Character Interview: Angelica Cross

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Recently, Travis had gotten the opportunity to speak with Lily Luchesi‘s character Angelica Cross, from the Paranormal Detectives series.

As he entered Crowley’s, Travis held back a chuckle. He was starting to think he’d visited more bars than his girlfriend by this point. But he was here to learn about people, as opposed to drinking. The half-monkey was looking for one person in particular. A vampire, in this case. Though with a paranormal bar, he couldn’t just outright ask for someone to point out the vampire; might not narrow it down. He’d pulled his long red hair into a braid for today, wanting to avoid tripping over it. Okay…a sort of curvy and pale woman with long black hair…that’s who he was here for. And as soon as he saw someone fitting that description, he headed over to her.

“Hey…is your name Angelica, by any chance?” he asked as he approached.

She turned towards him, dark eyes assessing. Just what WAS this thing, and should she be killing him? No, he didn’t seem like an outward threat; the werewolf guards at the door would never have let him in,
“Let’s say it is, who the Hell are you?” she asked.
His tail twitched slightly. “Name’s Travis, and I was wondering if you’d be up for an interview?” he replied, inwardly hoping that she’d leave his blood alone.
It was bad enough that the scientists back home were interested in it, but he’d prefer to not be targeted by a vampire, either.
“Huh. Usually someone intervenes in my interviews with the press. I have a tendency to…overshare and be a bit blunt. But you don’t look like you’re from the Tribune, are you?” She leaned back and tipped back a shot glass that seemed to hold wine, but of course this Travis fellow would know better. “I have some free time. Why not?”
“Nah, I’m not,” he replied. In all honesty, he wasn’t even sure if he knew how to spell “Tribune”. The half-monkey sat down nearby.
“So…I’m just gonna get this first one out there right now, and I’m, like, really sorry if it’s a weird question, but the vampirism…is that something you have naturally, or were you turned at some point?”
Angelica chuckled. “That’s actually one of the most common questions vampires face. Myself especially. I was actually both born and turned. I was born to a human man and a vampire woman in the early nineteenth century. I lived as a vamplet, or dhampyr depending on your preferences, until just three years ago, when a battle gone wrong forced me to either die, lay in a coma, or be turned. It wasn’t my choice to turn, but here I am, now a full-fledged vampire. And suddenly very popular with the inhabitants of Hell because of it. Go figure.”
“Now, when you say ‘popular’…I take it that’d be sort of popular where they just won’t leave you alone, no matter how much you just wanna be left in peace, and that leads to someone getting their ass kicked?” he asked, having written the response down. Or at least some notes on it.
Angelica nodded. “You already seem to know my MO well. Let’s just say that they don’t like that vampires aren’t the ruthless killers of horror movie lore and want me to convince the vamps to go darkside.” She scoffed. “Like that’s going to happen. I’ll fight the whole Legion if I have to.”
“I’ve had some experience dealing with that kind of attention, myself,” he said with a slight chuckle. “More serial killers and such, but yeah…” He drummed his fingers on the table, thinking on his next question. “So, what is it you do for a living around here?”
“Serial killers? I’ve faced my share of those, too,” Angelica said, impressed. If this little monkey-man could evade serial killers, he deserved at least a little respect. “Funny you should ask, since you must be in my database. I run the Paranormal Investigative Division of the FBI in American and MI-5 in the UK. I’ve been a field agent for about a hundred and fifty years, but recently I had to take up the director position for the branch here in Chicago. A rogue vampire killed the old director, you see. The PID oversees all paranormal activity around the world, making sure everyone stays in line and doesn’t go off killing humans or each other. I’m the thing that things that go bump in the night are afraid of.”
“I’m not sure if I would be…wait, do they tend to cover genetic experiments?” he asked. “I’d ask this uncle of mine in the FBI, but he’s more HRT than PID.” And now was wondering if his uncle Nick knew about that particular division. “None of these serial killers would happen to be any you’ve accidentally bumped into and ultimately pissed off, would they? I wouldn’t think so because, y’know, FBI…but life’s also kind of a random thing sometimes.”
“Genetic experiments? Is that why you look like you do?” She asked. “No, we only protect humans, we don’t have any other involvement with them. Except…this one time I did have to execute a couple of hunters for killing us indiscriminately.” She shrugged. “Maybe you faced them before. Who knows? Humans do work for us, however. Still, I don’t know about or approve of animal testing of any sort,” she added
