The Darkness Within: A CyCon Blog Tour

Posted: May 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

CyCon Blog Tour

Hey, all, and welcome to my stop of this blog tour! So the theme for this one is The Darkness Within. And when one thinks of darkness in fiction, villains generally come to mind. So that being said, let’s dive into some of the different types of villains in Hell Bent!




Okay, so you don’t generally see this type too often. Yes, they’re generally not seen as that satisfying. But on occasion, you DO see the sort of character that kills just because it fills them with a level of enjoyment they wouldn’t know otherwise. Jesse was heavily inspired by all those killers you see in classic slasher films. What drove her to begin killing? Welp, she started with the family…started with the dog because it just wouldn’t stop barking. And then her parents were both eventually killed. They were loving parents, and the problem was just that she had found the worst hobby imaginable.




Slade McManus’ darkness comes from his belief (instilled by his now-regretful father) that magic was far superior to science. Humanity was meant to bow to the will of people like himself, not figure out their own way out of trouble. His vendetta against science came to a head when his mother ran off with a scientist. He stalked them, tracking the couple to the New World. Though never found out, he was the one responsible for the first (double) homicide in Hell Bent’s history. If he had more respect for human ingenuity, he might be an ally to the main characters. But no…he’ll be damned if some mortal’s going to outperform him!




Another villain type is that one that’s started out with noble intentions. Lorena had gone into law enforcement…but then it turned out that she got a bit more respect from the arms dealers she was undercover with than she ever did from the ol’ Boys Club known as the Hell Bent PD.


Okay, so maybe Dr. Morozov is the only one of the two that fits that…but he’d enlisted Crazy Yuri as his hired muscle. But what drives Nikolai is a search for some means of keeping people from dying needlessly. His only brother (also a best friend of his as a child) had been conscripted into the Russian Armed Forces. A hazing incident had claimed his life, setting Nikolai on a quest to find a way to prevent that from happening again. He starts looking into funding a lab. Which leads him to approaching the Russian Mob. That’s where he meets Crazy Yuri, who begins to assist Nikolai however possible. When he learns of a teenager in Hell Bent that can recover from just about anything, he feels the need to investigate, thus leading to one of the most traumatic experiences of that teen’s life.



Walter Malone

So, this next type is a darkness that happens to way too many people out there: an abusive parent. Walter drove both of his children away. He was starting to become a better person after his own abusive childhood…but then he lost his wife. Complications from the birth of their second child. He blamed that second child for the loss, and got on her brother’s back for daring to defend her. His biggest goal was control over the two of them. Ultimately, he lost that. He has no real excuse for his actions, despite what he may think.


Of course, darkness isn’t something only for villainous characters. Often, you can get those that are on the side of good with some amount of it. My prime examples there: Ivy, Beast, and Yvette. Collectively calling themselves The Slaughter Angels, these three were trained as assassins from a relatively young age. They’ve learned to kill without hesitation. Sometimes, they even relish it. But at the same time, their targets tend to be the worst of the worst. Ivy, in particular, had been known as the most unstable lab experiment in local history. It’s thanks to a rampage on her part that the Psionics Wing was pretty much wiped out. But overall, they’re just here to help.



Travis Malone

And last but not least, we have that dark side you don’t normally expect, where things get weird. How weird, you may ask? Well, going with Travis, when we don’t factor in his childhood with an abusive father, we can look at the less natural part of his DNA. Personality-wise, he’s a friendly guy (with a few anger issues). But his regenerative properties have led to some…side effects, let’s say. First off, his abilities allow him to come back from the dead. It’s happened many times already. Now, he hasn’t actually dealt with this in the books as of yet, but when he’s pushed far enough in his healing requirements, he gets hungry. To the point where he’ll tune out everything else around him in pursuit of food. At that point, anything could be food…which means if someone doesn’t smell like a friend, they may be a target. Next up is his hair. Now this one has come up in one of the books. But his hair has a few unique traits: 1) it grows a few more inches anytime he returns from the dead and 2) haircuts will not work for him. An attempt to cut his hair will result in immense pain, his hair bleeding a bit, and then finally a rapid regrowth/healing. Nobody knows why it’s like this. Either way, Trav has become concerned that he may be immortal and outlive his loved ones.

Okay, so, that should cover the darkness within a handful of my characters! Please check out the other authors on this tour.

A. F. Stewart
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And check out the full events page for the Horror/Thriller segment of CyCon here!

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  1. afstewart says:

    A great post. Loved meeting the villains.


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