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Blog Tour Hell bent

Hello, and welcome to the next stop on the Celestial blog tour! Hoping for the best with the release of this highly entertaining book. So for this one, I went with another character interview. This time, Travis had the opportunity to speak with Blayde, one of the main characters in the Starstruck series. I also have a few pics, which would be at the end. But for now…


Looking around the island, Travis almost wished he could have brought the whole family with him. The place was gorgeous. Sure, there was the whole Sky People conflict going on, but the place was still gorgeous. He had his brother-in-law with him, but that was mainly because Spencer was also his transportation.


Also, the half-monkey had a mission today. He had an immortal to interview. Looking at the notepad, he noticed that the immortal he was there to interview was Blayde.


Welp. At least he could heal if things went to hell. Though it was best for Spencer to keep out of the way for this interview. Trav wouldn’t want him to be hurt.


After a bit of wandering around, however, he saw a figure. Female, gave off an air of danger that made him wonder if he should’ve also brought his girlfriend along for protection…yep, this was probably Blayde.


The half-monkey took a few breaths, his tail twitching as he began his approach.


“Hey, are you Blayde, by any chance? I was wondering if you’d be able to do an interview!”


Before he could do anything, the woman disappeared. Suddenly there was an arm around his neck, a small knife pressed close against his jugular. But it didn’t stay long. Soon the woman was standing before him again, slipping the weapon into her sleeve.


“I recognize you, don’t I?” she said, pushing her rainbow colored hair back into place. “You’re that guy that Sally had to stop and video message two days ago. Veesh, what are you doing here? How in the hells did you find me? Wait – you know my name?”


“Yep, on both counts,” he said, rubbing his neck a little. “Damn, I wish people would stop greeting me like that…First question: out of any place you and your brother have…I guess the right word here is ‘jumped’…jumped to, what would be your favorite?”


“Get down! I’ve been trying to lie low, you’re totally blowing my cover! But seeing as how there’s nothing better to do, I guess I can handle an interview. Most of the time people asking me questions are either trying to murder me or want advice on how to repair lawn mowers, which gets a little boring.”


She took a breath, re-adjusting herself in the undergrowth. She fiddled with the dials of a little handheld gizmo, most likely a radio by the way she was playing with the antenas.


“Zander and I see a lot on our travels, and we rarely stay long enough to get a feel for the places we visit. Sally’s been kind of forcing us to stick around long enough for adventure to catch up, so… I’d have to say the Traveler? I mean sure, all my heroes turned out to be actors, but the ship was still way cool. There was also this place where one was required by law to bathe in cheese to ward off their chicken god, now that was a trip. Didn’t catch the name, though.”


Travis listened, writing all of this down. Though the thought of the chicken god planet definitely interested him. He’d have to ask someone back home to do a bit of research, there.


“Next one…about how long does it take you to recover from an injury? I ask that one mainly because I don’t meet too many other people that can heal from stuff quickly.”


“You squeamish? I could show you… no, that’s in bad taste. Well the more damaged I am the longer it takes, so a papercut would be seconds, but full on death? Five to ten minutes, I guess!”


He nodded. “Ah, nice. I know how that goes. After a while, you get less ‘squeamish’ and more ‘used to it’.”

He cleared his throat, figuring out his next question.


“So as you mentioned, I had the opportunity to talk to Sally not too long ago…how well would you say you get along with her?”


“These days, better than usual. It’s not that i don’t like her, I just don’t like having her hanging around. You spend too much time with us and you’re bound to get hurt. And I don’t want to see Zander fell into one of his gloomy periods just because she falls to her inevitable death. But other than that? She’s pretty sweet.”


Travis nodded, writing that down, as well.


“Alright, so, at the risk of bringing up some weird existential stuff, the people reading this interview will be curious about this one…but what can you tell me about what you guys are up to this time?”


“Oh right now? You mean when you barged in on me running a secret operation in the underbrush? Well there’s this massive ship coming, these so called ‘Sky People’, and they’re going to torch the planet unless we find these people’s mythical ‘Evil One’ first. So I’m trying to keep them occupied while Sally and Zander and Nimien all try to find an absolute incarnation of Evil. No big deal.”


“Yeah…sorry about that part…SO, uh…yeah. Wow. Hope that’s going well…next question: what do you regret most? Like, out of anything? And I know you’ve probably had a few of them, given your lifespan…not that I’m calling you old, and please don’t kick my ass over that. I’ll just recover soon, anyway.”


“Veesh, that’s personal. I thought this would all be adventure stuff. Why would your readers want to hear what an immortal being regrets most? I have no regrets. I’m immortal: every mistake is just a blip on my windshield. And I don’t make mistakes.”


Travis blinked, pretty sure she was holding something back. But he also figured that if she was holding back on that, she definitely didn’t want to talk about it. And if he were to try and push her to talk about it, she might stab him for real. Sure, he’d recover within a couple of minutes, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.


“Okay, so, next one…” he began, changing the subject. “I asked about a favorite place earlier. What about the least favorite?”


“Ugh, the mime fields of Cathusular. Easily. Next.”


Trav tried to picture that, going into a full-body cringe. Mimes on their own didn’t freak him out, but a field of them…not to mention the fact that she’d used a plural, there…that could unnerve anyone.


“Remember earlier when I brought up the potential of weird existential stuff? Welp…how would you react if you found out there was someone out there, possibly behind a computer keyboard, writing about the stuff you, your brother, Sally, and now Nim have been getting into?”


“I would tell them to screw off. Who the hell puts someone through all this?”


He chuckled. “Oh, man, do I hear that…seriously, where do these authors get off with this shit?”


Travis had no idea what his author might do to him later.


“Okay, last question, I promise. Is there anything specific you’re looking forward to in the future?”


“Finding Earth. Once I know Sally is home and safe, Zander and I have some real work to do. I’ve finally got a substantial lead on a place that could give us the answers we’re looking for, but it’s too dangerous for a mortal to join.”


He considered asking more about that. But given that he’d already promised that he was on his last question, and considering that that might give some spoilers for future books, he decided against it.


“Thanks for answering my questions! Best of luck with the Sky People situation. I’m pretty sure you’ve all got this!”


“Hell yeah, we do. They won’t see anything coming.”


With that, he began to back away. Better not to turn his back on someone as dangerous as Blayde.

blayde portrait

Blayde, as drawn by Lloyd Ladera

Video and Film

Blayde in action (Lloyd Ladera)


Blayde and Travis’ first meeting

Catch up on the Starstruck Saga, as well!




Celestial (Available Tuesday)

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