Character Wardrobes Part 1

Posted: March 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

So, this is actually inspired by this post. After reading that, I started thinking over my own characters, and the wardrobes I’ve designed for them. I know I’ve probably posted a number of the pics here before…but there’s also a new one, and a bit more explanation about it all. For today, I’m just focusing on the 4 primary narrators.



So, first and foremost, there’s Travis. He dresses mostly for comfort, owning several pairs of baggy pants. There’s a grand total of one suit, and he’d rather keep it that way. Now, why would he have 3 pages of outfits when the others would only really have 1 each? Why, that’s simple: dude’s severely unlucky and is rather prone to clothing damage. Sometimes, that damage happens when he’s killed. And he seems to die whenever he wears a shirt that’s at least 50% red. Of course, he’d be most comfortable if he could just go around naked, but since society has rules about clothes, he has to settle for going commando (unless he’s working), only wearing a shirt if necessary, and walking around barefoot…unless it’s winter. In which case, he’ll wear the boots Serena had created for both him and Gemmy. It cuts down on dexterity, but it has space for his opposable toes.


Next up, Dr. Abbot’s clothes. He prefers to keep his clothing to exude a certain level of professionalism, in contrast to Travis. He has one Eleventh Doctor-inspired outfit that many claim to be a cosplay…He seriously had NOT intended it to be so, but he’s accepted this. After the Visions incident, however, his various ties have been switched out for clip-ons. As for one of his jackets (the brown one with a very light brown lining), that’s actually been used in a roleplay with a friend. It seemed fitting for Spencer, so it was carried over. Also, as we can see, he has a certain affinity for sweater vests. I was thinking of classically nerdy stuff for him, here.


Beast’s clothing…THAT tends to be, as we notice right here, rather revealing. She has her reasons for this, I swear. First and foremost would be that sleeves and pant legs would just be a bother when it comes to her arms and legs. 2) She works as an assassin. Having her body on display like that might distract her targets. 3) She just finds it comfortable. The fabric is created in such a way that blood will not stick to it, and it stretches enough to fit over her bulky legs.


And the last one for tonight is Gemmy. She is another that goes for pure comfort. She also teaches yoga, and likes to reflect that in her wardrobe. The materials work well with her flexibility, and there is a possibility that they smell at least a little like weed. Most of it is a bit more close-fitting than, say, her brother’s clothes. But then again, Gemmy tends to be somewhat more shy than Travis. She’s friendly enough and likes people, but she’s a lot less inclined to hug random strangers.


Next round will be friends/family members. Namely: Serena, Ivy, Yvette, and Nick.

  1. Awesome collection. So, how do the characters with tails handle the pants problem? I’ve always had to think about this with the calicos in my Windemere books. I had the tail come off the spine at a waist height and their pants have a dip in the waistband to allow for more flexibility.


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