Inktober #6

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Inktober
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SUPER late this time. Had a hard time focusing. But part 7 will be very soon.

Day 6 Prompts: Sword, The Leopard Girl, The Machine, The Immigrant, The Vampire, Centaur


Travis looked around the now empty room that he (and that water tank had been kept in. Not intending to sulk or wait for someone to come get him, he hopped out of the tank. Yes, that gorilla-dragon hybrid had threatened him in the event of an escape, but he just wasn’t interested in listening to that bastard. Nor did he intend to argue about it. He was getting the hell out.


As he crept through the airship, he saw a sword on the wall. He grabbed that, just in case he needed to fight.


And that was when he saw them. More members of the crew: one was another cyborg. She was part-leopard and had some sort of machine on wheels instead of legs. With her was a centaur. A pale centaur, at that. With vampiric fangs. Travis backed up, sword at the ready.


“WOAH, hey, careful!” said the machine/leopard girl hybrid. “We’re just trying to find an exit…”


The vampire/centaur said something in full Romanian. Dude clearly wasn’t from around there.


“That’s what I’m looking for, too,” he replied, lowering the sword. “You get picked up for random-ass reasons, too?”


They confirmed that they had. Well, alrighty. It looked like he had some allies in getting out of there, now. The group stalked through the ship, looking for some way off.


Of course, it would also help if they could find some parachutes.


The three kept walking, reaching the end of a hallway. Trav poked around the corner, seeing the captain there. With her were the gorilla/dragon and the dryad. But thankfully, all of their backs were turned to the trio.


The centaur poked Travis’ shoulder, asking for the sword. Thanks to the language barrier, Travis was immensely confused. But then the centaur pointed to the sword and pointed toward the controls.


“…You wanna wreck the controls?”


The centaur nodded.


Travis knew that it wouldn’t be a great idea. He knew he should have said no…


But he handed the sword over anyway.


The centaur rushed at the controls and stabbed them, slicing anyone that got in his way. And once the controls went down, so did the airship.



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