Beyond The Mask Promo Week Day 3

Posted: January 24, 2019 in Book Promo, Uncategorized

Welcome to day 3 of the build-up to this book. Have you pre-ordered yet? It’s not too late!


Today, we go into C.M. Lander’s tale: “Tabitha Bishop: Reluctant Hero”.

Tabitha Bishop: Reluctant Hero Blurb: Tabitha Bishop is blessed with superspeed, super strength, and pyrokinesis, but what she does not have is super energy. She works all day at a bank and when gets home, she’s tired and wants evil to take a night off sometimes. While out on a blind date with Eric Green, she is outed as a superhuman…

Curious? Check out Beyond The Mask when it releases next week!


You can learn more about C.M. Lander’s work here.





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