Inktober #11, #12, #13

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So, I fell behind again…but I DID manage to finish sketching the pages for book 6, and the inks for those are underway. In the meanwhile…my last 3 Inktober prompts!

Day 11 Prompts: Run, The Cat (male), The Gardener, The Artist, The Goblin Lord, Harpy


Explanations did not go as planned, it seemed. At the moment, Gemmy’s group had been running through the trees, chased by an angry mob of sorts. One of their pursuers was a cat-man with a gardening hoe, demanding that Beast stay with him.


“STAY, fair feline beast, and we shall have kittens together! SO many kittens!”


“NOT INTERESTED!” the assassin called back.


Another member of this mob seemed to be armed with paintbrushes, one of which whizzed right over Yvette’s head.


“Is it just me?!” Yvette asked. “Or does paintbrush-guy look like some low-rent Jareth rip-off?!”


Ivy looked back, Beast pulling her close to keep her from slamming head-first into the tree that was in her path.


“Yeah, ‘Vette, I think you’re right!”


The third of their party was a harpy, shrieking at them from above. It seemed to aim for Gemmy, who was running slowly (for her) to avoid abandoning the others. Yvette threw a shield around the three of them as the harpy swooped in. Good thing she did, too, because said harpy was both strong and vicious enough to rip someone’s head off, and Gemmy was rather fond of her head where it was.


“So, any plans here?!” Ivy asked.


Beast thought about that. “Could keep running. They should wear themselves down, right?”


“So would we!” Yvette shot back. “I say we stand and fight! Ivy, you go with Gemmy. She can rush the two of you out of here and I can contact her when the situation clears and we can regroup. Deal?”


Gemmy nodded, but Ivy looked annoyed.


“Just let me stay and fight with you two,” she said.


“Please, just keep her safe. She can outrun just about any threat, but she’s not a fighter. You, however, are, and it’s easier to keep in touch with you. Now go!”


Before Ivy could argue, Gemmy grabbed a hold of the psychic and took off at a blurring speed. Beast and Yvette soon turned to face their pursuers, rushing to attack.

Day 12 Prompts: Shattered, The Dog (female), The Princess, The Earthmover, The Street King, Kelpie


Travis woke with a groan, rubbing his midsection. He was pretty sure his liver had grown back by now. But now he found himself in unfamiliar territory once more. It looked like a sketchy back alley, but not one that he knew.


He seemed to be alone, as well. Good, that just meant that the psycho foxy-bitch wasn’t there to harvest his organs again. As he stood up and walked to the end of the alley, the ground began to shake. Aw, hell…earthquake? Why was there an earthquake? Did life hate him so much lately?


The ground continued to shake, the street below him beginning to crack and shatter. Through a particularly large crack, he could see a horse-like figure rising from the ground. On its back were a man covered in chunks of asphalt with a crown on his head. Behind him was an anthro Australian Kelpie in a dress.


“Hm…how about this one, dear?” asked the male.


The dog leaned in, before nodding.


“Yes, that one! Let’s bring home that one!”


“Anything for you, princess.”


Travis backed away. “Why would you want me?” he growled, cracking his knuckles.


“For a pet!”


He just laughed…before backing away and running toward the other end of the alley. The kelpie they were riding gave chase, but he had no intention of being caught again. Instead, he ran to a fire escape. Scrambling up that, he rushed to the roof. The kelpie and its riders moved after him, but weren’t able to ascend more than 5 feet from the ground. Travis noticed this and grinned, soon running to jump to the next roof.


He figured that if he could keep up with that, he could find his way home eventually…




But then, his sense of direction was almost as awful as his luck.

Day 13 Prompts: Teeming, The Cat (female), The Gentleman, The Gentleman’s Hat, The Slayer, Grim Reaper


Beast and Yvette had managed to fight off their attackers, and were now looking to regroup with the others. Beast’s kitty tail swished as they walked along, when they encountered a well-dressed man in a tailored suit. He had wooden stakes at his waist, and his hat was teeming with silver. It seemed to ooze out of the brim and the band.


“…I understand one of you is a witch, correct?” he asked.


Yvette tilted her head in confusion. “Who wants to know and why?”


“I’m a witch hunter. And I have come to stake you.”


“That’s how you kill a vampire, not a witch…”


“”Don’t care!”


Beast and Yvette prepared to fight him, when a scythe seemed to split the guy into pieces. Wait, did that scythe have four blades?


And why did the guy holding it look like a white-haired Travis?!


Beast glared with confusion.


“Who the hell are you?”


The white-haired monkey man bowed. “I am Death PA-6. I’m a Grim Reaper. And that man you were facing was a vengeful spirit. “



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