Inktober #14, #15

Posted: October 15, 2017 in Inktober

So…one of these days, I’ll get back to single-entry posts. But that is NOT THIS DAY!

Day 14 Prompts: Fierce, The Dog (m), The Bad Copper, The Animal Child, The Angel, Selkie


Travis had to rest for now. He’d been roof hopping for about an hour, and his lungs had begun chewing him out for it. He might have been damn-near immortal, but he could still experience exhaustion.


After a while, he felt that he could continue again. He stepped up to a solid copper part of the roof, ready to hop to the next one…only for it to turn out that the copper was weak and gave out underneath 180 pounds of monkey-human hybrid.


He fell from the roof with a screech. Trav had no idea how long a recovery from this sort of fall would take, and had closed his eyes for the impact. However, it was an impact that never came.


Instead, he landed in a pair of leanly muscular arms. Opening one eye, he saw a pair of beating feathered wings, and a familiar face.


“Hey…the hell’s going on?” asked the winged man.


The winged part-dog man, to be precise. His uncle Tsaeb.


“Long, weird, incoherent story,” Travis sighed. “Got a few hours?”


“…What’d you do?”




Tsaeb fixed him with a fierce stare. Travis shrank back a bit with a sheepish grin. And before the conversation could continue, a voice called out.


“EXCUSE ME! SIRS? HAVE YOU SEEN A SEAL SKIN AROUND ANYWHERE?” a woman asked, a somewhat Scottish accent to her voice.


Well, great. Now there was some random selkie hanging around. Could today get any stranger?


Day 15 Prompts: Mysterious, The Mouse (male), The Good Copper, The Leaf Girl, The Dark Angel, Fairy


Gemmy set Ivy down somewhere in a forest, the two looking around. Ivy had to take a moment to regain her focus thanks to their speed.


“Huh…seems they’re already done,” she said. “Now to figure out where the hell we are so we can let them know…”


“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be letting anyone know anything…” said a small voice.


They looked around, soon seeing a mouse on two legs, with almost demonic wings and cold dark eyes, holding a sword about 10 times larger than itself at Ivy’s leg. She raised an eyebrow.


“The hell is this?” she scoffed, before the blade was swiped across her leg. It was sharp enough to slice through her boot, pant leg, and sock, leaving a light scratch across the skin.


Crossing her arms, she stared down at him. “Is this supposed to sca…”


She collapsed right there, suddenly feeling rather weak. “Wha…?”


“They call me the Angel of Venom, sweetheart…and you’ve just trespassed for the last time. Both of you.”


He advanced toward Gemmy, who dodged as quickly as possible. She didn’t want to just leave Ivy there, but she couldn’t bring her along like this, either. So she kept dodging the mouse.


And that was when a blast of copper energy came at him, knocking the mouse into a tree. A figure who seemed to be covered in leafy clothing stepped forward, large fairy wings protruding from her back. Her face was covered with a veil, and she didn’t say a word to either woman.


Instead, she crouched down beside the assassin and wrapped a large leaf around her leg. She would look at it further in a bit. For now, though, her priority was to get her elsewhere.


She picked her up, gesturing for Gemmy to follow.



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