Inktober #8, #9, #10

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So, I did a 24 hour comic this weekend (to be posted sometime soon…after it’s scanned), and fell a bit behind. So here’s the one I missed yesterday, today’s, AND tomorrow’s.

Day 8 Prompts: Crooked, The Shark (male), The Bearded Woman, The Iceberg, The Werewolf Loner, Gumiho


The airship had landed in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. All of those aboard had died. All except for one particular monkey-man. Okay, so he’d died once or twice (reviving each time), but he’d managed to make it to an iceberg, climbing on that for floatation purposes. He figured it wouldn’t be long before frostbite became a factor. He knew he’d likely recover from that, but it’d still be a pain.


He looked at his tail with a frown. Aw, great. It was crooked now. That’d heal in a few hours, probably.


Though he couldn’t quite focus on that right now. He was still freezing. Ugh, why couldn’t he have decided to wear a shirt today? In his defense, he had no idea that any of this would happen.


It was then that Travis noticed something trapped within the iceberg. It looked like a woman…but she had a thick bushy beard. She also seemed to have a tail and the beginnings of a snout. Upon noticing her claws, he assumed that she had to have been a werewolf. Given the thick non-wolfy beard and the fact that she was frozen out here, something told him that she was at best a loner, at worst an exile. In any case, though, she was a freaking wolf-cicle out in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.


As his skin began to take on a bluish tint, he had to wonder…


WAS this one of those things he could recover from? Or worse, what if he couldn’t recover from it but it wouldn’t kill him, thus forcing him to live with frostbite for an indeterminate amount of time?!


So focused on this was he, that he didn’t notice the fin poking out of the water. It belonged to a large shark, which seemed to have a female figure riding its back. He didn’t notice them at all until he heard the woman speaking quickly in Korean.


Jumping, he noticed that she had long silky black hair and nine white fox-like tails. He tilted his head, offering a small wave to her. She responded by sending a few tendrils of magical energy toward the half-monkey, pulling him toward her and the shark.


Not being quite warm enough to argue with her, he let her and the shark take him wherever. Hopefully it’d be somewhere warm, and he could fight if her intentions turned out to be hostile.

Day 9 Prompts: Screech, The Frenchie (male), The Inventor’s Son, The Captain, The Witch, Madre Monte


The search was still on-going. The group had been led out of the prior void, and were now trekking through a dense jungle. The banshee had disappeared for the time being, having told Gemmy that it had business to attend to with the Valkyrie.


Gemmy herself had taken to the trees, jumping from one to the next. It wasn’t often that she got to experience this, and it felt sort of nice. There wasn’t much conversation, which made all of them pause when they heard a voice from not far off.


“No, no, it’s this way!” said a male.


Stepping into view was a humanoid French poodle, who greeted the group almost immediately with a futuristic firearm of some kind. His first action was to fire it at a tree, causing Gemmy to hit the ground with a screech. Beast and Ivy rushed to check on her, while Yvette fired a blast of magical energy at him.


The blast hit his weapon, sending it flying back a ways.


“How DARE you! That was built by my father!”


“And you used it to hurt a friend of mine!”


The witch turned to the others.


“Everything okay?”


“No damage,” said Beast. “Seems to have just been a glorified taser.”


“I see…welp. Explain yourself, Frenchie.”


Before he could, a tall but stout woman with leaves for hair came out of the trees, a bit irate.


“Who decided to interrupt my bath?!” she demanded.


Ooh, boy…how to explain everything, here…

Day 10 Prompts: Gigantic, The White Tiger (male), The Mech (there were only 30 entries on one list, so I made one up), The Red Woman, The Ghost, Unicorn


Travis couldn’t recall passing out. Nor did he recognize where he was. He could see that he was on a tiger-skin rug. It was white, and he hated the fact that it was here and not on the tiger it’d once belonged to.


“Welcome back, Travis Malone,” he heard a woman say. He could see the fox-lady again, clad in a bright red dress. Her eyes also were red. Her tails were a deep red color, as well.


“Um…where the hell am I?” he asked.


She approached him, putting her arms around the half-monkey.


“Is that any way to speak to the woman that’s saved you from freezing to death?”


He had no answer, but more questions. Questions such as what the deal was with that ghost hovering in the corner with the glowing red eyes, or the huge mechanical horse standing right by it. No, wait. Not even a horse. He could see a large horn atop its head.


“…Is that a mechanical unicorn?” he asked.


The gumiho blinked, and then smiled. “Yes. Yes it is. I use him as a means of home security…you like?”


“I…I guess so. Thanks for bringing me somewhere warm, but I’d really like to get home…”


She gripped his arm.


“But you owe me, Travis.”


He shrugged.


“You know my name. That tells me you got to my wallet. Pretty sure you could’ve taken anything you wanted from there.”


A laugh. “No, no. I couldn’t find what I want in some wallet…”


She placed a hand firmly on his torso.


“I need to eat…and I imagine your liver will have quite the unique taste indeed.”


He pulled away from her. “I don’t think so, lady…you are NOT eating my liver today. Not on its own, not anytime after this, not even with fuckin’ fava beans and a nice Chianti, alright?”


“That wasn’t a request,” she said flatly, soon springing into action, forcing her hand into his body, and ripping his liver out by force.


He collapsed to the floor, and was soon out for the time being. He didn’t look forward to when he woke up from this one. But at least growing a new liver probably took less time and hurt a lot less than an arm or a leg.



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