Inktober #2

Posted: October 2, 2017 in Inktober
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After finishing yesterday’s prompts, I saw another list that’d fit in…bringing me to 6 per day. Well, aside from today, since I also threw in prompt #1 from the new list. ANYWAY…

Day 2 Prompts: Divided, The Lioness, The Airship Captain, The Young Girl, The Hero, Mermaid, Dryad


Something told Travis that when he opened his eyes, life was gonna suck. He could already feel cold steel around his wrists. What’s more, there was water around most of his body. His head was still above it, but from the chest down was pure liquid.


Okay. Time to open his eyes, apparently. And when he did, there was what looked like a young girl staring back at him. A young girl with a fish-like tail, gills, and hair almost long enough to rival his own.


Aw, holy hell, was he looking at a legit mermaid?


Looking around, he could see that he looked to be aboard a ship of some kind. There was a window not too far from his line of sight, and he saw a bird fly by.


Okay, so he was on an airship. More accurately, he was in a ginormous fish tank on an airship. Furthermore, he was manacled in a ginormous fish tank on an airship. And yet somehow, the only part about this that seemed new to him was the location.


He jumped upon hearing footsteps approaching. Looking around, he saw a tall lioness lady and a…he wasn’t sure what the other one was. Female, clearly. But she seemed to be almost part-tree.


“Awake, I see,” the lioness began.


From her clothing, he could see that she seemed to be an official of some sort. Likely the captain of this airship. He glared at her, leaning toward the thick glass that divided them.


“The hell’s going on around here?” he demanded, eyes narrowed.


Undeterred, she smiled. “I saw fit to save you, of course.”


He glanced at the manacles that held him, before looking back at her.


“…Lady, how high are you right now?” he asked.


“A hundred or more feet in the air, clearly. Now I know, you wonder why I’m keeping you there. Well, that is so that you don’t cause a crash.”


“A crash…seriously?”


“Yes. You can’t be trusted. If left to your own devices, you tend to find yourself in danger. So this feels like the best way to deal with that.”


“…OKAY. You’re fucking deluded. Let me go now, please.”


“No. You’re staying there until I feel it’s safe to let you go. In the meantime, you can keep little Ella company.”


“Who?” He looked to see the mermaid waving at him.


The captain and the dryad left that particular area of the ship, leaving Trav to, among other things, plot his escape. No way did he intend to stay here for longer than needed. Nope.

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