Beyond The Mask RELEASE DAY!

Posted: January 29, 2019 in Book Promo

The day has finally arrived…RELEASE DAY IS UPON US!


So, before I get into my promo, I’d just like to give a little shout-out to the three authors who did not end up getting pics. I would share blurbs for their stories, but I don’t have two of them, and didn’t feel right in demanding those…but I also wouldn’t feel right about not promoting their work at all, either. Not only that, but I was actually published in Counterclockwise with all 3 of them.

And those 3 are:

Sarah Buhrman, whose urban fantasy series is just plain awesome (book 3 coming soon), and whose work has also been featured in A Twist Of Fate. Seriously, check her stuff out, she’s great.

Her story, “Super Powereds Anonymous”:

Mute is tired of the villain life and joins a support group for lesser super powereds.
When people start dying, will their “lame” powers be enough to solve the case?

Matthew Stevens, who is one talented dude. I look forward to seeing what he’s written for this one!

and Bob James, another whose work I’m eager to read more of.

Alright, now, we get to my tale in this collection. It’s another one set in the Hell Bent universe. Given how common genetic engineering is there, a superhero story only felt right.

So, my blurb:

Travis Malone is a comic shop employee that happens to have superpowers. When a coworker dares him to put those powers to good use as a hero, he ultimately takes him up on it. Armed with his regenerative abilities, a thrift-shop costume, and sheer force of will, he takes up the mantle of “Travesty”. But when he learns about a string of arsons throughout the city, caused by a being known only as Uncle Nero, will he back down? Or will he find himself playing with fire? 


Mine was very much based upon issue #107 of Captain America. Since Trav works in a comic shop, a full-on homage to a comic cover felt…right.

Anyway, to grab your copy of this anthology and help in the fight against childhood cancer…






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