Character Wardrobes Part 3

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Here we go…last set of these bad boys! In this case, the antagonists’ stuff. Only three of these four are featured in the main 4 arcs, the last one appearing in a story that takes place after arc 4.


First up: Jesse Lynn Belle. Most of her clothing was chosen specifically to make her look as non-threatening as possible. I know,t he stitches may detract from that one, but those weren’t always there.¬†Before she pissed off a certain half-monkey and received some major scarring to her face, she would roam around, looking for targets that she could lure to her studio. Once she was ready to kill them, she would switch to that one black latex outfit featured in the middle of the bottom row.


Ah…Slade McManus. First and foremost, this dude was born way back in the 1700s, over in England. Until the early 1900s, he retained his father’s hair color. The hair color change came after his mother’s death. By his hand. See, she’d left his father for a scientist, and he saw fit to kill them both: him for taking his mother, and her as a…I guess a sort of honor killing sort of deal. As we see, his look changes each decade. The only thing about him that seems to modernize over time is his appearance. His ideals, however, are just as antiquated as ever. Of course, he also takes immense pride in his appearance, and yet he feels he needn’t make too much of an effort (the magic probably helps there). He already feels superior to those around him, anyway.


Lorena’s clothing is meant mainly as a contrast to Beast’s. That one blue dress is mainly for special occasions. And she’d have some help with that one pair of shorts and the shirt paired with it. The hook hand that she has, combined with her eyepatch, has led to her being called a pirate every so often. The engineer she’d hired to help with her arms and legs is the ONLY person she will take that kind of thing from. That being said, she doesn’t quite appreciate the pirate wench-looking outfit he’d given her for her birthday one year. Well, she thought the gesture was sort of nice, but she would never let him know that. For the most part, though, she likes to look at least somewhat professional, lest her many employees stop taking her seriously.


And lastly, we have Arsyn. As we can see, some of her clothes fit better than others. She’s a cannibal that hides out in the woods, and doesn’t do very much shopping. So, when she needs something new, she’ll take whatever she can off of her victims. But sometimes, mere scavenging isn’t enough. As it turns out, Arsyn is also a skilled seamstress. Her favorite material to work with is a certain type of leather…made from human skin. She doesn’t take many opportunities to wash her clothes, leading to blood stains on everything. Also, that one white dress was her mother’s wedding dress. She has it on hand just in case she finds “The One”. Her hair is styled after that of her imaginary friend as a child. Said imaginary friend pushed her to kill one of her brothers. The scars on her face were also inspired by the imaginary friend mentioned earlier. Um…yeah, I’d say Arsyn’s childhood was kinda fucked up. As is her adulthood.


So, I think that about covers it all. Also, an update on stuff! I’m hoping to get a ton of character pics inked tomorrow, as well as a few book covers. With any luck, one of my next posts will be a cover preview for book 5.




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