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Posted: February 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

So…been falling behind on most of what I’d planned to do this month. Why? Because the deadline for that one contest I want to enter fast approaches (February 28th), and I keep stalling on the comics for it due to nervousness. Haven’t given up yet, though. And hope to have the sketches done by Tuesday at the latest. And then the mad dash to ink, color, shade, highlight, and format everything. Within a week. But even if I don’t make it, I’d feature it on here.


Anyway, the project involves an alternate version of one of my major characters as he becomes a Grim Reaper type of character. So far, I’ve sketched his expressions, a few of his different looks through the ages, his boss, and a Dullahan. The one of these that’s finished is the modern-day appearance he’d have.


A few things about this Reaper: 1) he was originally immortal, and was 1000 years old by the time he was recruited. 2) he was originally stationed in Ireland, but after an altercation with a Dullahan, he has been transferred to Pennsylvania. Throughout his entire career, however, he’s been assigned to the Afterlife’s abuse division. It’s his task to comfort the souls of the abused as he takes them to the Afterlife. If the souls decide not to go and become vengeful spirits, it then becomes his task to vanquish them.


Death PA-6




Travis/Death I-6/Death PA-6


PA-6’s boss, The Grim


Anam, a Dullahan

  1. Love how you did the long hair.


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