Inktober #1

Posted: October 1, 2017 in Inktober
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Long time, no post! Anyway, just putting this out there now: October is going to be a BUSY month for me, between book 6, multiple author takeovers, a few other commitments, Patreon (if you’re so inclined, by the way, please feel free to become a Patron HERE), 24 Hour Comic Day this coming Saturday, various other pics, and Inktober. Yep, I’m doing Inktober this year. And not satisfied with sticking to just the regular list of prompts, I’ve 1) added 4 of the unofficial lists of prompts to the mix and 2) have decided to write a story using all of them. It may not turn out to be coherent. It might be the dumbest thing I’ve written since the creation of Timmy the reality warper…

But here we go!

Day 1 Prompts: Swift, The Fox (male), The Wicked Cyborg, The Old Hero, The Heroine


Gemini “Gemmy” Malone-Abbot had been trying to figure some things out. There was no doubt in her mind that someone (or something) had taken her older brother (as he was a pro at getting into trouble, after all). He’d been her hero ever since they were children, sure. But the older they got, the more danger-prone he seemed to become.


She thought of everything her husband, and her brother’s girlfriend had ever said about keeping him on a leash. They had a point.


The sound of metal clanking on the sidewalk alerted her attention, and she looked toward it.


Well, that was something she’d never expected to see.


Running off, carrying her currently unconscious brother, was a brown-furred fox of some sort. He was large and semi-mechanical, his legs being made of what looked like brass. He had a metal arm, and steam was seeping from his joints. He was a quick one.


Gemmy began to chase after them. She had no idea what to do when she inevitably caught up, being a pacifist and all. But she knew she could catch up to them easily. In addition to being half-monkey, she’d also been gifted with enhanced speed. It wasn’t an ability she used often, due to the enhanced calorie intake that accompanied it. But she’d deal with the increase in food bills this time around, as she tore after the fox.


It took precisely three seconds for her to get into his path, blurring her way in front of him. Giving him her best intimidating gaze, she crossed her arms. Maybe she could get him to drop her brother and leave them alone…?


No such luck, as the cybernetic fox-man shoved her aside with a bronze arm. The arm’s construction was a bit on the pointy side, leaving a few scratches as he pushed her out of the way and kept on running. She merely got up and continued to chase him…


Only for him to disappear in a puff of smoke. She coughed as the smoke hit her lungs, before glaring at where he’d been.


If he thought this was over, he was wrong.


It was only just beginning.

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