Inktober #5

Posted: October 5, 2017 in Inktober
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Day 5 Prompts: Long, The Wolf Warlord (female), The Ace (in Beast’s case, this refers to her sexuality as opposed to anything else), The Destroyer, The Werewolf Alpha, Witch


It had taken an hour for Gemmy to locate those she’d intended to call for backup. At the moment, her aunt and said aunt’s two coworkers were in the midst of fighting what looked like a werewolf. The wolf wore an outfit not unlike that of a military commander, her short hair still hanging in her face.


She saw one of them, Yvette, hurling a blast of magical energy at the wolf, the witch giving an intimidating shout. Her sister Ivy, having already destroyed the warlord’s motorcycle, was coming at her with a sword. Beast was about to join in, her long dark hair blowing in the breeze, as she turned to see her niece there.


“Gemmy,” she greeted. “Shouldn’t you wait somewhere safe before we speak?” she asked. “And is that a banshee with you?”


The monkey-woman cleared her throat. “Yes, and I’m sorry to bother you…but someone took Travis.”


“And water’s wet,” Beast sighed. “Anyway, if you give us a minute, we’ll finish off the werewolf and we can help you look.” She turned to go help the other two, before turning back to face Gemmy. “Lab this time?”


“No, a cybernetic fox.”


“I see…well, give us a minute,” she said, before charging into the fray.


Gemmy turned away from the fight, not wanting to watch the inevitable slaughter the three assassins would inflict.


“YEAH! Eat it, Little Red!” she heard Ivy shout.


“…Wouldn’t that be more appropriate coming from the wolf than us?” Yvette sighed.


“Hey, don’t correct me, ‘Vette. Point is, we kicked its ass. Yo, that a banshee?”


Gemmy turned to face the assassins once more, before explaining the entire situation to them all. And then came the point where they all began to expect some answers from the banshee.



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