Random Hell Bent Story

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

((So, for the sake of writing something…I’ve messed with Travis again.))


Travis’ eyes wrenched themselves open, and the first thing he noticed were the handcuffs. With a groan and a few mutterings of “Why me? Seriously, doesn’t the universe have better shit to do than mess with me like this?”, he worked on breaking his thumb and pulling a hand free from the cuff.

And then he looked around the room, trying to get a good idea of his surroundings. Four stone walls, no windows. And he couldn’t see a door. His eyes narrowed and he let out a growl. There had to be some way out of here, but he wasn’t sure where. How in the hell did he even end up in here in the first place?

“Welcome back,” a voice boomed over some kind of intercom that he couldn’t see.

Really, it seemed to come from every direction.

“Hey! So…what the fuck is going on?” he asked, arms crossed.

“You have five minutes to find the exit. Failure to do so will result in immense pain.”

He could hear a ticking sound just after that, and cursed under his breath as he started checking the floor. There was probably some kind of door in there, or something. Maybe if he could find that, he’d be out.

Travis crawled along the floor, feeling for anything odd. And he found…nothing. There were a few random numbers scrawled in a corner, but no door. With a growl, he punched one of the nearby walls. His knuckles broke upon impact and he screeched in pain, wondering why in the hell he thought THAT would be a good idea.

Ugh, no, he couldn’t sit here and wonder…he had to keep looking.

That was when something occurred to him…were ALL of the walls stone, or was there an anomaly that he couldn’t yet see on one? He began to feel around. For the most part, it all felt like regular stone.

But eventually, the texture seemed to become…softer. More rubber than stone. Looking for a good place to grab on, he started trying to yank the faux stone facade away. The clock was getting closer to 0, not that he saw that. All he could hear was that ever-present ticking.

As he ripped the faux stone facade away from the wall, he saw the door. He went to open that, only to find that it was locked, and required a pass code to unlock. He pressed a few buttons at random, only to hear an alarm blaring from around him.

Tried it again.

Same result.

He tried over and over for a solid minute, before an electric charge surged through the keypad, coursing through his arm and knocking him to the floor with a screech. And a few moments later, the door opened to reveal three people in lab coats, all wearing surgical masks and gloves. They reached down, grabbed onto the half-monkey, and pulled him out of the room. Travis tried pulling away from them, growling the whole time.

“The fuck GIVES?!” he demanded.

“You failed the test. So, we’re on to phase 2.”

“And what’s phase 2?”

“You’ll see…”

Travis had no intention of finding out. He wanted out of here, and soon head butted whichever one was closest. Another was kicked in the groin and the third bitten on the neck. The three were stunned and trying to recover, as Travis took to all fours and sped through the halls.

He kept running, soon realizing that this lab seemed familiar. If he ran for their main office, he knew there was a phone. He might be able to snag control of it…

There it was. There was the office in question! He ran to the door, ramming into it and forcing it open. The office was empty, but the phone was there, waiting. This…seemed a bit easy. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was grabbing the phone and calling for someone to come get him.

He punched in their home number, relieved when someone picked up right away.

“Hello?” Gemmy’s voice asked.

“Hey,” Travis panted. “So, got picked up by another lab and they’re kinda chasing me and I really, really, REALLY need a quick lift home. I hate to have to ask you, since I know you hate having to use your powers and all, but they wanna put me through ‘phase 2’, whatever the fuck that is, and— FUCK!”

The scientists pursuing him had caught up, a reminder that he hadn’t managed to barricade the door just yet.

Back home, Gemmy had heard the struggle going on at the other end, looking to Spencer.

“I’ll be back in a few,” she said. “Travis got himself in trouble again.”

Spencer sat up, pushing up his glasses. “Was it Slade?”


He was prepared to go with her, but she shook her head. “Please, I can speed right over and retrieve him, then be right back. Just keep an eye on Daniel, alright?”

He nodded. “Got it.”

And with that, the half-monkey rushed outside, becoming a blur as she did. She recognized the name of that one lab, and hoped that whoever she’d talk to would recognize their mother’s name. Seriously, Dr. Taylor had a LOT of pull around the labs in Hell Bent.

It took less than a minute for Gemmy to arrive at the lab, stopping as she got to the front door. She pushed the button to buzz herself in.

“State your business,” said a voice.

“My name is Gemini Abbot,” she said. “And my mother is Dr. Serena Taylor. I’m here to look for someone?”

A click, and the door unlocked. She strode through the building, shivering at the oppressive atmosphere. Travis was used to such places, but she was not. It was her first time setting foot in here, and as she walked, she could hear her brother’s protests echoing through the halls.

She followed the sound, hearing a yell.

“GAH! Little bastard BIT me!”

She ran through the halls to locate them. And by the time she found the four, Travis was face down on the floor, a foot on his back.

“Stay down!” shouted the one man he hadn’t bitten today.

“Fuck you!” Travis replied, crying out as his tail was pulled.

Gemmy cleared her throat. “Hey…excuse me?” she began.

All eyes were on her and a shiver moved down her spine. Her tail curled around her leg,

“Could…could you please let him go?” she asked. “See, our mom might worry if he’s not home. You should know who she is. Dr. Serena Taylor?”

They paused, considering this. It was rather easy to forget that this half-monkey was Dr. Taylor’s kid, and all…

That one keeping him pinned stepped away, allowing Travis to get up. He limped toward his sister, having gotten a broken leg at some point in their struggle. She hugged him as he approached, soon picking him up. He draped his hair over her shoulder to make sure she wouldn’t trip over it, and she soon sped off with him.

It wasn’t exactly the best thing for Trav’s leg. Plus, he felt like he was almost on fire. But they were nearly home.

The pair stopped off at a pizza place, both needing to refuel. Between his regenerative properties and her enhanced speed, their combined metabolism was freaking insane, to say the least. They ended up ordering two extra large pizzas. One was covered with multiple veggies, the other had mushrooms and —just for the hell of it and to prevent anyone else from taking it on Travis—anchovies.

They waited for their food, and Gemmy made a call home.

“Hey, Spencer. I got him back, and we just ordered a couple pizzas. Extra large. We’ll be home soon, though, I promise.”

“Alright. Can you pick up a slice for me, please?”

“Of course.”

After a while, they had both pizzas and a slice of tomato and broccoli for Spence. Along the way home, Gemmy looked to her brother.



“Why did they come after you?”

He sighed. “I really wish I knew that…they should know better by now.”

Her tail curled around his, and they eventually arrived at home. Travis was still trying to piece together how he’d gotten to the lab this time and why he was there…


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