog every few months, I would like to confirm that I’m still around and still creating (much to someone’s disappointment, I’m sure).

So, what’s new for me, you may wonder? Welp, first off, I’m still very behind where I’d like to be on the illustration work for Arc 4. The plan was to have everything done by late October. I’ve not given up on that goal yet, but it will be a definite crunch. The current aim is to have it all sketched by Labor Day and scream my way through as many of the 201 (still got 170 to go) pages as possible. This is including the 20-page final fight in book 12 where it’s raining blood, there’re naked zombies, magic effects here and there, there’re panels where a few figures will be blurred, and…that may be the single most ambitious comic section I’ve ever drawn.

I’m also hoping to finally have my prequel to the Hell Bent series finished this year. That sucker’s been in the works for 8 years now. It’s about damn time I finished it. Of the 12 backstories, I still have 5 to write. And then the draft will be finished.

I also want to release a set of short stories featuring the relationships between characters in Arc 4 (title: “Connection”).

But the one release that’s currently confirmed is a new anthology from Fiction-Atlas Press: “The Devil You Know”, which focuses on anti-heroes. You can find it on (available on all major ebook retailers). Release date: September 30th.

My story for this particular anthology is called “Here Comes Trouble”, and it focuses on a certain trio of assassins from Hell Bent.

Blurb: Nick Taylor, a hopeful for the FBI, has his hands full. His sister and her two friends are in town. The three have invited themselves into his apartment while hunting down a target for assassination. Not only that, but this target has threatened his life once before.

Also to come eventually: the rest of episode 3 of my “Don’t Fear The Reaper” comic from…damn, it’s been a few years.

I also wrote/drew a comic for a contest on Webtoon…not that it came anywhere within spitting distance of “winning”, but I’d still want to share it on here. Perhaps on a weekly basis starting on Saturday. One episode a week. But it’s called “The Struggle Is Real” and involves a supervillainess taking on the student loan industry with the help of the guy sent to stop her in the first place.

And eventually, I want to get another comic, entitled “Pain In The Ass” finished so I can share it.

So that’s what’s been going on on my end of things lately. Hoping to keep up more on here soon (and will be submitting a story for Fiction-Atlas Press’s next, vampire-themed anthology as well).

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