Inktober #4

Posted: October 4, 2017 in Inktober
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Amazing things come out of writing around 4am…things like a gorilla/dragon hybrid.


Day 4 Prompts: Underwater, The Gorilla (male), The Explorer Girl, The Burning Man, The Nemesis, Dragon


Having been left alone with just the young mermaid for a while, Travis figured that now was an ideal time to at least try and escape. He still didn’t buy this “for your own protection” thing. No rational person ever sent a cybernetic fox to knock a guy out and carry him off for their own protection. No, there had to be something up here.


His torso and legs being underwater still, he could feel that skin beginning to prune. And the water made reaching his tail with a foot difficult. Not impossible; not by a long shot. But difficult.


After several minutes, he’d succeeded at removing his tail piercing, soon bringing a foot up as far as he could to start picking the locks on the manacles. As he got free of that, he found himself entirely underwater. Damn gravity…


The sound of footsteps gave him pause, as someone else entered the room. Rather than the lioness captain of the airship or her dryad first mate, he found himself looking at a gorilla, with the wings, tail, and horns of a dragon. It seemed to be wearing a t-shirt reading “Burning Man ‘17”, written in marker.


The gorilla took one look at Travis and knuckled his way over, reaching into the tank to pull him up by the waistband of his pants. The half-monkey let out a screech at being picked up in that way, and he looked the gorilla/dragon crossbreed in the unamused face.


“Are you trying to escape?” he asked.


“…What if I am?” Travis replied, crossing his arms.


His new nemesis pointed to a backpack in the corner. “There was this kid that was snooping around here earlier. Fancied herself to be an explorer of sorts. She made for an excellent lunch. That’s what happens to those who poke around where they don’t belong around here. Got it?”


Travis scoffed. “Please…chimps might eat monkeys, but I don’t think gorillas do.”


“They might not…but never rule out the appetite of a dragon.”


Perplexed, Travis tilted his head. “So…like, was your mom the dragon or your dad? Really hoping your mom, because I imagine getting plowed by a dragon’s probably not fun…”


Travis was pushed underwater in response, and he struggled to pry the gorilla/dragon blend’s big fingers off of him. He eventually let go, leaving Travis to wonder just what in the hell his life was anymore

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