Character Interview- Eron

Posted: June 10, 2017 in Character Interviews W/ Travis

So, here’s another interview between Trav and another character. This time, it’s one with Jason Nugent’s character Eron.


‘Well,” Travis thought to himself as he jumped from one tree to the next. ‘If I ever have to hide from any of the labs, this is pretty damn ideal.” The foliage of the Selected Grounds on Kepler 186f was more of a red, orange, and yellow makeup as opposed to the green he was used to. And being a natural redhead, he found that he could camouflage himself quite effectively indeed. Though he hoped it wouldn’t be too effective. He was looking for someone around there, and would want to be seen at some point. If someone started talking to someone they couldn’t see, that was generally a sign that something wasn’t quite right, psychologically, and he’d rather not inflict that on someone.


He climbed to the top of his current tree, looking around for some sign of his interviewee this time around. After a while, the half-monkey noticed…well, someone. But he would have to move in closer for a better look. He hopped to the next tree, then another, soon hanging down from a branch.


“Hey. You Eron, by any chance?”


The boy looked at the half-monkey thing in front of him. “Yeah, why?”


Travis shrugged. “Welp, I’m basically here to interview you. So, first question: what exactly is ‘The Selection’?”


“As far as I recall, it’s a tradition handed down by our people. It’s an event. It’s a way to reduce the number of males left on the planet. It’s natural selection, but not natural.”


He cringed at the thought, seriously hoping that anyone back home wouldn’t start getting any ideas from that.


“What can you tell me about…well, the planet we’re on now, basically? And what’s the weirdest creature you’ve ever seen? I don’t count, by the way.”


“We call it Anastasia, after our great goddess. Humans colonized the planet Kepler 186f and renamed it after her. The strangest creature has to be the dirt grubbers. Their blood glows in the dark and they tunnel underground.”


Travis chewed his lip for a moment, trying to think of another question. He flinched as he managed to bite down on his lip piercing.


“Okay, next one, next one…what can you tell me about any friends or allies?”


“I’ve got a great friend named Connor. We’ve known each other a long time. I hope we can meet up in the Selection and help each other survive.”


He nodded.


“Is this whole Selection thing something someone your age absolutely has to do? And if you had any other options, what could you see yourself doing? Like, future-wise?”


“Unfortunately, yes. Every boy when he turns eighteen must go through the Selection. He either survives or—“


“Ooh…damn, sorry to hear… Um…on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your fighting abilities?”


“I don’t like to fight. There are better solutions. So in that case, maybe a three.”


“If this question’s not too awkward, what scares you most?”


“Not making it through the Selection and reuniting with Mina.”


“If you could meet your creator, what would you want to say to him?”


“I’d ask why do we have to go through the Selection? It doesn’t seem right.”


“Alrighty, last one. How do you think you’ll do in The Selection? I mean, it sounds like it’d be kinda brutal, and all…”


“I don’t know. I hope I can avoid conflict and make it to Victory Point in time. I have no choice.”


Travis was ready to get a move-on now, looking to Eron.


“Alright. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and best of luck with everything. Kick some ass!”


And with that, he retreated back into the tree, intent on relaxing for a while before having to head home.


To learn more about The Selection, the author behind it, and updates on further work, you can go to:

Jason’s Twitter



And of course, The book itself

The book, by the way is on sale for 99 cents until June 11th! So if this has caught your interest, please check it out!


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