Hey, Look, a Distraction!

Posted: March 17, 2020 in Book Promo

So, due to recent events, and the quarantines and social distancing involved, people out there are undoubtedly looking into ways to keep themselves from constant news of the pandemic or the boredom that’d crop up from having to cancel so many plans. I’ve seen several other authors out there offering their books for free to help ease the pain of isolation, and am throwing my own offer into the ring. Books 8 and 9 ARE finished, but the Kindle versions are not (will look into that this weekend). But books 1-7 will be available for free for a few days (1-5 and 7 from the 18th to the 22nd, 6 from the 18th to the 20th)! 10-12 are currently in the works and I hope beyond hope to have them all ready for Halloween.


But if anyone is interested in trying a horror/sci-fi/urban fantasy mix, combining prose and a few graphic novel sections here and there, now’s as good a time as any! Warning: I would NOT recommend these to children, as they tend to be quite violent, have strong language, there’s one sexual assault in book 3…also, the artwork can be just a bit rushed and the prose may not be the greatest (but it’s what felt right for the books).






Okay, so the links SHOULD work. Just click on the cover to get you to the book. The free promo starts at midnight Pacific. If you feel like reading them, I hope you get some enjoyment in this difficult and confusing time!


And please, everyone, stay safe out there…and be extra respectful of the healthcare workers, people in food services and retail, truck drivers…anyone that’s not able to self-isolate, that has to work extra-hard to keep things running.

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