Character Interview- Quin

Posted: June 23, 2017 in Character Interviews W/ Travis

Another week, another interview between Travis and another author’s character. This time, it’s Quinlan Reis from M.L. Spencer’s Rhenwars Saga, along with pics of 6 of the major characters.

‘I can definitely cross off that question about why this area’s called the Black Lands,’ Travis thought to himself as he squinted to read his notepad. The whole place just seemed to be dark: the sky, the ground, the body of water he’d fallen into earlier… So not only was that darkness making it difficult for him to read, but there was also something about that pen’s ink not being all that waterproof.


Walking along on his knuckles, the half-monkey kept looking around for the man he was sent here to talk to. He paused for a moment, standing at his full height to check the notepad again. “Looking for a ‘Quentin’…No, no, that doesn’t sound right…” he muttered to himself. Upon further inspection, he could see the name as it should have been: Quinlan. Flipping his almost-impressively long red hair over his shoulder, he re-pocketed the notepad and resumed his search.


After a while, he could see a figure with a hat and a long coat somewhere up ahead. Pretty sure that that was Quin, he went from walking on all-fours to outright sprinting that way.


“HEY!” he called. “YOU QUIN, BY ANY CHANCE?!”


He skidded to a stop beside the figure, his tail flicking a bit.


The man glanced up, did a double-take, then screwed his face into a look that conveyed a profound questioning of his own sanity.

“…my mother taught me not to speak to strangers,” he muttered in a bland, melodic drawl. “Now I understand  why…”


Travis considered acting offended…but then he realized that they probably didn’t come too much stranger than himself. Not if the labs back home had anything to say about it. Okay, time to be professional…


“Alright, so, first question…” the half-monkey began, before gesturing to the area around them. “All of this…is this natural? No offense, there. Just more curious than anything else.”



“Natural?” Quin’s eyes swept over the vast expanse of dark earth and sky. “Does anything about this look natural? Well, I guess if we use your own form as a measuring stick, by comparison the Black Lands must seem rather mundane.”


Travis couldn’t help but chuckle, there. Probably the one thing separating his home from a sideshow was that people weren’t charged admission. He consulted the notepad again, seeing that it was somewhat smudged. But he was sure he could handle that.


“Okay, okay. A more serious one now…how long have you been a Servant of Xeryx? Also, I got the right word, right? Sorry if I mess a few things up, by the way. I kinda tripped at one point, wound up head-first in a lake, and my notes got a little drenched.”  


The man swept his hat down off, then scratched his head.  “Well, you seem to know an awful lot about me for a stranger…what do you take me for, a monkey’s uncle?  Oh, nevermind.  I’ve been a Servant of Xerys for a thousand years and, no, you didn’t get it right. May I suggest, you might wish avoid the lakes around here in the future? Can’t say the water is particularly safe…”


The half-monkey paused for a moment, hoping that it was something covered under the whole regeneration thing. He almost wondered if he’d grow a second head or something. Eh, he’d ask about all that at home.  


“What can you tell me about this Well of Tears I’ve been hearing about? To be honest, all I’ve really heard about it is that…well, it’s a thing,” he asked.


“Oh, it is quite a thing, indeed,” Quin said, taking a seat on a large black rock. “A portal to the Netherworld, actually. If you run into it, I suggest you turn and walk the other way. In my experience, no one comes out quite the same way they went in.”


Travis cringed, making a mental note to try and avoid that. With his luck, there was no telling what’d happen. Granted, he tended to try and avoid wells, anyway, after that one movie with the ghost girl crawling out of the TV. But he definitely refrained from mentioning that, given that Quin probably didn’t have a point of reference for some of that.


“Noted. So, outta curiosity, what would you be doing if you weren’t, y’know, in your current line of work and, like, a darkmage?”


Quin issued a wry grin. “I’d be dead.  So I suppose I’d be rotting–or rot-ten, being that I died a thousand years ago. I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here talking to the likes of…you. What exactly did you say you were, anyway…? Nevermind. I doubt I want to know.”


“Genetic experiment,” Travis replied almost off-handedly, leaving it at that.


He chewed thoughtfully on his lip piercing (before remembering why it was he shouldn’t do that), figuring out the next question. His tail twitched for a few moments, before it finally came to him.


“Okay, so, what would you say scares you most?”


“Scares me the most? That’s a loaded question. I have such a broad range of fears, it’s hard to sort them into a hierarchy. I’d guess, if pressed, I’d have to respond that I fear myself more than anything else in the entire world. I know what I’m capable of…and it scares the hell out of me.”


Travis was relatively quiet for a moment, letting that answer sink in. He stretched a bit as he tried to remember what he’d had written down earlier.


“Now…family and friends. What could you tell me about that situation? Also, if it turns out that I’ve kinda hit a nerve there, I’m sorry. Please don’t kick my ass.”


“Your ass does make a rather tempting target, but I’ll consider sparing it. Family and friends…hmm…let’s just say maintaining close relationships hasn’t always been my strong suit. My friendship seems to come with a certain element of personal risk.”


Travis was sorely tempted to reply with a challenge to bring it on. But then he remembered what magic users were capable of, and Quin’s own fear of what *he* was capable of, himself. And he therefore thought better of it.


“So, this might sound like a weird one, but if you ever found out that you were a character in a book, what might you want to say to whoever wrote it? Y’know, just a hypothetical kinda deal.”


Quin grinned, appearing entertained by the idea. “I would have to tell that poor author to seek some type of guidance, for they’re surely not right in the head.”


Now that was a sentiment Travis could certainly understand, himself. Oh, the nightmares he’d endured from his own personal sadist…


“One last question, I promise. What would you say was the best thing that’s happened in your life?”


“My death.” Quinlan Reis flashed a charismatic grin.


Travis seriously considered asking just what the hell had been up with Quin’s life prior to that, if his death was the best thing…but no. He’d promised that that was the last one.


“Alrighty. Welp, thanks for taking the time to talk to me,” Travis said. “Good luck with everything. And…um, okay, I know I said the last question would be, well, the last one, but could you point me in a good direction to get outta here? There’s just this really…I guess the word would be ‘ominous’ vibe the area gives off.”


“Start heading south. Try not to fall in another lake. And avoid any well, should you come across them…”


He racked his brain, trying to figure out which direction “south” was, again. Directions had never been his strong point. But he started walking away, hoping he had the right one.















The 3rd book of the saga, Darklands, releases today.

There is also a release event on Facebook this weekend, and the first two books are available for FREE all weekend! The third will be 99 cents.

The first two: Darkstorm





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