Quick Story

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Again, slightly late. This time, it’s because I’ve been so focused on the FMA pic. Anyway, this thing’s slightly rushed, but was fun to write. Travis’ POV.


“On the floor, or I’ll shoot again!”

That’s the first thing I hear when my head’s put itself back together. Ever take a bullet to the brain? Yeah…let me tell you, it hurts. And when it comes from a freaking assault rifle, it’s even worse. Seriously, did my boss send me to the bank just in case of a robbery? The regeneration thing’s pretty much common knowledge around the comic shop by now, and crime HAS been getting worse around here, so… Ugh, I hate my life sometimes.

“You think I’m fuckin’ around, here?!” the guy in the ski mask with the gun growls.

I rub my head, turning to look at him. Doesn’t he realize that I’m one of the last people around here he should mess with? Now, it’s not that I’m super dangerous on my own…but my aunt, girlfriend, and my girlfriend’s sister are assassins. My best friend is both a doctor and magic…  Hell, I’ve just proven that I’m really hard to kill!

“On. The. FLOOR!”

Okay. I’d be WAY more intimidated if it weren’t just this one guy, and I am in NO mood for this shit today. I take a few breaths, cracking my knuckles.

“Off. My. BACK!” I reply, ready to get into it. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I can take this guy… “How about you toss your gun aside and fight me! I know that thing’s just a substitute for your tiny—“


Second headshot today…and when I come to, I can tell that I’m face-down on the floor, and this asshole is armed with a zip tie. How do I know? Because he’s putting it on my wrists. I look toward the counter. The two tellers that were there…aren’t. As it turns out, he’d already gotten to them with a few zip ties.

Was he waiting for the slowest possible day to do this? I mean, given by how willing he was to shoot me twice, I don’t think he gave two shits about people’s safety.


I go to sit up, only to feel a shoe or something slam down on my back.

“…Are you done yet…?” I grumble.

“Shut up, monkey-boy…I would not be at all above shooting you again, until I’m clean outta bullets…might even do that when the cops show up.”

“So…why do you hate me? I mean, I’m the one you’ve threatened most. So what’s your problem?”

I get hit in the face with his gun. Growling, I decide to get back at him. His leg? Yeah, that’s right next to my head…

And so, I end up biting into the leg. Kinda wish the pant leg weren’t in the way. But it’s still enough to piss him off again. He backs away and aims at me again.

“Fight me. Guess you’re scared to, though…” I tell him with a smirk.


“Put the gun down. I can take you with both hands tied behind my back, anyway. But if you win, you could…oh, I dunno, drag me outta here or something. Whatever you were planning to do. Either way, FIGHT. ME.”


He sets aside his gun and starts kicking at my face. I bring up a leg and land a hit on his abdomen. As he stumbles back, I start shifting a little and manage to get back to my feet. And from there, we get around to fighting some more.

I take a few solid hits to the face, neck, chest…he even aims a kick at the nuts. I manage to dodge that one and aim one at his.

That one not only connects, but it brings him to his fucking knees. Once he’s down, I kick at his face.

The sparring sessions with Ivy have really paid off! She’d seriously be so proud of me right now…

Now that the dude’s stunned and on the floor, I can get rid of this fucking zip tie. I rub that against the waistband of my pants. It takes a few minutes and the cops show up in the middle of my doing that, but it eventually falls off.

The robber’s taken out of the bank by the cops, and I’m…

Oh, SHIT, I need to finish the deposit, or Sloane is gonna have my ass on a silver platter…and not in the fun way!


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