Character Interview- Brigit

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The last of the anthology interviews for now (though I will not rule out the possibility of more; all depends on the availability and whatnot of the other authors involved). But we now have the main character from the awesome Sarah Buhrman’s contribution to the anthology.

Another day, another meeting in a coffee shop. To be honest, though, Travis rather enjoyed conducting interviews in locations like that, where nobody was out to get him. He looked over his notepad, tapping it with the end of a pencil. So his next interviewee was an aspiring fashion writer named Brigit. The monkey-human hybrid’s green eyes scanned the area as he looked around for the woman in question.


She blew into the coffee shop in a whirlwind of color. Her blonde hair was pulled into a low ponytail, and she juggled her purse and messenger bag. She wore a dress suit of gray and magenta which complemented her rosy complection.


After getting a hot Earl White tea, she approached the table where Travis sat. “Are you Travis?”


The half-monkey nodded. “Yep, that’d be me. Brigit, right?” he asked.


“Yeah,” she said, plopping down into the seat across from him. “Sorry, I’m late. Traffic was a little more than I’d expected.”


Pushing some of his excessively long red hair behind an ear, he nodded. “Completely understandable. Anyway, thanks for taking the time out to talk to me, first off. So, I guess my first question here would be: What inspired you to look into fashion writing?”


Brigit smiled. “I know what most people think,” she said. “Blonde, fashion, must be all about the looks. But it’s more that we live in a world that looks at women’s appearance first.” She gestured with her hands, making her statements even more animated. “I realized that by helping women find the right fashion for themselves, they could feel more confident, express themselves, be seen as more professional. And combining all of that?” She threw up her hands. “Just wonderful!”


Travis’ tail twitched, as he listened attentively. “Welp. That’s probably the best reasoning I’ve ever heard for it. My girlfriend’s sister would definitely appreciate that. So, been having any luck with your goals so far?”


Brigit leaned in, lowering her voice. “Actually, I’ve just ordered something that is going to give me an exclusive in the shoe industry!” She leaned back. “I’ve managed to get a hold of a very unusual pair of hand-made Italian boots. Once I write up a review on this company, I just know I’ll take off!”


Travis’ head tilted slightly. Not really being one to wear shoes very often himself, he was curious now. “So…unusual how, if you don’t mind my asking?”


Well, they don’t market at all. The entire business is run by their clientele introducing new people to the company.” Brigit sipped her tea. “I stumbled on the store when I was visiting Venice a couple years back. The leather they use is butter soft, and the stitching is immaculate.”


She sat back, a dreamy look coming over her face. “This is the kind of footwear that the fashion industry dreams about, and I’m going to break it to the mainstream!”


“Sounds like you’ve got this figured out. Hope it works out!” he said, his tail giving another twitch. “So, which one next, what next, uh…What would you do if by some off chance this didn’t work out for you?”


Travis then wondered if that was the best question he could have asked, given how passionate she’d been about it. He drummed his toes on the chair leg for a moment, trying to figure out a back-up question if need be.


Brigit frowned. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve put everything I’ve got into this. But I guess I’d have to fall back on my second choice: Journalism.” She shrugged. “Not as fulfilling, but I could always report on sweatshops and how to improve the industry from that aspect.”


Trav leaned back in the chair a bit, thinking a bit…before realizing that that probably wasn’t the wisest idea. He proceeded to just sit upright from there. “Sweatshops…how many of those are there in the fashion industry, would you say?”


Brigit frowned and shook her head. “Far too many. I get that people want good clothing that’s not expensive, but we get abuse, poor quality, and rich corporations who don’t even do the clothing designs.” She leaned forward. “It’s unfair all around. I swear, if we humans could enslave aliens to do the work, we’d do that, too.”


Travis leaned closer, as well. “If you ever want to, say, conduct a raid on one of the shadier ones, I might know a few people that’d be up for it…though in retrospect, that might not be the best idea. That’d probably end up on the news, and it’d probably get violent. Hm…yeah, might be best to keep the family out of this.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, how would you go about bringing down a sweatshop?” the half-monkey asked.


“Oh, that’s easy,” Brigit grinned. “People might want cheap clothes, but only if they stay ignorant about how that happens. You let it out that a brand is causing deaths or abusing workers…” She nodded sagely. “Every single time, you see changes.”


He nodded, understanding. “I’m wondering if you could do both: your first choice and bringing down sweatshops. Hell, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing stopping you from doing both. So, how about your downtime? What do you do when not looking to right sweatshop-y wrongs or bring public attention to a lesser-known company?”


“Oh,” Brigit blushed. “Well, um… I’m kinda new in town, and, er… I don’t know many people. I just work on my blog and…” She cleared her throat. “I, uh, try to, um, date… online.”


“At the risk of sounding, like, personal and all, is there anything specific you’re looking for in someone online?” he asked. “I’ve never actually tried the online thing, myself.”


“You’d probably get a date really quickly,” she said. “You have that kind of cute, scruffy look that a lot of girls like.” She blushed as she realized what she’d said. “But, um, I guess I’m looking for someone who thinks that what I do isn’t stupid or superficial. I like guys who can appreciate the nuances in fashion, and don’t think we’re all bitches or gay or mean girls, you know?”


She wasn’t the only one to blush as she said that. “I’d have to ask my girlfriend if that’s accurate…” Travis said with a chuckle. “But here’s hoping you find a guy that fits that description!”


Brigit sighed. “Yeah, I just need a prince in the fashion industry, right?” She laughed.


Travis shrugged. “Hey, with the billions of people out there, there’s a chance you’ll find someone like that. Finding a prince in the fashion industry wouldn’t be the weirdest turn someone’s life can take.” He thought on the next question. “For anyone reading this, would you have any advice?”


She shrugged. “I guess it’s the advice I’ve always lived my life by,” she said. “You do you, and try to understand other people. Most of the time, just not being hateful is enough to find common ground.”


“Good advice to go by, definitely,” he said. “And I should probably get going.” The redhead looked at her again. “Thanks again for taking the time out to talk to me,” he said. “Handshake or hug?”


“Oh,” Brigit looked flustered. “Um, whichever…”


Travis opted for offering a handshake.


Brigit took the offered hand and smiled. “Thank you for this. It was a lot of fun!”


He smiled back, shaking her hand and letting go after a moment. “Always happy to talk with people, and best of luck with your goals. You’ve got this!”


And he was probably going to stop by the liquor store on his way out, figuring the girlfriend he’d mentioned might appreciate it.

Brigit sat back down to finish her tea, plotting the story she was going to write about the boots that would change her life.

Her Facebook author page is right here, and I highly recommend her books!


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