Character Interview- Luke Callindor

Posted: May 13, 2017 in Character Interviews W/ Travis

Once again, a certain half-monkey of mine has gotten the opportunity to interview another author’s character. This time around, it’s Luke Callindor, from Charles Yallowitz’s Legends of Windemere series. Also included is a poster of the main characters from the series. Well, okay, so it’s technically 7 tarot cards, assembled into a poster, but…yeah. Anyway, the interview!


Travis checks the name on the small notebook in his pocket, as he strides through the city one evening. It’s one not really familiar to him, but that just means he won’t be tackled and taken to one of the local labs. Sometimes, he enjoys leaving his hometown.


Not sure where to really begin looking for his target, he heads into the nearest tavern. If nothing else, he might be able to grab a snack. His long prehensile tail sways behind him as he strides in, and he looks around for a good place to sit down.


As the monkey-human hybrid’s green eyes scan the room, he notices a figure with some sort of blondish hair and pointy ears. He takes out his notebook again, tilting it a bit to read the description with the name. He sort of regrets having asked Spencer to write this down, with his classically messy doctor handwriting. But Travis does eventually decipher it.


Yep, that’s who he’s here to see. At least, he’s pretty sure of it. The half-monkey approaches him, his tail swaying again.


“Hey! Are you Luke Callindor, by any chance?”


“That’s me. My friend told me to meet someone with a tail here, so I guess that’s you. Nice to meet up.”


Travis takes a seat at the table, his tail curling around one of the legs.


“So, name’s Travis. Last name Malone. And I was wondering if you’d wanna talk for a bit? See, I’d heard a little about you, and I got curious, and it felt like a good idea to get outta my hometown for a bit… SO, anyway, the whole adventuring thing…how’d you get into that?”


“Well, I’m a Callindor, which is a heroic bloodline. Nearly every one of my ancestors was an adventurer and did great things. So, it was only natural that I’d want to be like them. Some people call it a curse since part of it stems from a wanderlust that Callindors feel when they get older. It does make it sound like I had no choice in being an adventurer, but I like it . . . Usually.”


“Sounds like one hell of a legacy to live up to. Seen anything that’s really scared you? Like, to the point that you can’t sleep for a while because you keep seeing it every freaking time you close your eyes? “


“I’ve run into a lot of demons and bizarre monsters, but none of those have really given me nightmares. They’re part of the path. Closest thing there is the Hellfire Elf that nearly killed me during my first adventure. Actually, the scariest thing I’ve ever had to face was a man. If you could call him that. Stephen was powerful, sadistic, and bloodthirsty. I do get chills whenever I think about how close he came to killing all of us.”

Travis shivers slightly. “Yeah…some of the scariest people I’ve ever run into myself were more human than anything else. And what about annoyances? What pisses you off more than anything else?”


“I’m not a fan of spiders, but that’s a phobia instead of a pet peeve. This might sound cliché, but people threatening my friends. Actually, people threatening anyone tends to get me annoyed. Sari keeps pointing out that I have a hero complex, which I need to get under control.”


“I know how that one goes,” Travis replies. “Got a friend that’s not a fan of spiders, himself. I’ve seen the guy scream and hurl ice spells at spiders several times. And seriously? Not a cliché at all. Trust me on that one. I’m kinda the same way with my friends and family.”


Travis thinks on how to go into this next question, his tail thumping against the chair for a moment.


“Okay, so, it probably sounds like I’m jumping into the awkward and personal stuff pretty early on, but I’ve heard about your…let’s call ‘em relationship issues. How would you say that’s going for you? Because that’s gotta be rough to deal with, for…well, all three of you.”


“It’s fine. Everything’s fine. Sari and Kira aren’t trying to kill each other. We’ve figured out a way to put the messy stuff in the past. Nobody’s feelings are too hurt since we all knew what we were getting into. To be fair, I’d never had a girlfriend before and my first one ends up coming from a culture that practices open relationships before marriage? It’s got a bad learning curve, especially when you add a gypsy to the mix. As rough as it was on us, I’d like to think we all came out more mature.”


The half-monkey nods slightly, relieved that the two girlfriends he’s had over time were at different points. He’s not sure he would have the fortitude to navigate an open relationship.


“Cool, cool. Alrighty, a more conventional question. What makes you happiest?”


“Just being in nature. It used to be going on an adventure, but I think my wanderlust is fading away. Simply being in a forest and relaxing makes me feel recharged. At least it would if I could ever find time for it. Being a champion destined to stop an ancient evil doesn’t give me much free time.”


As Travis listens, he tries to think of what it’d be like to have a destiny. And then he considers that maybe he’s destined to be targeted by anything and everything back home. But he pulls himself out of that mindset before going to the next question.


“Is there anything in your life you’d do differently, if given the chance?”


