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Posted: February 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

So, I’m brainstorming on additions for my 5th book, and this (relatively rushed and half-assed) scene came to mind.


Spencer was ready to slaughter something right about now. He’d woken from an already fitful sleep to find an all-too-familiar green glow filling the area. A chill ran down his spine.

Slade was here. He had to be.

The doctor had been in hiding for the past few weeks thanks to Slade. As for why, Slade had taken on Spencer’s appearance for the sake of framing him for the murder of his own parents.

Thankfully for Spencer, his mother-in-law’s sister was willing to let him take refuge in the apartment she shared with her friends. For the time being, they were out on another job. He never really did understand how someone could take on a job as an assassin, but he shrugged that off. For the time being, he was alone here. Well…not entirely alone. Travis had been hiding out with him for moral support. He didn’t have to, but Spencer was glad for his presence all the same. His wife and son couldn’t spend time with him, and he feared that they’d be followed by the police if they did. So to have one piece of home here with him was a comfort.

If Slade was here…

Oh, HELL! He’d probably go after Travis first. He wouldn’t be above using the half-monkey as bait. It seemed sometimes that most threats to their lives came to that conclusion about him at least once.

Standing up, Dr. Abbot grabbed the vial of water he’d kept next to his spot on the couch. He slipped the cord around his neck and tucked it under his shirt. If he kept it hidden, Slade couldn’t target that first.

With a breath, he started toward the source of the glow, ice shards already beginning to form by his fingers. If he saw that bastard, he planned to start shooting. If he happened to hit Travis, he at least didn’t have to worry about permanent damage. He’d still feel immense guilt over it, but he wouldn’t have to worry about killing him.

And soon enough, he saw two figures: one with long hair and a tail, and the glow’s source. Hm…the hair wasn’t anywhere near as messy as Slade’s. And there was no sign of the staff.

“…Silas?” he asked as he got closer.

The older mage jumped, looking back at Spencer.

“Good morning, Dr. Abbot,” he replied with a smile.

“What’s going on in here?”

Silas rose to his feet, stretching. “Your friend was having a nightmare. I came by to check on you two, and he was swiping at the air and muttering a few things. So, I went for a calming spell.”

Travis was sprawled out on one of the beds, namely the one belonging to his girlfriend. And he seemed to be comfortable now.

“And I take it you’ve also been dealing with some nightmares, doctor?” Silas asked, giving Spencer a concerned look.

“N-no. I’m fine!”

“…Why don’t you join your friend here? I find these spells work best when you’re close to an already-comforting presence. For him, the bed of a loved one helped. For you, I’m pretty sure being close to him would help quite a bit.”

Spencer nodded, curling up next to the half-monkey. Silas put a hand on the doctor’s head.

“Now, think of everything that helps you find peace…” he told him.

Spencer closed his eyes, his mind showing him images of his loving wife, greeting him after a long shift and telling him about her classes for the day and the progress her students had made. He saw their son, grabbing onto his little tail and nibbling on the end with his gums. The kid may have had Spencer’s hair and horrible eyesight, but he had his mother’s tail, feet, and eye color. He could see the hospital, complete with the satisfaction that always came from helping a patient. And of course, he started seeing some images of Travis there, protecting him from various threats. He’d sometimes say and do things to make him laugh. He was always there for him, though, and he definitely appreciated that fact.

He was almost asleep…

And then Slade appeared in his thoughts, invading the thoughts of Gemmy, Daniel, the hospital, and Travis. The images faded and were replaced by screams. And he sat up with a start.

Silas frowned as Spencer shrugged off the calming spell, watching as the doctor drew his knees to his chest and sighed.

“Thanks for trying, Silas, but I’m not sure it’ll help. I know your son’s still out there…”

“Of course. Hope you’re able to get some rest though, Dr. Abbot. If you don’t, then the next encounter with my son may not go well for you.”

Spencer nodded, and decided just to stay with Travis for the night. If he couldn’t get to sleep, then he could at least defend his best friend if need be.


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