Assassination-Related Story, Pt 1

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

So, I started this one a few months ago. It’s not finished yet, but I figured “EH, why not share it?”


Yvette mulled over the email she’d received, chewing a bit on her favorite pen. This job offer was indeed an intriguing one, but there was a slight issue with it…

Yvette, her sister Ivy, and their friend Beast were assassins, and this job was, after all, right up their alley. But the request had been sent by their target’s wife. They had a strict policy against killing anyone with a spouse or children. Their target, however, had three wives and twelve daughters. This man was the dictator of a small nation, with a population of 500. The “nation” was really just a small town in Florida that had somehow not been recognized as part of the US. The dictator himself had constructed a large wall around the area to keep any intruders out, and to keep his people in.

“…So. How we wanna handle this?” she asked, turning around in her chair.

Ivy had been leaning on a wall behind her sister. She took a large swig of vodka as she thought about it. “Well…how bad is this guy?” she asked.

“Want the whole list, or just the highlights?” Yvette replied.

“Highlights, please.”

“Okay, good. The whole list would take all day. Let’s start with his wives…They’re really not his ‘wives’, per se, as that implies consent on their part. Rather than, well, him asking his buddies to find the three most attractive women in town and dragging them to his place. If one of them refuses to sleep with him, she gets a beating. And according to this, they get a lot of beatings… Some aren’t even from refusal anymore. Some are from—and I shit you not—‘refusal to bear a son’. NONE of them have given him a son…it’s been all girls. He used to have a fourth wife…you can probably guess her fate.”

“And what about the children?” Beast asked from a nearby corner, inspecting her huge metal claws.

“Their father handles their education.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask, but what does that consist of?”

“Their role in the world.”

Beast cleared her throat. “Would this ‘role’ involve only existing to please men?”

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! And of course, he drills into their heads that they’d deserve every beating, every sexual assault that’s sent their way.”

“…I see. Well, since I’ve won, can I pick my prize?”

“Of course. And what is it you’d like, Beast?”

“That bastard’s head on a silver platter.”

Yvette chuckled. “I haven’t even gotten to the atrocities he’s inflicted on those he’s not related to, yet.”

Ivy went for another drink. “Don’t tell me…he’s got all the money and his citizens are as financially bankrupt as he is morally, right?”

“Competing with Beast for the grand prize, are we? Because that’s about right. You left out the part where the only ones that count as legit citizens are the men, though.”

“Ah. I was getting to that.”

Yvette cracked her knuckles. “So, we’re doing this?”

“Of course,” Beast replied. “How big of an army does this guy have?”

“Hm…about one hundred, two hundred strong, it looks like.”

Ivy reached her hand out, willing her sword over to her. Once she had a hold of it, she removed it from its scabbard and inspected the blade. “We’ve dealt with worse, haven’t we?” she asked.

“We certainly have,” Yvette replied, taking her gun from beneath her desk and a few fresh magazines.

Beast stretched and let out a yawn. “Well, alright, then. Let’s gear up and get a move on.”


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