Inktober #3

Posted: October 3, 2017 in Inktober
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A little later than usual, but here’s number 3!

Day 3 Prompts: Poison, The Rabbit, The King of England, The Ghost Kid, The Mentor, Banshee


‘Well, this isn’t getting me anywhere,’ Gemmy thought to herself as she passed by another alley. She’d contacted each of the labs, but none of them knew about the existence of a cybernetic fox anywhere. With immense frustration, she practically stormed down the street.


The half-monkey paused next to an alley, thinking about changing her approach. Maybe if she got someone else in the family to help, this might go so much easier. After all, her husband was magic, her aunt and said aunt’s friends were trained assassins, one of whom was magic and the other psychic…


“Hello there, miss…” a voice hissed from nearby.


Turning, she could see a man in royal garb, a pair of rabbit ears poking out from either side of the crown. His front teeth were rather large, and he was very close to collapsing.


Falling to his knees, he gripped the monkey-woman’s shirt. His face was some sickly shade of green. And behind him, was some sort of ghostly child. As the rabbit-king-guy died in front of her, before she could even reach the presence of mind to ask if he needed help, the ghost let out a wail.


Someone’s day had gone from odd to what-the-fuck rather quickly. She carefully pried the corpse’s fingers from her shirt, before rigor mortis could set in, staring at the ghost.


With a sigh, she looked at the newcomer. She took a step back, an eyebrow cocked.


“And just what the hell’s going on around here?” she asked.


“What’s going on,” the ghost replied, “is that I am a banshee, Mrs. Abbot. And I would like to be your mentor. Looking for your brother, right?”


Her eyes narrowed. “Yes…how do I know you don’t have anything to do with his disappearance?”


The banshee put a hand through her chest. “I’m not corporeal enough to do it myself, I can’t possess people, and the only ones who can see me are those who are close enough to death.”


She yelped and started shaking. “Y-you mean I’m gonna DIE soon?!”


“No, no,” she chuckled, waving a hand dismissively. “Your brother has died a ton of times, though. And given how close you two are, you’re more…death-adjacent, let’s say.”


“Death-adjacent…sure. So, why would you want to help me?”


“There is an organization out there, Gemini. And that organization has targeted your brother. If we do not act quickly, who knows what they’ll do with him?”


“You seem to know a lot about them,” Gemmy scoffed. “I was thinking I’d just ask you.”


“I know only their way of operating, not their actual motives…”


Gemmy considered what this banshee was saying. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing she’s ever heard. But she eventually relented.


“Fine,” she sighed. “But only if I get to choose a few others to involve here, as well…I might have agreed to let you guide me and all? But I’m not sure I can trust you.”

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