Wildlife Of Hell Bent #5

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Serena crept down to the basement below the yoga studio. It was after hours, but the door had been unlocked.

Her quarry was here. She knew it.

As she walked through the basement, she noticed the copious amount of marijuana being grown throughout the room. She was almost impressed by it all. Almost. She knew the ‘nip was better, though…

And that was when she saw her. Gemmy was on a pillow on the floor, deep in a state of peaceful meditation. A sane person would have left her to her own devices.

Hello, and welcome to today’s installment of Wildlife of Hell Bent, With Dr. Serena Taylor!

Gemmy calmly opened one green eye, flinched, and slammed the eye shut again. Maybe if Serena thought she was SO deep in meditative thought that she couldn’t hear her, she’d leave…

Today, we catch up with the elusive Pacifistic Ginger Yoga-Monkey in her natural habitat. I assume. Wait…is a weed garden seriously her natural habitat? Does her brother, the North American Ginger Chatty-Monkey know of this?!

Gemmy let out a sigh. Okay, there was no ignoring this, apparently. She cleared her throat and stood up.

“Hey, mom…so, yes. I guess this is what you could call a natural habitat for me. It’s where I come to relax when life starts to become horrible and stressful. Um…we can keep this from going online, right? I’m not entirely sure it’s…well, LEGAL around here, but I come by here to relax after hearing about the various…let’s say ‘shenanigans’ Spencer and Travis get themselves into. I don’t smoke any of it…that wouldn’t be all that great. I bake it into brownies, instead.”

I see…anyway, we already see where the “ginger” and “monkey” parts of this specimen’s moniker originate. Now, what of the “Pacifistic” part?

“I can answer that one,” Gemmy spoke up. “I, well…I tend to avoid violence when I can. You see, Travis and I were raised by a man that tended to hit us at the slightest provocation and he devalued us at every turn. So, i wanted to turn away from that mindset. Thanks again for taking us in, by the way…brownie?”

Hm…it appears that the Pacifistic Ginger Yoga-Monkey has made me an offering. It would be rude not to accept. She seems to accept me as one of her own.

Gemmy chuckled a little, rubbing the back of her head. “Just make sure you pace yourself with it…though if you don’t feel it’d mesh well with the catnip already in your system, I won’t be hurt if you turn down the offer.”

Serena looked over the plate of brownies being offered to her, taking the smallest one she could find. Even hopped up on ‘nip, she wasn’t sure it’d be a wise idea to go with too big of one in addition to the catnip Gemmy had already mentioned.

The camera was turned off for a bit, as she enjoyed her brownie.

After a few minutes, the camera’s display changed. Now everything was being filmed upside down.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…welcome back to the show, y’all. Heh, funny word…”y’all”…Y’all, y’all, y’all-y y’all-y’all…

Gemmy giggled slightly. “Mom? You okay?”

Serena grinned and held up a thumb.

So, um…the “Yota” part of her name…it’s all ‘cause she teaches yota…

“Mom, it’s ‘yoga’…”

Yeah, yeah. Yoga! Anyway…BORED NOW! Gonna relax for now, and catch y’all later when I cover the…uhhh…whatever classification I’m gonna give Yvette.


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