Character Interview- Peter

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This time, we have author Chandra Trulove Fry’s main character, from her contribution to A Twist of Fate.

As the redhead wanders up to the pumpkin patch, he looks over the list. Okay, so the guy he’s looking for this time is known as Peter. Tapping his notepad with his pencil, he thinks over what kinds of questions to ask him, long prehensile tail twitching lightly. His long red hair drags on the ground behind him as he starts looking for another figure around there.


“Hey, I’m lookin’ for a guy named Peter?!” he calls.


“I’m Peter, who are you? I’ve not seen you around before.”


Travis jumps at the sound of the voice, looking around for its source. “Yeah, that’s probably because I’m not from around here,” he admitted. “Anyway, I’m here to interview you, if you’re up for that?”


As for Peter, he’s not a disembodied voice. He seems a bit too clean cut to be working away in a garden. It’s nothing but pumpkins as far as the eye can see, so Peter can be easily spotted. He comes across as skeptical and suspicious. You get this vibe that he may be hiding something. It’s subtle but there.


Travis sees him after a bit, kicking himself inwardly at how long it’s taken him to see his interviewee there. He holds up his notepad, indicating his purpose there.


“Oh, okay… yeah. I think I heard about you around town. Are you here to interview me about the Pumpkin Contest? I’ve been working non-stop. Obviously I’m hoping to win this year. Can’t let my neighbor win all of the time.” Peter winks.


The half-monkey comes to a stop soon enough, tail twitching. “Interview, yeah. But I actually didn’t know about a contest,” he admits. “So how many years have you been involved in this contest, I guess would be my first one?”


Peter does not seem phased by the fact that he is half-monkey. He is excited that he gets to talk about the thing he loves most, pumpkins. “That is a great question, um… what is your name again?” Peter asks. “The truth is, I feel like I’ve been growing pumpkins my whole life. I absolutely love them. It must be going on ten maybe fifteen years since I’ve entered the Pumpkin Contest. I honestly do not know how Hector’s pumpkins always seem to best mine. That wife stealing no good for nothing cheater!” There is an odd twitch in Peter’s eye but he quickly composes himself.


“Travis,” the half-monkey replies. He notices the twitch to Peter’s eye, arching his pierced eyebrow. “Sooo…mind telling me a bit about your wife? I’m just curious about what’s been going on, there.”  


“Not sure if that’s any of your business really. If you are referring to my ex-wife, that hussy ran off with my neighbor Hector. Claiming he had better goods than I did. My 2nd wife ran off as well. You would think that I’d learn to pick them better. Hell, my pumpkin is more faithful than they ever were.” Peter laughs, “No matter, I’ve overcome them. My 3rd wife will never leave me.” Peter looks off to his left, towards the center of the pumpkin patch. If you look in that direction you will see nothing but pumpkins for days. It’s a large acreage. Peter then looks at you and asks, “Would you like to come inside, maybe have a cup of coffee?”


Travis’ tail curls around his leg a bit, a little uncertain right now.


“Eh, thanks, but I’m not that big on coffee,” he replies. Trying to get his mind off of the red flags that’ve started cropping up in his mind, he considers his next question. “Is there anything you regret at all?”


Peter shrugs, “No matter. Got more questions?”


Travis comes VERY close to asking if he’s ever killed anyone, but refrains from that. He chews on his lower lip for a moment.


“Is there anything about growing pumpkins that you like above all else?” he asks, deciding to bring it back to something he’s passionate about and hoping to avoid bringing out the murderous instinct he’s become convinced lies beneath the surface.


Peter gets a gleam in his eye. Gesturing animately, he swings his arms about him in a wide circle, “This, this is the fruit of my labors. Pumpkins are my life! There is nothing else. When I tend my garden, that is when I am most content. Take this one, for instance.” he bends down and lovingly caresses a rather large and very healthy pumpkin. Probably the healthiest you’ve ever seen. If you have good ears and listen carefully, it almost sounds like the pumpkin is moaning. Peter strokes the pumpkin intimately. “Aren’t they the most amazing things you have ever seen?”


Travis doesn’t seem to notice himself taking a step back. “Um…so…” He was trying to figure out another question. “Does anything scare you?”


Peter breaks out of his reverie and looks Travis in the eye with a cold dead stare, “Not anymore.”


Travis stares back, cracking his knuckles without quite realizing that he was doing it. “So, your current wife’s okay, right?” he asks, racking his brain for questions that wouldn’t make things even more tense than they were.


But his paranoid side is starting to surface, making that difficult for him.


Peter grows suspicious, “She is kept quite well, with everything she could ever need.”


He lets out a small huff, trying to regain his prior demeanor. And then he gets an idea, his tail twitching lightly.


“Can I look around the patch a bit? I just wanna get a look at some of the pumpkins.”


Peter starts rubbing his hands together and shuffling his feet. He replies nervously, “I’m sorry, sir but I just don’t have the time right now.” He looks at the sky, “I actually forgot but I’m due to meet someone in town. I better be heading out. Do you have any last questions for me?”


Travis shakes his head. “No, I don’t have any further questions,” he says. “Thanks for your time.” He starts backing away, knowing better than to turn his back on someone that gave him the creeps.


“Oh, well alright then. Thank you for stopping by.” Peter dismissed Travis as if he wasn’t ever there, to begin with. He turns and heads towards his house, not looking back.

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