“So many things because I’ve made a bunch of mistakes. Probably do things differently with Kira and Sari? It’s hard to tell because the regrets are part of me now. Timoran has told me that our mistakes are as essential to growth as our successes. So, I don’t know if I’d want to change my past.”


Travis taps the table a few times, thinking on his next question. He has a few of them, but is trying to decide just which one he should go for.


“So…tell me a bit about the other champions. I mean, I know you guys are all close and they’re, like, a second family and all… Is there anything you disagree about in particular?”


“We argue about tactics, plans, and the usual, but end up agreeing when it really counts. It can get a little tense since you have some strong personalities. Well, mostly Nyx and her temper. Then there’s Sari being mischievous, me being impulsive, Dariana is fairly low key, Delvin is always trying to maintain some control, and Timoran picks his battles. We tend to compliment each other fairly often. Ordering food can be an issue though. Everyone has their own preferences and it tends to be whoever pays gets to choose. Unless it’s Sari because she doesn’t always pay with her own money.”



“Outta curiosity, is there a reason you use two swords? Is it for the sake of symmetry, or because it looks cool, or what?”


“My family uses a fighting style called the Whirlwind of Uli. It’s been perfected over the generations and requires two swords. Callindors train to be ambidexterous from childhood, which helps with the reflexes. The style tends to put speed above power, which is why I have my sabers. I know some people think a shield would be better, but I can still block with one sword and stab with the other.”


“What kind of weapon would you use if you didn’t have the two swords?”


“Uh . . . one sword? I never really thought about it since I’ve been using two since I was a toddler. Maybe a spear or I’d learn archery like my dad?”


“If you had to do something with your life other than—I’m just gonna say it—being a badass, what would it be?”


“I’m going to guess you mean a path other than adventuring. Considering my skills and experience are with nature, I’d probably be a hunter or forest guide. Many forest trackers take on these roles when they’re tired of fighting. I’m not very good at blacksmithing, farming, or most of your more common trades. So, I’d definitely go for something that involved being outside and helping others.”


The redhead listened. And as he thought of the answer and their conversation so far, he could definitely see him taking that route.


“Okay…now, I don’t know all the details, but I heard that your creator’s gonna be putting you through the wringer in this next book. I’ve been through a ton of horrifying crap, myself, so…would you want a hug, by any chance? I’d probably just go for it, but basically everyone back home told me ‘Travis, you don’t know the guy. It’s best just to ask first so he doesn’t freak out on you,’ and such.”


“I guess we can have a hug. Honestly, I didn’t expect that question before I mention what happens.”


Travis gets up and puts his arms around Luke. “Yeah…not everyone expects the question, there. I just ask partly because of the whole, y’know, ‘ask first’ thing, and there’s that whole thing where I’ve been through some shit, myself, and it usually helps a little, and…yeah.”


After a moment, he steps away, sits down again, and bats at some of his own hair for a few seconds, thinking about how to ask the next question. Before long, he looks at Luke again.


“And speaking of what’s coming up in your life…think you’ll be okay? I ask mainly because I know from experience that creators can be effin’ sadists that love seeing their characters in pain.”


“This is a tough one because the series has been fully written. All I can say is that I won’t be the same after this. Will I be okay? That’s going to be for other people to decide when they see what I’m like. The thing is that this book has been planned for a long time, so I’ve braced myself for it. Doesn’t help considering I’m being tortured, healed, and tortured some more. Yeah, I guess I’ll say I’ll be okay.”


He flinches at the thought of the torture-heal-torture cycle. That sounds sort of familiar to him, and it’s not something he’d like to experience again.


“I heard this Baron guy’s a nasty piece of work… Think you guys have a chance of stopping him? Like, scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is?”


“If you asked me before my current situation, I’d say a 7 or 8. He’s tough and scary, but there’s 6 champions. Not to mention he’s been locked up in the Chaos Void for centuries, so he should be rusty. Now that I’ve met him . . . 3 or 4? This guy is like nothing we’ve fought before. I don’t even know how Gabriel expected us to be prepared to battle someone this monstrous. On the plus side, I’m used to being the underdog. People are more likely to underestimate you, so maybe that puts us at a 5.”



Soon enough, Travis sighs and gets up. “Sorry I can’t stay longer and ask more stuff. But I should probably get going. Thanks for your time, dude. And here’s hoping for the best!”


The half-monkey tucks the notebook back into his pocket and takes to all fours, walking on his knuckles.


You can read more about Luke in the Legends of Windemere series, which can be found here: Books 1-12 and the newest release: Ritual of the Lost Lamb

And of course, you could always check the official WordPress for more.


From left to right: Luke, Fizzle, Nyx, Sari, Timoran, Delvin, Dariana

I’d definitely recommend this series. Also, watch for more character interviews in the near future! ^_^

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