Horror Review: Monkey Shines

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey! Nope, I haven’t quit doing these, no matter who out there may think that I should *glares at her own characters*. Anyway, I figured that this time, I’d go for one movie from 1988, one for which I hold a special soft spot in my cold, black, terrible heart: Monkey Shines: An Experiment In Fear.

Written and directed by George A. Romero (yep, same dude responsible for Night of the Living Dead and its various successors), this movie tells the story of a guy named Allan that gets hit by a truck, becoming a quadriplegic. A friend of his, a scientist that has been experimenting with adding human brain tissue to monkeys, provides one of his test subjects as a helper monkey.

For a while, the monkey (Ella) makes things so much easier for him…until it’s shown that she can pick up on his thoughts. In particular, any sort of rage and bitterness he feels toward those around him. Not only that, but she becomes jealous of any positive human relationships that he has,. The combination of his negativity and her jealousy leads to her killing: his ex girlfriend, his mother, the same scientist that’d provided her to the main character in the first place… And she almost kills his current girlfriend. But then Allan manages to lure Ella over to him to cuddle…only to lash out at her with the one means of self-defense available to him in his condition: his teeth. Yeah, he bites her, starts violently thrashing and smacking her around before finally throwing her.

Now, what would lead me to be a fan of this movie?

The mere fact that the killer is a monkey…! And people that know me well are quite aware of my affinity for primates of the non-human persuasion. Hell, that’s one of the big reasons that one of my most heavily-used characters is half-monkey!

Of course, the fact that the killer’s a monkey may make the movie a bit funnier than intended to some people. I mean, whenever I watch this one, I probably have a rather ridiculous grin the whole time. See, sometimes, my tastes tend toward the complex. Other times…MONKEY!!!

I’d probably give it a 2.5 out of 5 star rating if we don’t factor in the monkey aspect. With it? 3.5. Not sure which one to go with next, but it’s not like I’m out of options for that.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpG4R3Sjf4Y


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