Posted: February 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I haven’t been posting much over the past week, because I’m still working on the entry for that one contest. The deadline for that is 7pm on Tuesday night. Between now and that point, I have to…

  1. Finish inking episode 1 (currently 12 panels away from that being a reality).
  2. Finish sketching episode 2 (I have 15 panels sketched for that one).
  3. Scan and ink episode 2 (hopefully by the end of Saturday…)
  4. Color both episodes. A grand total of 152 panels. Well…a bit less so, actually, since I’m not coloring the flashbacks.
  5. Shade and highlight both episodes (hopefully I can get that entirely done on Monday).
  6. Lettering. Shouldn’t be too long. Here’s hoping that can be done on Monday or first thing on Tuesday.
  7. Making sure everything’s formatted the way they want it. They specified scroll viewing as opposed to actual pages. Not sure how to do that and if my mind is once again overcomplicating matters.
  8. Zip file. Not sure how long that’d take, but…yeah.

No matter what, I’m looking at at least one all-nighter, copious amounts of caffeine and/or sheer willpower, and barely making it by the skin of my ass (at best).

And the next major projects after this are: taking part in a Facebook event on March 1st (I get an hour to try and market my stuff, starting at 1pm EST), that one Buffyverse fan art I’d intended to do for the past year, and book 5.


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