Fan Art Monday 1/30/17

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s a bit late this time, as I was finishing off my entries for one of those three contests I’d mentioned a couple weeks ago. But the FMA piece is fully inked! Going to try and blast through the colors and shading by Wednesday…if it’s Wednesday afternoon, then so be it.


Also, I am gearing up for a huge workload for the shortest month of the year.

First and foremost, there’s the rewards for my Patreon page.

Secondly, I have found yet another contest. And this is a big one:  I already have ideas for what to do for it. If this works out, it’ll bring in some much-needed cash. And if it doesn’t result in a win, then I’m still planning to do something with it. That something will likely be posting the comics here. The idea for these comics involves an alternate version of Travis. His regenerative ability would have led to him being immortal. And to keep him from becoming too much of a drain on the world’s resources, he’s been “recruited”, so to speak, by the Afterlife to become a Grim Reaper. His memories of his previous life have been wiped, and the comics would follow him during different eras, as he performs his Reaper-ly duties. He ends up specializing in guiding abuse victims to the Afterlife. And on occasion, he may screw some things up… I mean, in the story that brought about this version of him, he’d managed to tear the Veil between the worlds of Life and Death. That may be posted here eventually, depending on if it ends up being published in this one anthology I’d submitted it to. I should find out by the end of February/sometime in March.

Thirdly, there’s the Buffyverse piece. I took a screenshot of the sketch I’m going to be working with.


12 pages. Well over 400 characters. And the intended deadline is in March to coincide with the fact that BtVS will have first premiered 20 years ago.

The RWBY piece will be started…probably minutes after volume 4 ends. Here’s hoping the sketch process for this goes as quickly as the Rick and Morty pic (1-2 days)

I intend to start some character designs for someone I’d beta’d for recently. Going for 13 characters overall.

And of course, there’s book 5 to work on.



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