“Yeah, it is,” he replied. “Well, okay, so ‘experiment’ probably isn’t the right word…mom knew exactly what she was doing, even if there were some side effects. Anyway, not sure I’ve encountered any hunters like that. So, what could you tell me about some of the people you work with? Like, human or otherwise?”
“We’ve got quite the motley crew. There’s our deputy director, Mark Evans. He’s from England and is a human, one of our best strategists. He’s engaged to Brighton Sands, who’s a human psychic and also a killing machine. I’ve never seen someone so accurate with a blade except me.” She laughed lightly. “Our head of security is a werewolf and ex-Werewolf Corps Army Captain named Bart Michaels. And then of course there’s Danny…” She trailed off, pink dusting her fair face. “He’s my fiancé…when he’s not busy being an asshole. I’ve loved him for a century, when he was a different person. He’s a reincarnated psychic, and ex Chicago Police detective. I’d trust him with my life.”
“When you say psychic, would that be the kind that can see the future, read minds, or move stuff with their mind? I know one that could do two of the three,” he said, smiling slightly.
“Do you? We must have some friends in common,” Angelica said, pleasantly surprised. “They can read minds, Brighton more so than Danny. They’re both psychometric, which means they can get visions of the past and future by touching objects…or people. That sucks, by the way. I can’t keep secrets from Danny to save my life.” She paused. “Well…not that I’d ever have reason to.”
“It’s helped quite a bit when searching for suspects,”she added.
“Yeah, I could definitely see that coming in handy,” he said. “So, what would you say is the craziest thing to have happened on the job?”
“Oh, man, how to decide?” She bit her red-painted lip. “My insane father went on a murder spree from London to New York to here. A witch cursed herself with immortality and wanted to murder me and have both Danny and the PID to herself. This is a good one…Danny’s ex got turned into a vampire and nearly murdered me with my own sword. I was kidnapped by demons, and now some old vampire is murdering people I know to lure me into some trap. Dare I go on?”
He listened, nodding slightly. “Damn…I can get how some of that is. Haven’t dealt with demons yet, but I’m pretty sure that given enough time, it’ll happen. My luck’s just like that…As for your father, he wasn’t an abusive asshat, was he?” He seemed more concerned than anything else on that last one.
“You’re concerned about me? How sweet,” she said. “Most are to afraid of me to be kind. No, actually he was a wonderful father. Then my mother decided to turn him into a vampire, and her blood drove him insane. When I was twenty…he killed her. Right in front of me. It was then I decided to found the PID, to catch him and anyone out there like him.” She blinked, her eyes momentarily going red.
“Ah…wow. See, I ask because my own dad was a ginormous prick and I hate seeing others go through that. But that…damn. Sorry you had to go through that. Would you be okay with a hug?” he offered.
Angelica gaped. “A hug? You’re either brave or stupid, but sure. Five seconds.” She smirked and stood up, nearly six feet in her four inch heels.
He got up as well, about 5’10″…his hair, however, was closer to 7 feet when not braided. He went for a quick hug, being careful about it, as he could think of three people that’d probably be mad if he wasn’t: her, Danny, and his own girlfriend. “Yeah, I get the brave-or-stupid thing a lot,” he admitted. “So, one last question…If you had the chance to do anything over again, what would you choose?”
Angelica admired his hair as he stood and then marveled at the question. “I ask myself that every day. I think there are at least a dozen things I could’ve handled differently, but the only one I regret not doing was killing the witch back in 1888. My kindness got the better of me. Otherwise, I think I’ve made the best out of every decision I ever had to make. “Thanks for talking with me, by the way. What publication are you with? Supernatural Monthly?”
“In all honesty? I’m not with a full-blown publication so much as a blog created by some weird-ass writer that sometimes talks to me and claims that she’s, like, my deity or something…she scares me,” he replied with a slight chuckle. “And always happy to talk with people outside of my hometown. Hope everything’s going well with you and Danny, and the ass-kicking biz in general, and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.” His tail flicked for a moment. “I should probably get going, before my girlfriend, her sister, and my aunt start to get worried. They can get kinda…intense if they’re worried.” Travis started toward the door, having taken to all-fours and walking along on his knuckles.
Angelica watched as he walked, then shook her head in slight confusion and amusement. At least she wasn’t the only one with a crazy lady in her head, but she put Malone on the PID watch list…just in case.
You can find out more about the character, the world she lives in, and her author here.

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