CyCon: My Top 5 Influences

Posted: May 13, 2019 in Uncategorized


Hey, there! Long time, no post…but you’ll be seeing quite a bit more from me very soon. I’m taking part in OWS CyCon this year! Got 3 character battles, I’m in 1-2 cover wars, my booth can be found here, and I’m involved in 2 takeovers and about…(let’s see, this one, the Sci-Fi Goes Punk, The Darkness Within, and one about Fantasy Integration In Society) four blog tours.

A top 5 is not easy for me. I’m generally indecisive on things. And suck at explaining myself. But I’m hoping to take part in as many of these activities as I can, so…

So, what’re my top 5 influences, asked…well, usually nobody, but in this case, the good people of CyCon?


In no particular order…

5) Comics/Movies Based On Comics: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which comics have had some influence on my work. I guess the first that leaps to mind is X-Men and groups like that, where you see a group of characters with powers, that (while not related through blood, really) are basically a family. That’s always fun to work with.


I mean, we’ve got a regenerator, two magic users, someone with telepathy/telekinesis, people with tails…

4) Anime: A number of the characters in my work have animal traits, and since anime’s the most likely place for someone to see catgirl characters…yep. That’s on the list. Plus, my art style came from an attempt to draw in an anime-ish style. What came about is something of a bastardization of that, and I’m happy with how it looks.


And here we go with chibi form.


3) Disney Movies: Specifically the animated ones. Aside from anime, the Disney Renaissance was a factor in how my art style came to be what it is now. When I was starting to get into drawing, I’d replicate other pics…up to and including Disney characters. Also, one thought that came to mind after seeing Tangled was “What if a male character had hair that long…?”


Not quite there yet…but Trav’s well on his way.

2) Stephen King: Or to narrow it down, Carrie. One of my characters’ backstories was heavily influenced by the story of Carrie White: a girl with telekinesis gets pushed too far by those around her and finally snaps. But in Ivy’s case, she went on to become an assassin.


Hell Bent’s Most Unstable Lab Experiment

  1. Finally, we come down to Slasher Films. I’m a horror fan, but I have a soft spot for this particular subgenre. Though I notice that a LOT of your killers (with a handful of exceptions, of course) are male. So I started thinking on what’d happen if you were to have a woman that has a few of those same traits as your classic Freddy, Jason, or Michael type. Jesse is a hard one to stop, a relentless killer…

And she’s so damn gleeful about it!

So, that does it for my top 5. Stay tuned for more CyCon stuff!

  1. hangell531 says:

    I Love, LOVE, LOVE this list! There is something beautiful about a pairing that includes disney animated movies and slashers 😉


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