Character Interview: Sebastian

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Hey, there, and welcome to a new character interview with Trav! This time, he gets to speak with Sebastian, one of the leads in Lydia Sherrer’s highly entertaining Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series. The fifth book in the series releases TODAY! Links will be available at the end.


‘Hope this is the right place…’ Travis thought to himself as he knocked on the apartment door. He had come by to meet with a witch by the name of Sebastian. The half-monkey’s tail swayed lightly, as he went over the questions in his head. Hopefully, his interviewee was home. Though with his luck, he wouldn’t have been shocked if Sebastian both wasn’t home and didn’t live at this exact apartment.


As he hesitated on the doorstep, however, he finally heard signs of movement inside. There was a shuffle, then a crash and some rather inventive cursing. Finally, he heard the scrap of multiple locks being undone before the door finally cracked open. Brown eyes examined him through the gap, one eyebrow raised in question.


He waved to his interviewee when he saw him, flashing a grin and flicking his tail. “Hey…Sebastian, right? I was wondering if you’d be up for talking a bit about, like, yourself and your life?”


“Well, normally I don’t like to talk about myself, seeing as how very humble I am. But since you asked nicely, I suppose I could make time in my extremely busy schedule.” Sebastian mirrored his grin and opened the door wide, inviting him in with a dramatic flourish. As he straightened and caught sight of Travis’ tail, his brows rose almost to his hairline, but he didn’t comment.


Walking into Sebastian’s apartment, Travis was hit by a distinctive, less-than-pleasant odor. And he noticed the mess. It was hard not to. But he shrugged it off, figuring that at least it wasn’t the smell of death. Really, as long as he could avoid tripping over discarded pizza boxes, it was all good.


“Alright,” he began. “So, first question…what’s the difference between a witch and a wizard? I’ve seen one used to refer to female magic users, one for males, seen ‘mage’ used for both, and…well, I wonder if it’s, like, a regional thing. But yeah…I’m curious, there.”


“I mean, I don’t know how you do it where you’re from, but if you ask any magic user around here they’ll tell you that wizards are the stuck up people born with magic who think they’re better just because, and witches are everyone else who bargain their way into whatever powers they have.” Sebastian laughed, though the skin around his eyes was just a little tight.


He nodded, keeping this in mind. “Awesome. Yeah, I figured I’d ask. I know a few magic users, myself, and it’s always sort of cool to see how it differs. So next one: what would you want to tell anyone reading this about your friends? Which I realize just after saying that is totally something an enemy looking for information might ask and I’m, like, really sorry if it came out that way. Anyway…yeah, what about your friends/allies?” Travis asked, running a hand through his long red hair.


Sebastian gave him a sideways look, a little mischievous glint in his eyes. “Friends, huh? Not sure I have any of those—I’m a bit much to handle, if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink. “But there is this one gal—a wizard—who has a soft spot for me. I think it’s just because she likes having someone around who appreciates her scones, since she spends most of her time telling me everything I’m doing wrong. But…I dunno, we just seem to mesh well. She’s great to have around in a fight, or if you need some boring information that would take forever to look up. Oh, also if you want someone to annoy. She has the most delicious reactions, I just can’t help myself.” He gave a bark of a laugh, his eyes sparkling like diamonds.


“Other side of the coin, now…what about those you don’t get along with?”


“Pffft.” Sebastian gave a careless wave of his hand. “I get along with everyone. It’s other people who don’t get along with me. Though…” he paused, a more sober expression darkening his brow. “If you’re out to cause mischief, I’ve got no particular problem with you—I cause a fair bit of trouble myself. But if you’re an evil bastard who goes around hurting people for kicks and giggles, we’ll have what you might call a ‘philosophical disagreement’…the kind that ends with an imprint of my boot on your face.” Sebastian gave a more toothy smile this time, the warmth gone from his eyes.

“I might know a few people that’d deserve that,” Travis replied with a chuckle. “Some fairly twisted asshats…”


Clearing his throat, he took a moment to think of his next question. “Is there anything you regret?”


Something about Travis’ question must have struck a nerve, because Sebastian’s expression tensed and his smile became brittle. For a moment it wasn’t clear if the witch would even answer the question. But finally his lips parted, letting out strained words. “Regrets are a luxury I can’t allow myself to indulge in. The last time I did, it nearly killed me.”


Something about the haunted look in Sebastian’s eye as he spoke betrayed the lie for what it was, and Travis wondered what regrets the man “wasn’t” indulging in. Better, perhaps, to move on from that particular question. He chewed his lower lip a bit as he scrambled to think of the next question. And finally, it came to him.


“What, would you say, is your proudest accomplishment?” Travis asked, head tilted somewhat.


Sebastian snorted, and a small smile was back, though his eyes still seemed distant. “Back in the day I survived two years living under the beady eye of my cranky old bat of an aunt. Considering how many times she probably wanted to strangle me, I’d say that was quite an accomplishment.”


“Okay, now…this is a question that’s been kinda nagging at me since I came in, but about your apartment…is everything okay? Probably kind of a weird question, but it kinda has that whole ‘there appears to have been a struggle’ sort of vibe. Is it a case of just not having the time, or what?”


He wasn’t normally one to judge, but sometimes…


Sebastian must have thought his question hilarious, because he threw his head back and guffawed. When he finally caught his breath, he spoke between lingering chuckles, “You and my friend Lily would get along well. She doesn’t approve either. Let’s just say it’s a combination of drunken pixie parties and the fact that I’ve got way better things to do than clean.”


“Ah, right. Got it. Sorry if that last one got kind of invasive…next one: what would you do in the case of a zombie apocalypse?”


“Grab a few things…and a few people I guess…and relocate to the fae realm.


Travis raised one eyebrow, not sure how to take such a response.


“What? Sebastian asked, spreading his hands wide. “I’m no bleeding heart hero. Sticking around isn’t going to do anyone any good, and it would be detrimental to my health. Plus, I might be able to convince some fae I know to help out…maybe. You never know when it comes to fae.”


Nodding, the half-monkey flicked his tail once more. “Alright, last one, then I’ll get going. Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the future?”




“What?” Travis asked, wondering if he’d heard him correctly. That was definitely one he could understand. It was just one he didn’t hear very often.


“Dinner. I’m looking forward to dinner. You never know if your next meal will be your last. Besides, I’m going to this awesome pizza place in Little Five Points. I once got chased by a mob of homeless guys there and I had to use fae glamor to distract them while I made my escape. It was pretty epic!”


He chuckled.


“Hey, fair enough”. Travis stretched somewhat. “Welp. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and hoping everything goes well. Handshake or a hug, before I head out?”


“Thanks for the generous offer of physical contact, buuut I think I’ll pass,” Sebastian said, an amused expression on his face.


Travis shrugged. “Alright, figured I’d ask. Anyway, thanks again for the interview!”


And with that, he turned around to leave, tripping over one of the discarded boxes. With a sheepish chuckle, he pushed himself upright again and–a bit more carefully–left the apartment.     

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.53.00 AM.png

(Art provided by author, though I’m not sure who the artist is)

You can find Ms. Sherrer on Facebook, or at her website. She can also be found on Amazon


Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: The Lily Singer Adventures





Betrayal (Available Feb. 28)



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