Beyond The Mask Promo Week Day 2

Posted: January 23, 2019 in Book Promo

Hey, there, and welcome to day 2 of the build-up to the superhero anthology “Beyond The Mask”!


Today, we’re going into R.M. Demeester’s “Humming”. The premise for this one’s intriguing, I feel, and I definitely look forward to reading it.

Humming blurb: Thomas’ world was about to change. Leaving work one evening, he was ambushed and robbed in an alley by two shadowy figures, only to be rescued by a mysterious, glowing woman. He soon discovers the etherial figure is the key to turning his misfortunes into powerful miracles.


You can find more of R.M. Demeester’s work on Amazon.

And you can pre-order “Beyond The Mask”





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