Character Wardrobes Part 2

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Alrighty…continuing from Wednesday’s post, we move on to family and friends of the main characters. In this case: Serena, Ivy, Yvette, and Nick. Admittedly, Nick doesn’t come up very often, but…here goes!


So, Serena’s clothing looks sort of like what one might wear to the office, for the most part. Most of the material is created in such a way that it’s resistant to most corrosive materials (for which we can thank Yvette). Honestly, she looks like she might be someone’s hot science teacher. She has more than the one lab coat, of course. But she does only really have that one pair of shoes. She’d much rather spend her time creating small attack robots than she would shopping for footwear. Also, because her sister tends to scare her from time to time (by coming back from a job with one less limb), she has a couple outfits with a tiny bit of pink thrown in. Her sister fears the color pink, so the pink is her minor way of getting revenge.


Ah, Yvette…the one responsible for designing clothes for herself, her sister, Beast, Serena…possibly Travis, on occasion. She’s the only one that really seems to give a fuck about fashion. Also, she tends more toward warm colors, as we can see here, and is quite proud of her extensive shoe collection. One of these days, I will need to draw more of it. Also, because she doesn’t want to risk having her sister “borrow” her clothes by accident, she has caused the waists of most of her pants and skirts to point upward.


The younger of the Sangre sisters. She’s that one that will refuse to wear anything with a skirt and tends more toward cool colors. Again, Yvette REALLY wanted to make sure they didn’t accidentally take one another’s clothes. Also, thanks to a combination of comfort and good ol’ fashioned fucking-with-her-sister, she tore the sleeves off of her assassin uniform right before their first outing as a team. The assassination outfits, by the way, are one of Yvette’s proudest creations. They were created to leave 0 fibers, yet still breathe, with the ability to repel moisture (including blood) and an enchantment to keep as little DNA evidence from leaving the wearer as possible. Sometimes, working with a magic user can be an asset.


And finally, we’ve got Nick, the younger brother of both Beast and Serena. Dude’s 5’3″ and part of the FBI. To be exact, he’s part of the HRT. Most of his stuff for when he’s not working is fairly low-maintenance, and fairly easy to change into or out of. Given the unpredictability of his career, he finds that easiest to work with. It’s also the same reason he doesn’t want to get married. Since he doesn’t spend nearly as much time in Hell Bent as the others, he tends to just buy his clothing. It takes him a little time to find stuff in his size, though. Most of his pants need to be hemmed.


Next time, I go into the antagonists.


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